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Regis Riffs on Live's 20th Anniversary

Kelly Ripa and Regis Philbin, Live

Unwinding to some Dean Martin after a taping of Live with Regis and Kelly (ABC, 9 am/ET; check local listings), 76-year-old Regis Philbin is feeling nostalgic about the show's 20th anniversary. Live's two-week celebration closes out tomorrow morning when former spitfire cohost Kathie Lee Gifford returns as a guest. TV Guide: It's been 20 years. How's it feel? Regis Philbin: Twenty years, where did they go? My dream was to go national with the kind of show I'm doing now. I'm glad I finally achieved it. TV Guide: Say you had to spend an eternity with Kathie Lee, Kelly [Ripa] or Joey Bishop [to whom Regis read more

Live with Regis and Kelly... and Kathie Lee, Too?

Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa courtesy Buena Vista Television

Live with Regis and Kelly has unveiled its plan to celebrate the morning program's 20 years on the air starting Sept. 3, and among the two-week event's special guests is no less than Reege's previous sidekick, Kathie Lee Gifford. "This will be the first time Regis, Kelly and Kathie are together on the air," executive producer Michael Gelman reminds the New York Post. "We've been waiting for the right time to have her back and this is a big event, so we're happy to have her." Gelman shrugs off talk of lingering bad blood between "Kathie Me" and the talker, saying, "We agreed on most things and disagreed on others."Also as part of the celebration, Live is teaming with Chrysler to give away one minivan a day for 20 days. (Mom Jeans not included.) read more

Mark Consuelos Talks of Love (and His Kelly Girl)

Age of Love host Mark Consuelos

Does age matter? That's ostensibly the question at the heart of Age of Love, NBC's new dating series premiering tonight at 9 pm/ET. Hosted by former daytime star Mark Consuelos, the reality show takes 30-year-old Aussie tennis hunk Mark Philippoussis and sends him a-courting with women from two very separate age groups: the "kittens" (aka gals in their twenties) and the "cougars" (ages 38 to 48). asked Consuelos, the man who gets to call Kelly Ripa his wife, for a look at the semicontroversial program. The last we "spoke," it was you crashing my Q&A with Kelly, tryi read more

Save the Dates: Kellys Clarkson and Ripa, and More

June 16 at 10 pm/ET: Kelly Ripa hosts a two-hour Oxygen special counting down The 50 Funniest Women Alive. Wait, is Kelly ineligible because she's host?! I will scream.June 18 at 10 pm: Logo premieres Curl Girls, a six-episode series based on the cabler's 2005 special and following a half-dozen lesbian surfers.June 20 at 8 pm: Oscar winner Morgan Freeman hosts AFI's 100 Years... 100 Movies — 10th Anniversary Edition, a new countdown of the greatest films of all time. Beverly Hills Cop III, this is your big chance.June 24 at 8 pm: CMT Crossroads brings together for the first time... since the May 15 CMAs... Kelly Clarkson and Reba McEntire. read more

Live Wire Kelly Ripa Takes on the TV Land Awards

Kelly Ripa hosts the TV Land Awards.

When it comes to the increasingly large small-screen, Kelly Ripa has done it all. Soap opera? Check. Daytime talker? Check. Prime-time comedy? Check. Saturday Night Live stop-bys? Check. So who better to oversee this Sunday's TV Land Awards (9 pm/ET) than one of this reporter's most favorite funny girls? relished the chance to speak with the Live with Regis and Kelly cohost about "remaking" Laverne & Shirley, boogying with the Brady Bunch, stealing someone else's belly button and much, much more. I'm nervous to talk to you, because I always get afraid that Q&Aing a funny person won't yield appropriately funny material. Do you ever have that same concern on Live?Kelly Ripa: I do, I do. I have what I like to refer to as "posttraumatic talk-show disorder," where I'm like, "Oh, that didn't go well. I should have done this this way and that that way...." It' read more

