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Itiraf Et
No Men Beyond This Point
Imagine a world where, since 1953, women have been able to reproduce without men and they are no longer giving birth to male babies. Now, over 60 year (more…)
Norman Bates IRL
02:32 — It's not easy being Norman - take it from these guys. Meet some actual, real-life Norman Bateses.
Dexter Season 8
DEXTER stars Michael C. Hall in his Golden Globe and SAG Award-winning role as Dexter Morgan. Season Eight begins six months after LaGuerta's murder - (more…)
Dexter Season 8
DEXTER stars Michael C. Hall in his Golden Globe and SAG Award-winning role as Dexter Morgan. Season Eight begins six months after LaGuerta's murder - (more…)
Together Forever
01:50 — Don't miss the final season of Bates Motel premiering Monday, February 20 at 10p.
The Beautiful Game
When an influential rabbi organizing a symbolic Iran/Israel soccer game is killed, Elizabeth and Jay's peace treaty plans for the two countries are je (more…)
Jax presides over SAMCRO as a series of events begin to unravel Charming.
Frost & Fire / Sky Witch
Frost & Fire: After Flame Princess battles Ice King, Finn has an exciting dream. But when it abruptly ends, Finn must get Flame Princess and Ice King (more…)
The Opening
The Fishers run into some unexpected guests at an art-school benefit featuring works for sale by Claire, Russell and Olivier. Meanwhile, David and Kei (more…)
The Mother
Ben's discovery in the attic further exacerbates his tension with Christy, who, to make matters worse, continues to keep the kids away from him. When (more…)
Midnight Sun
Jack and the team investigate a father, Greg Prichard (Brett Cullen), and his daughter, Kyla (Brynn Lauren Lemon), who disappear during their regular (more…)
Mother Courage
Dog knows that crime and drugs not only damage victims but also harm the families of the perpetrators, especially the kids. And both of the fugitives (more…)
After years of home schooling, Marci- about to start college- wants to create a new life. Will her boot-camp style trainer be too extreme? Or will Mar (more…)
Night of a Thousand Gowns
Former Real Housewife of New Jersey, Dina Manzo, has sought out Chris March's help to create a one-of-a-kind dress for the biggest drag queen event of (more…)
Mowin' and Molecules
Featuring Cymphonique Miller, Ana Mulvoy-Ten, Max Schneider, Gracie Dzienny. Cover your eyes and ears, cause its time to play Figure It Out. Guess alo (more…)
Dogs in Moderation
Natsuno sets out on a journey to sharpen her signature pair of scissors, but the destination turns into more of an adventure than she had hoped.
05:02 — Woody gives Kelly a promise ring when her father arranges for her to go to Europe.
Sea Bishop, Pt. 2
04:19 — A boat sailing to Edo loses its way in the sea. On board are the medicine seller, a holly bishop and others. They suspect the boat is haunted by some (more…)
Abu Ja’afar Al-Mansur declares the Abbasid call for Imam Reda following Caliph Marwan’s capture of his brother Ibrahim. Caliph Marwan’s attempts to de (more…)
Laying Pipe
A desperate situation tests familial and club bonds.
When Food Goes Bad
Against Fran's and Earl's wishes, Charlene secretly fills in for Robbie when he is supposed to watch Baby, but finds herself in deep trouble when some (more…)
Sweet and Vaded
Triggers are pulled that strengthen the MC, but also threaten to destroy it.
Super Ninja
One night, the Principal comes across a Mysterious Ninja in the school corridors. The Ninja gets away from the Principal, but drops his backpack. The (more…)
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