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Kellyanne Conway Interrupts Kimmel Monologue
02:30 — Groundhog Day just passed and there was some controversy about whether or not there will indeed be six more weeks of winter. To get to the bottom of i (more…)
Donald Trump Prepares for His First State of the Union
03:48 — President Donald Trump calls Kellyanne Conway, former President Obama and others in preparation for his big State of the Union address.
White House Spokespuppet Kellyanne Conway Celebrates Trump Anniversary
02:19 — Donald Trump and his team weren’t able to celebrate their one-year anniversary on Saturday because of the shutdown, but now that the shutdown is over, (more…)
Donald: The Musical (w/ Tim Minchin, Ben Platt & Abigail Spencer)
03:52 — Tim Minchin, Ben Platt, Abigail Spencer and James Corden perform a parody of Matilda's "When I Grow Up" playing the roles of Donald Trump, Sean Spicer (more…)
The Late Show's Presidential Leak-Crets, Vol. 2
05:35 — The Late Show's anonymous White House leaker gives Stephen the latest gossip on Trump's Russian ties, Jeff Sessions, Kellyanne Conway, and more.
Jessica Lange Is Feuding With Kellyanne Conway (In Her Head)
10:39 — FX's 'Feud' star Jessica Lange has ongoing, imagined beef with White House advisor Kellyanne Conway.
Kellyanne Conway Gives It To Stephen Straight (As In, Straight Up BS)
01:48 — Stephen goes 'lie' to satellite with the counselor to the President of the United States.
Anderson Cooper And Kellyanne Conway Are 'Rethinking' Their Relationship
09:17 — Before CNN mainstay Anderson Cooper was aware of it, his relationship with White House advisor Kellyanne Conway came to an abrupt end.
Moby Isn't A Credible Source, But Neither Is Kellyanne Conway
04:00 — With Moby and Tom Arnold threatening to share juicy intelligence on our President, The Late Show went digging for more insider information from random (more…)
Stephen Recreates Kellyanne Conway's 'Fun With Words'
03:28 — Kellyanne Conway went from White House advisor to Stephen's muse after she broke out some ridiculously nonsensical visual aids on Fox News.
Late Show Presents: One Week Older, July 16
03:57 — While Donald Trump Jr. did his best to play it cool this week, Joe Scarborough hit The Late Show to announce his exit from the GOP, and Stephen showed (more…)
No NCAA Bracket for President Trump
04:14 — After checking in on National Napping Day, James discusses President Trump's disinterest in filling out an NCAA tournament bracket and Kellyanne Conwa (more…)
This Week in Unnecessary Censorship
01:19 — Once again, we've bleeped and blurred all the week's big TV moments whether they need it or not. This week we feature Gary Oldman, Kelly Clarkson, The (more…)
Trump calls Clinton his opponent 428 days after election
01:52 — Trump aide Kellyanne Conway says no one at the White House talks about Hillary Clinton just hours after the president brought her up unprovoked, even (more…)
Jimmy Kimmel Talks to New Opioid Czar Kellyanne Conway
01:52 — Kellyanne Conway was selected to be Donald Trump’s new Opioid Czar, so we reached out to the top presidential advisor to talk to her about the new pos (more…)
Clarifying Mixed Message On Trump Muslim Ban
06:18 — Kellyanne Conway, campaign manager for the Donald Trump campaign, talks with Rachel Maddow about contradictions in how Donald Trump has presented his (more…)
Trump, GOP Establishment Working Despite Past
03:05 — Kellyanne Conway, campaign manager for the Donald Trump campaign, talks with Rachel Maddow about how the Trump campaign is working with Republican est (more…)
Did Kellyanne Conway Lie to Rachel Maddow?
05:34 — Rachel Maddow replays Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway's recent answer about the lack of any role by Roger Ailes in the Trump campaign.
Trump to Release Health Info
14:09 — Donald Trump says he'll release results of his recent doctor's visit soon. Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway joins NBC's Andrea Mitchell to disc (more…)
Kellyanne Conway On the View: Says Trump's Not Hiding Anything
04:24 — Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway on The View
Explaining Donald Trump’s Rough Week
07:03 — Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway explains the Republican nominee’s recent remarks about Hillary Clinton, women and paying taxes.
Trump’s Campaign Manager On Clinton Emails
09:07 — Chris Hayes talks to Kellyanne Conway about whether these emails will energize Donald Trump.
Trump Campaign Manager: We've 'Expanded Our Map'
09:29 — Donald Trump's campaign manager Kellyanne Conway joins Chuck Todd to discuss the battleground map, outreach to Hispanics, and anti-Semitic rhetoric fr (more…)
Kellyanne Conway On the Status of the Trump Transition
08:37 — Kellyanne Conway shares more insight into President-elect Donald Trump's transition plans and whether she has a role in the administration.
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