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Clinton & Trump's Reactions to Police Shooting
07:07 — Charlotte police released two videos over the weekend of the shooting of Keith Scott. Chris Hayes and the panel discuss the presidential candidates' c (more…)
Keith Urban Rolls Solo at ACM Awards
00:39 — Why is the "American Idol" judge by himself? Keith explains wife Nicole Kidman's absence and shows off a peek of his sexy chest tattoo!
The Judges Dish On the Top 20
01:37 — What do our judges have to say about our Top 20? Watch as Randy, Nicki, Keith and even Ryan discuss what makes an "Idol Moment" and more!
Charlotte Shooting Videos: a Side-by-side Comparison
01:26 — A composite of the police dash cam, body cam and cellphone video shot by the widow of Keith Scott, who died after being shot by police in Charlotte.
Protesters Gather Outside Charlotte NFL Game
02:09 — NBC's Tammy Leitner speaks to one of the protesters, a football fan who refuses to go into the game over the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott.
Will Charlotte Police Release More Video?
03:33 — Former federal prosecutor Paul Butler analyzes the new videos released by Charlotte police of the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott.
Charlotte Police Release Portions of Video Showing Keith Scott Shooting
03:00 — Officials in Charlotte released portions of dash camera video of the fatal shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, saying other parts of the video are not rel (more…)
Protesters Gather for 5th Day in Charlotte
06:42 — Vincent Hill, and Executive Director of “Color of Change,” Rashad Robinson, weigh in on the investigation of the death of Keith Lamont Scott, specific (more…)
‘It Will Be Difficult for Charlotte PD to Recover’
03:53 — State investigators are now taking over the fatal police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, after his family released a dramatic video of the event. Reti (more…)
Could This Video Be Used in Court?
09:11 — MSNBC contributor, James Peterson, and trial attorney and former prosecutor, Debbie Hines, join MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin to discuss the video that show (more…)
Charlotte Shooting: What’s Clear, and What Isn’t, in Keith Scott Video
03:17 — MSNBC’s Ari Melber tells TODAY that the video showing the lead-up to the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott shows Scott’s wife attempting “to engage polic (more…)
Keith Scott’s Family Releases Video of Police Encounter
02:47 — Video obtained by NBC News shows the moments leading up to the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, with Scott’s wife heard telling police “don’t shoot him (more…)
Man Faces Backlash For Hugging Officers In Riot Gear During Charlotte Protests
01:15 — In the middle of all the violence one man was giving away free hugs. Rioters filled the Charlotte, North Carolina streets protesting the shooting deat (more…)
Watch: Charlotte police shooting video released
02:18 — Video shot by the wife of Keith Lamont Scott was released Friday showing the fatal shooting of her husband by a Charlotte, N.C. police officer.
Charlotte police chief: We'll eventually release the Keith Scott shooting video
09:59 — Charlotte Police Chief Kerr Putney says the video of Keith Scott's fatal shooting will not be released yet. The mayor has signed off on a midnight cur (more…)
Charlotte shooting video released, but what does it show?
05:52 — The wife of Keith Lamont Scott released a video she filmed showing the moments before and after her husband was fatally shot by a Charlotte police off (more…)
Big Recruiting Weekend for Auburn Football
01:14 — Keith Niebuhr joins Chris Wittyngham to break down one of the biggest recruiting weekends of the season for Auburn.
Charlotte curfew ends after largely peaceful protest night
04:08 — Demonstrators in Charlotte are demanding that police release the video showing the shooting death of Keith Scott. A third night of protests gave way (more…)
Disturbing Video Recorded By Keith Scott's Wife Shows the Moment He Was Shot
03:47 — Harrowing video of the Keith Lamont Scott shooting in Charlotte, North Carolina, was released Friday afternoon, depicting the man's desperate wife - w (more…)
On the ground among Charlotte protesters
08:03 — Protesters in Charlotte have taken to the street for the fourth straight night to express their frustration over the police killing of Keith Lamont Sc (more…)
Family releases video of deadly N.C. police shooting
03:41 — The deadly police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott has sparked three days of protests in Charlotte, North Carolina. On Friday, Scott's family released c (more…)
Shooting Video Release Puts Charlotte on Edge
03:07 — Yamiche Alcindor talks with Rachel Maddow from Charlotte, North Carolina about the tone of marches on this fourth night of protests and how the releas (more…)
Family Releases Video of Charlotte Shooting
05:20 — Rachel Maddow reports on the fourth day of protests in Charlotte, North Carolina over the fatal police shooting of Keith Scott, and the newly released (more…)
Video Podría Resolver la Controversial Muerte de Afroamericano en Manos de la Policía de Charlotte
01:45 — Las imágenes las grabó con su celular la esposa de Keith Scott en los momentos en que la policía de Charlotte le pide que entregue la supuesta arma qu (more…)
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