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Rolling Stones Saxophonist Bobby Keys Dies at 70

Bobby Keys

Bobby Keys, who played saxophone for the Rolling Stones for more than four decades, passed away Tuesday at his home in Tennessee, Rolling Stone reports. He was 70. read more

Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood Marries Sally Humphreys

Sally Humphreys, Ronnie Wood

Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood married Sally Humphreys Friday in a private ceremony in London, Us Weekly reports.

Humphreys, 34, wore a traditional white gown with... read more

HBO Bosses Announce New Seasons of Girls, Enlightened, Larry David Movie

Lena Dunham

You can thank the premature death of Luck for the quick renewals — and returns of Girls and Enlightened. (Both will return in January 2013.) "When we made the decision to pull the plug on Luck while they were in production on the second season, we did not have a backup plan," Michael Lombardo, HBO's president of programming, told reporters at Television Critics Association fall TV previews on Wednesday. "We have new shows coming up next year, but we did not have anything ready for that period." Both series will air their 10-episode second seasons with originals running through March.

HBO also came loaded with plenty of other announcements, including a film starring Larry David, a Rolling Stones documentary and the future of True Blood and Game of Thrones. Check it out: read more

Jennifer Aniston, Keith Richards Honored at Spike's Guys Choice Awards

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston walked away with a pair of golden antlers and Keith Richards took home a pair of honors as both were honored at Spike TV's Guys Choice Awards.

Aniston accepted the  Decade of Hotness Award and promised to... read more

Rolling Stone Seeks Satisfaction through Public Confession

Keith Richards by Kevin Mazur/

The grizzled remains of Rolling Stone Keith Richards are hard at work on a memoir, to be published by Little Brown and Co. in 2010. Doing the actual writing of the account of his wild-'n'-crazy life on the road is White Mischief author James Fox. In other music news, Marilyn Manson is being sued by his keyboard player Stephen "Pogo" Bier for nonpayment. Instead of taking care of business, the synth whiz alleges, the weirdo rocker spent his dough on "sick and disturbing... Nazi memorabilia and taxidermy [including the skeleton of a young Chinese girl]". read more

Snort! Keith Richards Was Joking About Dad's Ashes

In an interview with the British music mag NME, Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards claimed that the craziest thing the hard-partying rocker ever snorted was his cremated father's ashes mixed with cocaine, saying, "I couldn't resist grinding him up with a bit of blow. My dad wouldn't have cared." Too crazy to be true, right? Indeed. A rep for the Stones tells the Associated Press, "It was an off-the-cuff remark, a joke, and it is not true. File it under 'April Fool's Joke.'" Previously, the tale was filed under "Ick, Ptooey!" read more

A Closer, Bolder Look at Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry: Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll and director Taylor Hackford

While Taylor Hackford is best known for directing dramas like An Officer and a Gentleman, The Devil's Advocate and Ray, his documentaries may be some of his most interesting work. After getting his start as an investigative reporter for public television in Los Angeles, the silver-bearded cineaste went on to helm 1987's read more

Speaking of homages, somebody...

Speaking of homages, somebody has been watching The Fly (or cramming some Kafka). Poor Sheppard caught a bug that nearly turned him into a bug after he was bit by a crazy lady under the influence of Beckett's retrovirus. First he outhustles Ronon in the corridors of the city, then he turns a sparring match with the sticks into an excuse to make a pass at Teyla (although why it took Beckett's virus strain to get Sheppard interested has yet to be explained). Once again, it's personality-change time in Atlantis. Weir tries to cheer up the manic Sheppard, but comforting words aren't her forte. "'We're going to beat this'?" Sheppard mimics incredulously. "You really suck at this whole bedside manner thing, but I appreciate the effort." (I would've been cheered just by the sight of Torri Higginson in a T-shirt, but then I've never morphed into an insect.) To be fair to Elizabeth, she doesn't have much to work with. Later on in the story, Sheppard greets her with "My read more


ABC's 36th and final season of Monday Night Football is going to rock and roll — literally — thanks to a partnership with the Rolling Stones. The Stones, whose new CD A Bigger Bang "streets" on Sept. 6, will be featured during MNF's NFL Opening Kickoff 2005 special on Sept. 8, as well as in promos airing throughout the season. Commenting on the deal, Stones guitarist Keith Richards said... (I must be honest, I have no idea). read more

Make no mistake, this show caught...

Make no mistake, this show caught me like the hook from "Jumpin' Jack Flash." But for the love of Keith Richards, I can't figure out why CBS feels we need three nights of it. Last night's "clinic" episode was about as necessary as the 20-minute drum solo I nodded off to during a Poison gig in '89. But then again, a clinic may be something with which the winner becomes quite familiar if he/she gives in to the decadence of life on the road. Speaking of which, check out the spread laid out for the gang in the dining room! It sure ain't no beggar's banquet. And a room full of Gibson guitars for dessert? These wannabes might not be rock stars yet, but they're certainly being treated like them. I was half expecting to see some poor kid weeding out the brown M&Ms from a candy bowl, a la Van Halen's notorious dressing-room request. Instead, I'm startled by the sight of Dave Navarro wearing only pants and a feather boa. And here I thought I was the only read more


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