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American Assassin - Trailer
01:47 — AMERICAN ASSASSIN follows the rise of Mitch Rapp (Dylan O'Brien) a CIA black ops recruit under the instruction of Cold War veteran Stan Hurley (Michae (more…)
Brokaw, Streep, Ethel Kennedy Among Medal of Freedom Honorees
02:28 — On Monday, President Obama bestowed the nation’s highest civilian honor on 18 Americans, including NBC’s Tom Brokaw.
LBJ - Trailer
00:31 — After powerful Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Johnson (Woody Harrelson) loses the 1960 Democratic presidential nomination to Senator John F. Kennedy (J (more…)
Faces of November
12:07 — This short, stark film has no dialogue and no narration. Mourners struggle with personal feelings that are revealed painfully in their faces. Original (more…)
The SB Chronicles, Vol. 3
The final work in the chronicles trilogy–The SB Chronicles Vol. 3–Featuring Nike SB team members Karsten Kleppan, Omar Salazar, Lance Mountain, Brian (more…)
Witness of RFK Assassination: When Shot, Bobby Asked if Everyone Was Alright
07:48 — Chris sits down with Vincent DiPierro, who was near Bobby Kennedy when he was shot and mortally wounded.
Kennedy's Message to Roy Moore: 'Tell the Truth'
09:15 — Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) says his message for Roy Moore would be, "Look the American people and the people of Alabama in the eye and tell the truth."
The DUB Magazine Project: Part Of A Change
01:00 — Skaters Terry Kennedy and Paul Rodriguez reflect on their success but say there's still a lot more work to be done. For more watch 'The DUB Magazine P (more…)
The Adventures Of Tintin
00:41 — Paramount Pictures and Columbia Pictures Present a 3D Motion Capture Film "The Adventures of Tintin" directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Jamie B (more…)
The World Awaits - Official Trailer
01:40 — Noted philosopher Noam Chomsky, world-renowned physician, author, and activist Helen Caldicott, and founder of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation David (more…)
Matthews: We are Close to Nuclear Standoff
02:02 — Chris offers the President some advice on how to handle the standoff with North Korea, bringing up the Cuban Missile Crisis and how JFK and Robert Ken (more…)
Meet the Press at 70: Presidential Candidates Throughout the Years
00:50 — From John F. Kennedy to Donald Trump, Meet the Press has been destination for those seeking the highest office.
Bobby Kennedy: A Raging Spirit
08:17 — Join Rev. Al Sharpton and Chris Matthews, as they discuss Chris Matthews new book, "Bobby Kennedy: A Raging Spirit".
Chris Matthews on His New Book Remembering Bobby Kennedy
13:42 — Bobby Kennedy spurred America to “make an effort” on race and other issues of his era, a lesson Chris Matthews and Joy Reid discuss from Matthews’ new (more…)
Lee Harvey Oswald’s Connection to the CIA ‘Totally Unfounded,’ JFK Docs Say
00:20 — A memo from 1975 included in the newly released documents on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy alleges the connection between Lee Harvey (more…)
Chris Matthews on His New Book: 'RFK Was One Tough Guy.'
04:48 — MSNBC's Hardball host Chris Matthews joined Alex Witt to talking about his new book, "Bobby Kennedy: A Raging Spirit."
Lawrence: What Trump Could Have Learned About the Presidency
02:28 — Donald Trump graduated from high school the same year that Bobby Kennedy was running for president. In the aftermath of the NYC terror attack, Lawrenc (more…)
Chris Matthews: America Needs Voices Now Like Bobby Kennedy
04:17 — Discussing his new autobiography, "Bobby Kennedy: A Raging Spirit," MSNBC's Chris Matthews talks about the legacy to U.S. politics & U.S. history left (more…)
Matthews: Trump Divides Americans in Order to Conquer
01:36 — Chris believes that Bobby Kennedy is a reminder to our own spirit of everything Donald Trump is not.
Matthews: Facts Hurt Trump
06:40 — Chris Matthews joins Rachel Maddow to talk about his new book, Bobby Kennedy: A Raging Spirit, and about how Donald Trump is struggling to deal with a (more…)
Matthews: We Need a Leader Who Can Unite the Country
00:55 — Chris’s new book, "Bobby Kennedy: A Raging Spirit," revives the life of someone who believed minorities and working class whites could be united in p (more…)
A JFK Conspiracy: The One Thing Uniting Democrats and Republicans
02:17 — With the release of the final batch of CIA files from the Kennedy assassination, Americans once again unite around one thing: they believe the murder (more…)
President Trump Releases 2,800 Secret Documents on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
02:10 — President Donald Trump on Thursday ordered the overnight release of 2,800 documents related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, but acq (more…)
What Could the Redacted JFK Assassination Documents Reveal?
01:58 — NBC’s Justice correspondent Pete Williams weighs in on why intelligence agencies urged President Trump to withhold certain records related to the assa (more…)
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