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Mon Mar 9 3:00pm
The Carbonaro EffectIt's a Makeshift(Season 1, Episode 8) truTV

Never ending laundry soap; a human phonograph at the thrift store; a flipping punch bowl; a teleporting glass penguin.

Mon Mar 9 3:30pm
The Carbonaro EffectJust During the Previews(Season 1, Episode 17) truTV

Snacks for astronauts; a new kind of movie popcorn; an emotional, self-healing glass figurine.

Mon Mar 9 4:00pm
The Carbonaro Effect(Season 1, Episode 24) truTV

Michael attempts to amaze customers of a burger restaurant with hot dogs that inflate and a bun-bagging trick. Later, he tries to revive a dead spider and deals with a live owl in a camping store.

Mon Mar 9 4:30pm
The Carbonaro EffectIn Case What?(Season 1, Episode 16) truTV

Live crabs in Chinese food; peanuts extracted from candy; an ethical quandry.

Mon Mar 16 3:00pm
The Carbonaro EffectMaybe it's the Echinacea?(Season 1, Episode 10) truTV

Michael fools pet store shoppers into thinking an animal can hatch from a balloon; tricky valet parking; a new approach to working out.

Mon Mar 16 3:30pm
The Carbonaro EffectJust Smash It Out(Season 1, Episode 4) truTV

Broken windows at a car wash; mischief at the dry cleaner's; pet shoppers see fish in a dry water bowl.

Mon Mar 16 4:00pm
The Carbonaro EffectSuburban Pimp(Season 1, Episode 20) truTV

A spooky voodoo doll; a Dorothy and Toto costume; arcade gamers get a jolt.

Mon Mar 16 4:30pm
The Carbonaro EffectA Waddle, a Scratch...(Season 1, Episode 3) truTV

A duck fools thrift store shoppers; an endless chain of hangers; cheese corks in a liquor store; freezing wine; destroying and reconstructing art in a museum.

Mon Mar 16 5:00pm
The Carbonaro EffectIguanasaurs(Season 1, Episode 23) truTV

A collapsing spray can; a shrinking leprechaun costume; a hatching dinosaur egg.

Mon Mar 16 5:30pm
The Carbonaro EffectJust a Milker(Season 1, Episode 19) truTV

Real animal pop-up books; milking almonds in a health food store; a mummy with an ancient curse.

Mon Mar 16 6:00pm
The Carbonaro EffectA Faux Pas to Wear(Season 1, Episode 18) truTV

Antique tailor; mathematical chalkboard; hardware beetles; disappearing trick.

Mon Mar 16 6:30pm
The Carbonaro EffectAn Awogami Is Ripe(Season 1, Episode 22) truTV

S'mores in a camping store; child-proof pill bottles at a health-food store; an irate customer at a variety store.

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