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Kay Panabaker: No Ordinary Family Is Grounded in Reality

Kay Panabaker

Most kids would love to have superpowers, but not No Ordinary Family's Daphne.

On the new ABC series, each member of the Powell family magically obtains a special power during a vacation gone awry. Mom Stephanie (Julie Benz) gets super-speed since she's always working or on the move. Dad Jim (Michael Chiklis) is a police sketch artist who becomes insanely strong. Brother JJ (Jimmy Bennett), who struggles to get good grades, becomes a genius.  And Daphne (Kay Panabaker) can read people's minds.

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Brothers & Sisters Casts Young Walkers For Flashback Episode

Joe Jonas, Cody Longo

Brothers & Sisters has locked in three guest stars for an upcoming flashback episode that shows the Walker siblings as teenagers, TVGuide.com has confirmed.

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Early reports had tween heartthrob Joe Jonas playing a young Tommy Walker (Balthazar Getty), but a scheduling conflict forced him to back out. Taking his place will be Make It or Break It's Cody Longo... read more

French Stewart Makes Like Clark Griswold for ABC

French Stewart by Jesse Grant/WireImage.com

French Stewart (Third Rock from the Sun) and Rebecca McFarland (The Dresden Files) will make like Clark and Ellen Griswold in Happy Campers, an ABC Family pilot about a family on a cross-country road trip. According to the Reporter, the pilot, which starts shooting Monday, features Kay Panabaker (Summerland), Alessandra Toressani, and Ryan Malgarini and the kids, as well as Beth Littleford (The Daily Show) as Stewart's ex-wife. (It must be a really, really big family truckster.) read more

Lifetime Mans Up with Rob Morrow, James Denton

James Denton by Bob D'Amico/ABC

In somewhat of a first, Lifetime is producing a TV-movie centered around two male leads. Custody, says the Hollywood Reporter, finds a widowed college professor (Numbers' Rob Morrow) at risk of losing custody of his 13-year-old stepdaughter (Nancy Drew's Kay Panabaker) to the wealthy biological father (Desperate Housewives' James Denton) that she never knew. Slated for a September bow, the heart-tugger will be sponsored not by Always, but BIKE athletic supporters — now with "wings"! read more

After saving the life of loser...

After saving the life of loser leach and so-called best friend Bryce, Bradin thinks he might want to become a doctor. Well, I guess I can see him trading a surf board for a stethoscope, becoming one of those hot residents who makes the nurses and the patients swoon. The timing of his realization is perfect actually, since it helped Bradin decide to ditch Bryce at the height of his annoyingness. (His Jeff Spicoli act has gotten way old; how many times can we listen to his lame platitudes like there's plenty of time to be a loser — what's your rush?)No way he's concerned about Bradin's career; he's just worried the free ride might be over for good if Bradin decides to go to college. Looks like he'll have to mooch off someone else now. Meanwhile, Bryce's accident was a good excuse to bring back his sister Faith to Playa Linda — she has such great chemistrywith Bradin. But I was surprised to see her sharing scenes with Nikki. After all, the two actresses are sisters, and they really read more

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