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Keane 'Reflective' on Strangeland
Keane have described their latest album, Strangeland, as a 'reflective' look back at the band's journey so far.
Syria: Boys Who Sparked a Revolution
In an exclusive report, the BBC's Fergal Keane speaks to some of the children whose punishment for spraying anti-regime graffiti helped sparked the co (more…)
LA Galaxy Ready for New Season Despite Strike Threat Says Keane
LA Galaxy are as ready as they can be for the new Major League Soccer (MLS) season despite the off-field distractions, says captain Robbie Keane. MLS (more…)
The Syrians Exploited by People-Smugglers
The BBC's Fergal Keane reports from the Turkish coast, where secret filming reveals the extent of the illegal people-smuggling trade.
Disabled Syrian Teenager's Journey Across Borders
The BBC's Fergal Keane meets Noujain Mustaffa, a 16-year-old disabled girl from Kobane in Syria, who is making the long journey to a new life through (more…)
Gen. Keane: Iran's Role in Terror
Gen. Jack Keane on the security challenges facing the next U.S. president. Photo credit: Associated Press.
Tim Burton Teases Photo Of Amy Adams In Big Eyes
We're getting our first look at Tim Burton's upcoming biopic Big Eyes! In a new movie sneak peek via USA Today Amy Adams, who plays real-life American (more…)
Upcoming Movie Release: 'Big Eyes'
'Big Eyes' is Tim Burton's latest masterpiece and is based on the true story of painter Margaret Keane's phenomenal success in the 50's with her Big E (more…)
Gen. Keane: "More Should Be Done to Defeat ISIS'
During the joint hearing by the Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Committee on Homeland Security regarding the rise of Radical Islam, General Jack (more…)
Mourinho Not Sorry for Handshake
Jose Mourinho insists he has no regrets over his touchline spat with Roy Keane and says that he would shake hands before the final whistle again. And (more…)
Amy Adams: My Mother's Struggles Helped Me Understand Big Eyes
Oscar nominated actress Amy Adams stars in the new movie Big Eyes as artist Margaret Keane, who lived under the thumb of her domineering husband Walte (more…)
'Big Eyes' Star Krysten Ritter LIVE
Krysten Ritter joins us to discuss starring in the film adaptation of Margaret Keane's biopic 'Big Eyes,' directed by Tim Burton. She'll also give us (more…)
'Big Eyes': What the Critics Are Saying
Big Eyes casts Amy Adams as Margaret Keane, the quiet artist behind the kitschy 1960s paintings that her charismatic husband, portrayed by Christoph W (more…)
Roy Keane Found Not Guilty of Road Rage
MANCHESTER, ENGLAND, UK (JUNE 19, 2015) (ITN - TV: No access all domestic and international channels distributed in UK & Eire on Sky/Virgin/Freeview; (more…)
Roy Keane Not Guilty of Road Rage
Ex-Manchester United captain was alleged to have made a V sign at a fan from his car before getting out and shouting at him.
Roy Keane Found Not Guilty of Road Rage
Former Manchester United captain Roy Keane was found not guilty of an alleged 'road rage' incident at Manchester Magistrates Court on Friday (June 19) (more…)
'Panicked' Border Sprint as Razor-Wire Goes Up
Fergal Keane reports from the Serbian-Hungary border at Horgos as the UN Refugee Agency condemns Hungary's latest response to the migrant crisis.
'Female Terrorist Pretended to Try to Give Up'
The BBC's Fergal Keane has spoken to the head of the elite police assault group which carried out the raid in Saint Denis.
Patrick Keane on Associated Content's Rise in Content Contributors
Associated Content has some 350,000 contributors uploading millions of articles and videos and is growing quickly, according to Patrick Keane, CEO in (more…)
Tackling Radicalization in Toulouse
Fergal Keane meets various groups in Toulouse who are trying to stop young people being recruited by extremists.
Voices from Armenia's Past
Fergal Keane has recorded the voices of some of the remaining survivors of the Armenian massacre 100 years ago.
Roy Keane Cleared of Cabbie 'Road Rage'
Ex-Manchester United captain Roy Keane has been cleared of aggressively confronting a taxi driver in an alleged road rage row.
Robbie Keane Responds to Roy Keane's Breastfeeding Remark
Ireland's Robbie Keane drew laughs from the assembled media on Wednesday (October 7) when he gave his response to assistant manager Roy Keane's assert (more…)
Robbie Keane Responds to Roy Keane's Breastfeeding Remark
Ireland's Robbie Keane drew laughs from the assembled media on Wednesday (October 7) when he gave his response to assistant manager Roy Keane's assert (more…)
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