Live and Kicking: Emmys Didn't Snub Regis and Kelly

Don't count Regis Philbin out quite yet, and we're not just talking about the morning-show host's successful triple-bypass heart surgery. (He's come through, as Live with Regis and Kelly cohost Kelly Ripa put it on Thursday morning, "with flying colors" and "the heart of a 19-year-old.") No, we're talking about how, no matter what you may have read elsewhere, the Daytime Emmy folks have not necessarily snubbed Reege and Kel after a long run of nominations. Rather, the show decided to submit itself for a brand-new category — outstanding morning show — instead of in the talker contests.Even away from the orbit of Rosie, Ellen, et al, the competition's rough: Today, Good Morning America and other newsy shows are in the running. The new category's nominees will be announced in April. — Reporting by Ileane Rudolph read more

Will Regis' Bypass Give Live Palpatations?

Now that the well wishes have been expressed for Regis Philbin, who on Monday announced that he will undergo heart bypass surgery, the topic has turned to how Live with Regis & Kelly will fare during his hospitalization and recovery, which all told will sideline the 75-year-old for at least five weeks. "The show is about the chemistry between [Philbin and Kelly Ripa]," Syracuse University professor and media expert Robert Thompson tells the New York Daily News. "Take half the element out, and it changes the chemistry. There's nobody else you could put in there and get the same thing." Still, Live will rotate in a parade of guest hosts during Regis' absence, starting today and Wednesday with Anderson Cooper.The producers of Live, though, aren't the only ones fretting over the numbers possibly faltering during Philbin's furlough. As Thompson notes, "The people in the time slot afterward should be worried, too." read more

February 28, 2007: Hypnotized by Hoochie Magoo

Somewhere in the television universe George Costanza is still yelping about how he always wanted to be an architect. Well, Art Vandelay, meet Oswald Montecristo. For me to equate anything with Seinfeld should be taken as a sign of the highest respect. And no, Mr. Montecristo, I am not just kissing your butt.How amazing was that video? Just the fact that they used “Mr. Roboto” to seem cutting edge was evidence of how far off the mark they were, and the “Directed by Peter Jackson” at the end was the icing on the cake. How much you want to bet Louis added that part in? He strikes me as the only one of that bunch who would have seen Lord of the Rings.Oh, Louis “I am their bitch! They are physically superior to me!” Plunk, what a sad, sad intern you are. If you hate dogs (hi, Dad!) that scene was your worst nightmare. If you love dogs, that scene was possibly the greatest thing since Best in Show. Of course, Louis received two conflicting pieces of advice: ... read more

Short Cuts: Kelly Ripa, Sex in Public and More!

Kelly Ripa will host the fifth-annual TV Land Awards on Apr. 14, to air Apr. 25.... The (spoiled-online) finale of Top Chef gave Bravo 3.9 million viewers and its second-best-ever delivery in key demos (trailing only Project Runway's Season 3 ender).... The Dr. Keith Ablow Show will not be back for a second season, sources tell Reuters.... Let's go, Orange! Bob Costas will host the 66th-annual Peabody Awards on June 4.... The broadband portal that never sleeps, TimeOutNewYork.TV, has launched "Sex on the Street," a series looking at the way Big Apple denizens go at it behind closed doors or, better, in public. (Hey, it's a welcome diversion from the panhandlers.) read more

Donal Logue: Do the Knights Have a Plan to Steal Idol Fans?

Donal Logue, The Knights of Prosperity

Career janitor Eugene Gerkin and his pals have a plan: Let's rob Mick Jagger! That'd make for a nifty sitcom title, you say. And it did... for a minute. Now named after Eugene's "criminal organization," ABC's The Knights of Prosperity (airing Wednesdays at 9 pm/ET) must "steal itself" for the return of Idol. Do the crafty Knights have a countermeasure in place? asked ringleader Donal Logue for an overview of what's ahead. You must feel like you've been doing press for Knights of Prosperity forever.Donal Logue: Yeah. [Laughs] There's been a lot of it! I have to say, you got me with the tag in the pilot, where we see that beyond the keyhole in Mick Jagger's door is fortress-like, multilayered security. read more

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