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ABC Family Cancels Bunheads After One Season


There will be no encore performance for Bunheads.

The ABC Family drama, from Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, has been axed after... read more

Sutton Foster and Amy Sherman-Palladino Talk Bunheads Return

Sutton Foster

Slip on your point shoes, 'cause Bunheads is back! The ABC Family series returns Monday at 9/8c, but will Paradise still live up to its name now that Michelle (Sutton Foster) has left? read more

Ask Matt: The Killing Post-Mortem, Bunheads, Longmire, More

Mireille Enos

Send questions and comments to and follow me on Twitter!

Question: I've been mulling over the ending of The Killing for a week now. Up until the series finale (which is what it should be), I was convinced that the writers hadn't known who the killer would be when they started the series. This was always a pet peeve of mine with soap operas. How can you plot a murder without a murderer? The main problem with this is that the actor playing the murderer doesn't have the background knowledge to act his or her scenes. Though using twice as many episodes as they needed, I could sort of see in the finale how they were setting things up. To truly see if that's the case, I'd have to re-watch the first couple of episodes, which I don't want to do.

read more

5 Reasons to Give Bunheads a Chance

Sutton Foster

Yes, we must admit that the first few minutes of Bunheads were a little iffy (Michelle married her stalker! And we're supposed to be OK with that?). But by the end of the first episode, the ABC Family series hit its groove and started focusing on what it does best: heartfelt comedy, drama and dance! Still not convinced? Here are five reasons to give the fledgling series a chance — or at least a spot on your DVR queue. read more

Exclusive: Army Wives Enlists Gilmore Gal and Grammy Winner

Kelly Bishop, Shelby Lynne

Lifetime's Army Wives is recruiting some nifty guest-stars for its third season, which premieres Sunday, June 7.

For starters, Grammy-winning recording artist Shelby Lynne will appear in an August episode, playing ... read more

Mega Buzz on Grey's, Fringe, CSI: NY and More!

Eric Dane (Grey's Anatomy), Joshua Jackson (Fringe) and Gary Sinise (CSI: NY)

Senior editors Matt Webb Mitovich and Mickey O'Connor answer your questions.

What have you got for Grey's Anatomy that isn't about Mer and Der? — BethAnn
Mmmm, this vittle made it to my desk just before deadline, and goodness, it's tasty. What you may know: This week, Sloan counsels the "Mason-Dixon line"-averse Callie on the ways of love. What you don't know: He teaches by doing. What does that mean?!

Fringe is the most addictive new show on television! Give me some scoop on when Olivia and Peter will get all romantic. — Keith
Well, Keith, I hate to disappoint you (perv), but it's going to be a while. This show is so not about sex right now. My Fringe mole tells me ... read more

Exclusive Scooplets (Gossip, Chuck) and Other Random Stuff!

Kevin Weisman and Kelly Bishop by Kevin Parry/

• Ex-Alias techie Kevin Weisman can't seem to shake the spy biz. Sources confirm to me exclusively that the actor has landed a flashy guest stint on NBC's Chuck. He'll play a poisonous (literally) bad guy in the Nov. 12 episode titled "Chuck Versus the Truth." • Know what time it is? It's time for me to put on my Armchair Casting Director hat, that's what time it is. As all you Ausiello Scoop newsletter subscribers first learned yesterday, Gossip Girl is introducing Serena's "wealthy, manipulative and larger-than-life" grandmother — a role that sounds tailor-made for a certain acid-tongued Gilmore Girls matriarch named Kelly Bishop. No worries, I'm on the case. I've already contacted both exec producer Josh Schwartz and Bishop's agent. With any luck, I'll be able to announce something offical in next week's Ask Ausiello.• Was last night's Pushing Daisies pure genius or what? And I'm not just saying that because Kristin Chenoweth practically name-checked me with t... read more

It seems to me that TV is ...

Question: It seems to me that TV is constantly going younger. I greatly miss Jessica Walter on Arrested Development, and now with the cancellation of Gilmore Girls I'll miss Kelly Bishop. While Sally Field is wonderful on Brothers & Sisters, I can't help but wonder what the future holds for older actresses on TV, or if audiences must grow even more accustomed to viewing shows targeted for a much younger audience. Answer: I think you're already seeing it. TV is a demographics game, and the focus on who's winning in the 18-49 sweepstakes has become much more pronounced the longer I've been covering this beat. If we're lucky, the example set by Sally Field will encourage other shows, producers and networks to create similarly meaty roles for veteran actors of both genders. But these stars will rarely be asked to carry a show, it seems. Hard to imagine a network giving a shot to a Golden Girls-style show anymore, which is a real shame ... read more

By now we're probably all ...

Question: By now we're probably all aware of the gossip surrounding a possible Season 8 of Gilmore Girls. It sounds like Alexis Bledel is the only holdout, and Lauren Graham doesn't want to sign on without Alexis. I know you have said that Gilmore should end after this season, but let me run something by you: Have they thought about continuing on for another season with the focus shifting to another pair of Gilmore girls: Lorelai and Emily? There are definitely a season's worth of issues for them to work through, and I have always found their relationship to be much more interesting than Lorelai and Rory's. Even Rory herself mentioned in the last episode that she is worried about how Lorelai and Emily will get along without her there to bring them together and act as a buffer. So why not give the fans a chance to see exactly how the two do in this situation? I think it would be great if the show shifted gears and explored the relationship between Emily and Lorelai, and even Lorelai and ... read more

February 20, 2007: Mocktails, Anyone?

Finally, a good solid dose of Stars Hollow! We wanted our lovable wacky townspeople back, and we got ’em! Who better than Miss Patty and Babette to gossip about Chris and Lorelai out loud in the diner as Luke was passing right by them with coffee and plates of food? Loved the bizarre code names: Chris was the beagle (though he probably should have been the hound), Lorelai was the hen (if anyone, Babette’s the mother of all hens. I’m thinking a swan would’ve been more appropriate). And Luke was the rooster (that one actually makes sense, the domestic male). Why did those two even bother using symbolism? Not only was the conversation totally obvious — “Did the hen break up with the beagle or did the beagle break up with the hen?” — but Luke already knew, thanks to East Side Tilly “who was in here yesterday, blabbing her big mouth off.” For a moment they considered whether Lorelai and Luke should get back together, causing Babette to de... read more

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