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Keck's Exclusives: House and Cuddy Get Closer


House's seventh season will open with Dr. House (Hugh Laurie) acting like "a teenager in love skipping school," whisking Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) away for an idyllic day without the pressures of their hospital and her child, says House executive producer Katie Jacobs. "Anywhere other than Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital is an easier place for them to be together in a relationship," says Jacobs. "That's where we start — 'What if we only have each other?' As their day goes on, Cuddy will learn that the locales they visit hold a secret significance... read more

Keck's Exclusives: House iPhone App Spins Off Toward Dramatic Conclusion

Patrick Price

This summer, House fans equipped with iPhones have been having fun downloading comedic mini episodes centered around multilingual character Nurse Jeffrey (Patrick Price) and his vendetta (established at the end of last season's regular TV episodes) to bring down House by gathering bitchy tales from fellow Princeton-Plainsboro staffers with axes to grind. House executive producer Katie Jacobs produced and directed the 13 'appisodes' of Nurse Jeffrey over four days after last season wrapped. They can be viewed... read more

Preview: Death Rattles House, Cameron and Others!


Well beyond the immediate aftermath, Kutner's shocking suicide will have lasting repercussions for House, the remainder of his team, and others in the brilliant doc's orbit. But who will be affected, and how? In a conference call with reporters, House creator David Shore, executive producer Katie Jacobs and Kutner's portrayer, Kal Penn, answered burning questions about the latest episode of Fox's hit drama.

Was Kal Penn — who asked off the show to take a job with the White House — taken aback by Kutner's suicide?
"Everyone is always taken aback with every episode of our show," Penn told TVGuide.com. "But obviously yeah, you're connected to the character you play ... so there was more than a little bit of shock and loss when I found out. I was probably as shocked as the audience."

Were other exit storylines batted around?
"We considered many ways to have [Kutner] leave," says David Shore. "Ultimately, this was the story that allowed us to ... read more

VIDEO: House Exec Producer Teases Sex, a Sendoff and Big Finale

Speaking with TVGuide.com  at Sunday's Golden Globes, House executive producer Katie Jacobs weighed in on a hot topic and then previewed several twists to come.

Watch the video and weigh in on the assorted scoops, after the jump. read more

House Boss: "Huddy" Romance Is "Unorthodox, Yet Incredibly Real"

Lisa Edelstein and Hugh Laurie, House

At this moment, neither House nor Cuddy knows what to make of their spontaneous, born-out-of-sadness lip-lock. He, of course, is passive-aggressively shrugging it off, while she tried to deny to Wilson that she had any interest in her underling ... only to instead prove that she has thought about it. A lot. At the close of this week's episode, House got as far as his boss' doorstep, but couldn't quite bring himself to ring her bell (literally or figuratively).

Should fans of Fox's House brace themselves for one of television's most unorthodox romances? Read on for executive producer Katie Jacobs' take on the hot topic. read more

House Builds Up and Cuts Down New Team

Hugh Laurie by Andrew Macpherson/Fox

Outwit, outplay, out-House. That could be the slogan for the third season of Fox’s medical drama. “At the end of last season, House was alone without a team,” says executive producer Katie Jacobs. “[This year], he’ll struggle to decide if he needs a team. He’ll call in more [doctors] than he can use and whittle them down over the weeks in a very Survivor-like fashion.” But expect some of the “contestants” to be left standing. “We’ll have new cast members,” assures Jacobs. “We’re going to have a lot of fun with it.” Let the games begin. —Reporting by Nadine Mendoza read more

I don't want Cameron to be ...

Question: I don't want Cameron to be with House or Chase. Bring on Cameron and Wilson! Any chance of that happening?

Answer: I think a House-Wilson pairing is more likely. Speaking of House, did you see my exclusive scoop on David Morse joining the cast? He's playing a cop who's out to get Hugh Laurie's ornery alter ego. "House is going to piss off the wrong guy, and that guy just happens to be a cop," explains exec producer Katie Jacobs. "[He's] really going to hold House accountable."

read more

For the love of Snapple, give ...

Question: For the love of Snapple, give me House scoop!

Answer: Finally got some good House-Cameron (Hameron?) dirt for you kids. Exec producer Katie Jacobs hints that the season premiere could mark a major turning point for the star-crossed MDs. "In the first episode," Jacobs previews, "Cuddy gives [House] Ketamine. I don't want to reveal how temporary or to what degree it works, but it does have some success. Now, Cameron has always been attracted to House — in his opinion because he's wounded. So, I think House is gonna want to know from Cameron if [her feelings are the same] if he's healthy and walking around. And what will that relationship be if he's no longer that wounded puppy?"

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