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Kato Kaelin: You Can Now Have His O.J. Simpson Trial Suit
01:01 — Kato Kaelin had to borrow a suit to testify during the O.J. Simpson case back in 1994 and now the guy who loaned him the suit is selling it on Ebay.
Fred and Kim Goldman, Kato Kaelin Condemn ‘People V. O. J.’
03:27 — “The People v. O. J. Simpson,” a dramatization of the sensational murder trial of the onetime football idol, has become one of the most talked-about s (more…)
O.J Simpson's Post-Prison Options: Kato Kaelin and Others Weigh in
01:55 — Simpson's last day behind bars is in October.
Kato Kaelin On O.J. Simpson Getting Parole: 'He Should Never Be Seen Again'
02:07 — Only ET got Kaelin's reaction as he watched Simpson get parole on Thursday morning. Kaelin says he thinks Simpson should focus on spending time with h (more…)
Kato Kaelin – O.J. Can’t Stay Here!
01:37 — O.J. Simpson could be out of prison in October, but his famous houseguest says he won’t let O.J. use his guest house! Ungrateful.
Cuba Gooding Jr. Responds to Kato Kaelin Dissing 'People V. O.J. Simpson'
01:31 — The actor spoke with ET at the Perry Ellis Show in New York Tuesday night after the series' premiere.
Kato Kaelin Says 'American Crime Story' Makes Him Look Like Garth from 'Wayne's World'
03:04 — The TV personality spoke with ET about his grievances with how he's being portrayed in 'The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story.'
B.C. Butcher - Official Trailer
01:26 — When a tribe of cavewomen imparts cruel justice on one of their own their fate takes a turn for the worst. After discovering and falling in love with (more…)
Kato Kaelin Gives His Take On 'American Crime Story' Cast
02:37 — Kato Kaelin opens up about how he really feels about the cast of American Crime Story.
Kato Kaelin Gives His Take on 'American Crime Story' Cast
Kato Kaelin is being portrayed by Billy Magnussen in FX's American Crime Story: The People Vs O.J. Simpson , and he told ET how he really feels about (more…)
Kato Kaelin -- Bronco Chase ... All About Peyton Manning, Right?
Kato Kaelin compares his experience in the O.J. Simpson case to O.J.'s weapon of choice -- a double-edged sword.Kato was out to lunch with GF/news anc (more…)
Cuba Gooding Jr. -- He's the Perfect O.J. Simpson ... Says Kato Kaelin
Cuba Gooding Jr. is the PERFECT guy to play O.J. Simpson in an upcoming TV miniseries ... so says someone who would know -- Kato Kaelin.TMZ Sports spo (more…)
Cyborg 3: The Recycler
01:59 — Enter the dark underworld of Cybordellos and Mechano-whores, synthetic Humanoids and ruthless Recyclers who stop at nothing to scavenge Cyborg parts a (more…)
Save Me - Official Trailer
01:42 — A separated man with a new flame and a corrupt boss tries to figure out who is suddenly trying to kill him.
Mayor Of The Sunset Strip - Official Trailer
02:31 — Legendary musicians pay tribute to pop star impresario Rodney Bingenheimer.
Kato Kaelin: I think O.J. did it
03:39 — Kato Kaelin talks with Dr. Drew and denies reports that he now says O.J Simpson was guilty of killing his wife.
02:21 — Mayor of the Sunset Strip is a documentary on the life of Rodney Bingenheimer.