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Hair Stylist's Kind Gesture Leaves Mom of Boy With Autism in Tears
00:56 — Isaiah McCafferty, 4, was photographed getting his hair cut while sitting in the lap of stylist Kaylen Baker of Sports Clip. The photo, which his mom (more…)
MasterChef Junior Season 1
This culinary competition series for talented kids gives budding cooks between the ages of eight and 13 the opportunity to showcase their talent, culi (more…)
Nathan Faints In The MASTERCHEF Kitchen from "Tag Team"
00:54 — Nathan panics and then faints as the clock runs down.
Salivating Over Gordon Ramsay's Dishes from " Tag Team"
00:58 — Gordon shares the two dishes he has made and Katie is anxious to try them.
The Potato Song
01:04 — Who said MASTERCHEF wasn't musical?
Krissi's Hangout Recap
02:01 — Missed the very first MasterChef cookalong? The spicy, loud and proud Krissi Biasiello started things off by making fried chicken.
MASTERCHEF Bloopers From Season 7 | MASTERCHEF
01:50 — Don't miss all the fires, falls, and fails from season 7 of MASTERCHEF.
Kathy Prieto
00:49 — Kathy has always seen the kitchen as a place to relieve stress and escape what's troubling her.
Jordan Roots
00:52 — Jordan picked up cooking five years ago when his mother passed away from brain cancer, finding it to be a terrific way to bring his family closer toge (more…)
Beth Kirby
00:58 — Beth is excited to be taught by such esteemed chefs as Gordon, Joe and Graham and to get to do so much actual cooking on the show.
Howard Simpson
00:56 — U.S. Army veteran Howard is determined to make the most of life after his service.
Bethy Rossos
00:44 — Bethy's food-oriented big Greek family and her love of competition led her to the MasterChef kitchen.
Adriana Guillen
01:02 — Adriana was intimidated by the judges - especially Joe - before auditioning, but once she walked into the MasterChef kitchen she began to feel right a (more…)
Bime Cruz
00:48 — Bime learned to cook from his mother and grandmother, inspiring him to put his heart on the plate and a smile on someone's face when they taste his fo (more…)
Krissi Biasiello
00:58 — On a scale of 1-10, Krissi's son rates her food an eleven.
The Contestants' Favorite Thing to Cook
01:00 — Scrambled brains and eggs, meatballs and pasta carbonara - just a few of the MASTERCHEF contestants' favorite things to cook!
Natasha Crnjac
00:57 — With an Argentinian mom and a Croatian dad, there was always a lot flavor in Natasha's household.
Jonny Blanchard
00:59 — Jonny is a big guy with a big appetite who loves to cook.
Leslie Gilliams: Clam Linguine
00:47 — Since the clam linguine in restaurants aren't up to par, Leslie likes to cook his own.
The Contestants' Least Favorite Thing to Cook
00:45 — Find out what these home cooks would rather not have to make in the MASTERCHEF kitchen ....or anywhere else for that matter!
Very Inspiring
01:01 — Cristina shares the three dishes she has made.
A Nutella & Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast
00:59 — Chef Edward Lee tastes Tanorria's breakfast dish.
Who Are You Most Afraid of?
00:41 — Chef Edward Lee asks Eric a few questions about what he has cooking.
American Diner
01:20 — MasterChef brings a classic challenge to one of America's premiere diners.
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