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The Talk - Is An All Female 'Ghostbusters' Cast Controversial?
03:47 — Keltie Knight from "The Insider" joins "The Talk" to discuss the first trailer for the highly-anticipated all-female reboot of the classic film "Ghost (more…)
The Talk - Sharon Osbourne on Camille Cosby: 'My heart instantly went out for her'
04:43 — Keltie Knight from "The Insider" joins "The Talk" to discuss the news around Bill and Camille Cosby, who is reportedly livid at the humiliation her hu (more…)
Look Out For The All-American Rejects!'s fangirl Keltie Colleen caught up with the boys of The All-American Rejects backstage after their performance at the Muscular Dystrop (more…)
What to watch for at the Thanksgiving Day Parade
02:39 — The Thanksgiving Day Parade will start outside New York City's Natural History Museum. “Entertainment Tonight” co-host Kevin Frazier and "The Insider" (more…)
The Talk - Like Jennifer Lawrence, Have You Ever Felt Unnecessary Guilt?
02:37 — “The Insider” correspondent Keltie Knight joins "The Talk" hosts to discuss Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence saying she felt guilty aft (more…)
Havana Brown
04:39 — Keltie Colleen interviews Havana Brown.
Speakers Interview with Keltie Colleen
04:08 — Keltie Colleen interviews 'Speakers'.
Country's new Heartthrobs High Valley
04:10 — Keltie Colleen interviews 'High Valley'.
FYF Video
02:04 — Keltie Colleen at 'FYF Fest'.
Neon Trees
04:25 — Keltie Colleen interviews 'Neon Trees'.
Chris Rene Releases 'I'm Right Here'
05:19 — Keltie Colleen interviews Chris Rene.
Keltie Previews the Grammy Noms Concert!
05:43 — Keltie Colleen goes behind the scenes during the preparations for the Grammy Nominations Concert.
Kelly Clarkson: New Record and New Man
04:26 — Keltie Colleen sits down with Kelly Clarkson.
Keltie Colleen and Emii
05:07 — Keltie Colleen and Emii
Catching up with Bronze Radio Return
04:07 — Fangirl Keltie Colleen interviews 'Bronze Radio Return'.
Crystal Method
04:33 — Crystal Method with Keltie Colleen
Matchbox 20
04:33 — Keltie Colleen interviews 'Matchbox 20'.
Artist You Should Know: Jasmine Ash
04:29 — Keltie Colleen interviews Jasmine Ash.
Saint Motel Interview
06:44 — Saint Motel Interview with Keltie Colleen.
04:07 — Pentatonix with Keltie Colleen.
Keltie Colleen with The Sheepdogs 12/14/2011
03:04 — Keltie Colleen with The Sheepdogs 12/14/2011
Keltie Colleen with Cher Lloyd
04:14 — Keltie Colleen interviews Cher Lloyd.
Keltie Colleen with WATIC
05:21 — Keltie Colleen interviews "We Are The In Crowd'.
Keltie Colleen with Taylor Momsen
04:11 — Keltie Colleen with Taylor Momsen.
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