Wed Jul 29 3:00am
Shake It UpSurprise It Up(Season 2, Episode 27) DISNEY

CeCe thinks that Rocky is planning a surprise party for her birthday. Meanwhile, Deuce's twin visits him; and Ty can't shake the hiccups.

Fri Jul 31 3:00am
Shake It UpReality Check It Up(Season 2, Episode 23) DISNEY

CeCe and Rocky are shocked by claims made about them on a national TV show.

Mon Aug 3 2:00am
Shake It UpBoot It Up(Season 2, Episode 25) DISNEY

Rocky and CeCe attend a summer dance camp, but they soon realize it isn't what they signed up for. Meanwhile, Deuce and Dina bring summer camp to Flynn when he is unable to go due to a hurt arm.

Tue Aug 4 3:00am
Shake It UpEmbarrass It Up(Season 2, Episode 28) DISNEY

CeCe experiences an embarrassing moment that is made worse when she learns it was caught on camera. Later, Rocky endures her own distressing situation during a news interview.

Wed Aug 5 3:00am
Shake It UpFire It Up(Season 3, Episode 1) DISNEY

The third season begins with the studio catching on fire.

Fri Aug 7 3:00am
Shake It UpFunk It Up(Season 3, Episode 2) DISNEY

CeCe realizes she is too focused on dancing after hearing an inspiring speech at a bar mitzvah. Meanwhile, Deuce draws a mustache on Ty's face with a permanent marker.

Mon Aug 10 2:00am
Shake It UpSpirit It Up(Season 3, Episode 3) DISNEY

Rocky and CeCe join the spirit squad; Flynn meets a new neighbor.

Tue Aug 11 3:00am
Shake It UpLock It Up(Season 3, Episode 4) DISNEY

Rocky volunteers at a hospital and gets quarantined in a patient's room with Flynn. Meanwhile, CeCe asks Louis out on a date.

Tue Aug 11 5:30pm
Shake It Up DISNEY

Best friends become background dancers on a teen dance show in Chicago and deal with backstage antics, rivals and newfound popularity at school.