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The Truth About Nancy Grace's "Wardrobe Malfunction"

Nancy Grace

It was the talk of the Dancing With the Stars ballroom Tuesday night, even though no one was sure exactly what had happened on Monday, when talk show host Nancy Grace blushed after her quick step with pro Tristan McManus and, standing with host Tom Bergeron ...
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General Hospital's Steve Burton on Jason's Life or Death Surgery

Steve Burton

The mother of all soap-amnesia plots — the woeful tale of Jason on General Hospital — is about to take a curious turn. Long story short: Back in 1995, rich, wholesome preppy Jason Quartermaine (played by Steve Burton) was left mentally damaged and memory-free after a car accident and split from his family to become underworld hit man Jason Morgan. Now he's been seriously injured in yet another crash and will require life-or-death brain surgery. During the intense procedure (airing August 26 and 29), the women in Jason's life — fiancée Sam (Kelly Monaco), mom Monica (Leslie Charleson), ex-lover Liz (Rebecca Herbst) and BFF Carly (Laura Wright) — will fantasize about how their relationships ...
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Comic Relief for One Life to Live's Michael Easton

Michael Easton

Michael Easton has no plans to give up his day job as One Life to Live crime-buster John McBain. But it must be tempting. The actor turned fantasy writer just released Soul Stealer: Last to Die (DMF Comics), the third and final chapter in his series of critically acclaimed graphic novels about an ancient Etruscan warrior searching for his lost love across three millenniums. Come October... read more

Lindsay Lohan: Topless Musical May Be Next Role?

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan. Topless musical.

Got your attention? That was Peepshow director Jerry Mitchell's goal when he welcomed the starlet Saturday to the premiere of his sexy Las Vegas musical, which now stars Dancing with the Stars vets Melanie Brown. and Kelly Monaco. Lohan is in talks to replace Monaco, who wants to return to General Hospital when her Peepshow contract ends, Fox News reports. read more

Dancing's Melanie Brown, Kelly Monaco Join Topless Musical

Kelly Monaco and Melanie Brown

Melanie Brown and Kelly Monaco's dance routines are about to get spicier – the Dancing With the Stars alums are headlining a topless Las Vegas musical called PEEPSHOW. Monaco, who won Dancing, and Brown, a Spice Girl and Dancing runner-up, will appear in the burlesque-style performance set to open in March at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, People reports. read more

Who Are Your All-time Favorite Dancing Champs?

Now that Dancing with the Stars has crowned a new queen and king, the question becomes: How do Kristi and Mark rank among previous winners? Does their landslide victory earn them greater regard, or does it speak to a lack of formidable competition?As a refresher, all those who have laid claim to the mirrored-ball trophy:Season 1: Kelly Monaco and Alec MazoSeason 2: Drew Lachey and Cheryl BurkeSeason 3: Emmitt Smith and Cheryl BurkeSeason 4: Apolo Anton Ohno and Julianne HoughSeason 5: Helio Castroneves and Julianne Hough Season 6: Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark BallasWho is your all-time favorite? Who truly showed growth and a never-tapped-into aptitude for ballroom dancing, then groomed it to flourish? Cast your vote here! And elaborate on your vote in comments. read more

Kelly Monaco "Nervous" About Kristi's Bid to Be Next Female Champ

Kelly Monaco Jean-Paul Aussenard/

As Season 6 of Dancing with the Stars quick-steps closer to its finale, let's not forget that once and only once has a female celeb walked away with that ghastly trophy. And while Kelly Monaco believes current front runner Kristi Yamaguchi and pro partner Mark Ballas have the tools to close this deal, she does have some concerns."I hope and pray that Kristi is going to be our girl to carry it through and take it home," the General Hospital beauty shared Thursday night at TV Guide's Sexiest Stars party in Hollywood. "But I get nervous about her coming out of the gate too strong. In the history of the show, those who have been on top in popularity and come out strong tend to fall back toward the end."Monaco scoffs when reminded that before the season started, Yamaguchi claimed to possess no rhythm. "Oh, I beg to differ," she smiles. "She's got nothing but rhythm." That said, the show's premiere champ stresses that now is not the time for Kristi to rest on any laurels. "Even though she... read more

Sexiest Stars: Sexy Party Secrets Revealed!

Alex O'Loughlin and Yvonne Strahovski by Alexandra Wyman/

It's Thursday night and the party celebrating TV Guide's Sexiest Stars issue is just starting to clear out. Settling down into a vacated plush couch across from the sushi bar, for the first time in, oh, six hours I am off my feet. What a time! Katsuya and S Bar here at Hollywood and Vine was chock full of pretty — and that was even before I discovered the whole other room in the back! The turnout was terrific. You had a nearly full House (cast), a bazillion Dancing stars (past and present), Chuck and "Sarah" and, yes, Alex O'Loughlin. TV Guide's Sexiest Woman on TV 2008, Jennifer Love Hewitt, put in an early appearance, entirely earning her honor in a super-shimmery shape-hugging silver shift (is what I think the ladies call it). While the memories of my countless laps around the party crowd are still fresh (and only moderately fogged by vodka and tonic), let me do my best to take you inside the Sexiest night of TV's year.• The red carpet has just barely been unfurled an... read more

Daytime Emmy Shockers Ahead?

Kelly Moncao by Albert L. Ortega/ and Beth Ehlers by Marc Bryan-Brown/

Nominations for the 35th annual Daytime Emmys will be announced live on The View April 30, and I'm expecting some ghastly nods due to an expanded system that has allowed 143 actors on the ballot (a third more than last year). Never mind that most of 'em shouldn't be permitted anywhere near an Emmy, that's give or take two dozen in each of the acting categories! Several judges tell me they couldn't view that much footage (each actor submits two episodes) and voted without seeing all the work. Some chose not to vote at all.Plus, there's the usual nonsense: Several lead players, most egregiously All My Children's Alicia Minshew (Kendall), are hogging spots on the supporting list. And some of the best work isn't on the ballot. Where's General Hospital's Kelly Monaco (Sam)? Guiding Light's Beth Ehlers (Harley)? Without them, it's not a fair fight. And get this — the TV academy has decided to drop the follow-up round of voting after the nominees are announced. The winners will alrea... read more

At the Dancing Finish Line

Helio Castroneves and Julianne Hough by Carol Kaelson/ABC

I don’t know about you, but I got my wish Tuesday night. Boiled down to three words: Anyone. But. Marie. Seriously folks, if Dancing with the Stars’ trophy had gone to Marie Osmond the underdog — or rather, underdoll, as I like to think of her after Monday’s bizarre freestyle nondance that would have been better suited for the Island of Misfit Toys — I might even have joined the legions of disgruntled fans who tend to declare "I’m never watching again" after each cycle when their favorite doesn’t win.And then, of course, they return the following season, because once hooked on this deliriously entertaining reality contest, few can resist the spectacle of watching B-list celebs put on their dancing shoes with varying degrees of nerve, style and success. New stars tend to emerge from this process, and few have blazed with such effortless charm than the eventual winner, Helio Castroneves, whom I’d bet very few outside of my Indy-500-obsessed fami... read more

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