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Trump Advisor On Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit
06:32 — Senior advisor and pollster to the Trump campaign Kellyanne Conway discusses a 10-million dollar lawsuit against one of Trump’s former employees.
Trump Campaign Continues to Question FBI
04:03 — Trump Campaign’s, Kellyanne Conway, comments on the FBI Director, James Comey, recommendation regarding Hillary Clinton’s email investigation.
Was Wisconsin the Start of Cruz's Rise to the Top?
03:37 — KellyAnne Conway, president of the pro-Cruz Super PAC Keep the Promise, says voters are rejecting the frontrunner Donald Trump and embracing the Texas (more…)
For Cruz to Win, Does the GOP Field Need to Clear Out?
04:53 — Kellyanne Conway, a Republican pollster, explains whether Ted Cruz is the only GOP candidate that can beat Donald Trump and why Marco Rubio and John K (more…)
Civil War in the GOP
Donald Trump's taunting the party, saying he'll consider running as an independent if he's not treated well while Ben Carson is warning that if the pa (more…)
Hillary Clinton Heads Back to Congress
06:57 — Hillary Clinton is expected to have another face-off with Congressional Republicans with her upcoming testimony before the House Select Committee on B (more…)
Biden Under Intense Pressure to Make Decision
10:46 — Vice President Joe Biden is still deflecting questions on whether he will run for the presidency. Is the 2016 window closing for him? NBC's Kristen We (more…)
What Gay Marriage Ruling Means for GOP Candidates
12:38 — Sabrina Siddiqui, Rick Ungar and KellyAnne Conway talk about how the Republican candidates are reacting to the Supreme Court's ruling in favor of same (more…)
Sexual Assault; Feminist Men; Girls Abducted; Child Slavery
25:47 — Sexual Assault: The White House says men can stop rape. Feminist Men: Why men don't advocate for women's rights. Girls Abducted; The need to act in th (more…)
TTC Extra: Parents, Girls, and Obesity
05:04 — Girls who are called 'fat' are more likely to become obese later in life, regardless of what they weighed when they were young. Women who did not rece (more…)
How Women Respond to Debate Policy, Tone and Body Language?
07:19 — Coming off the vice presidential debate, Jeffrey Brown talks to Democratic pollster Celinda Lake and Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway about the wa (more…)
Conway on sex-selective abortion in U.S.
02:41 — Anderson Cooper fact-checks Kellyanne Conway's statements that sex-selective abortion occurs in the United States.