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Paris Hilton on Community Service Backlash: "I Was Just Joking Around and Being Honest"

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The World According to Paris (Wednesdays, 10/9c, Oxygen) is unflattering to its titular star, according to several critics. Most famously, the women of The View scolded Paris Hilton for her "fluffy" portrayal on this candid reality show, as well as her comments regarding community service for her drug bust in Vegas last year ("Because of a little incident in Las Vegas last year, I have to do 200 hours of community service and it really sucks balls," were Paris' words on last week's premiere).

Noticing several incongruities, ourselves, TVGuide.com spoke with Hilton and her mother, Kathy, regarding scrutiny, entitlement, hostility and manipulation. You know: fluffy stuff...
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Top Moments: Jon Stewart's Delicious Rant, The Voice's Fatal Kiss and an Uncertain Weiner

The Daily Show, Jon Stewart

Our top moments of the week:

11. Worst Call for Help: On the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa goes over to Jacqueline's house for help writing a letter to Teresa's brother, Joe. Unfortunately, pretty much all of Jacqueline's advice falls on deaf ears, as Teresa tells her, "You really don't know ... it's between me and my brother," and then proceeds to overstay her welcome by a few hours. Don't you have your own McMansion for this sort of thing?

10. Worst Plagiarism:
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The World According To Paris Is Paris As Usual

Cy Waits, Paris Hilton, Brooke Mueller

If your perception of Paris Hilton is that she is not a very nice person and you enjoy being on the receiving end of preaching to the choir, then The World According to Paris is the show for you! What should be damage control for a career that was maligned up until the point that people stopped caring about it is instead just reinforcement for the pampered princess, mean girl image that so many have of Paris. In that respect, this reality show, which premiered Wednesday on Oxygen, has the candor of a pig with lipstick on it — Paris Hilton cannot hide her several negative traits. Either her show is honest to its detriment or at the very least, its star is too lazy to lie...
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Paris Hilton Returns to Reality TV: There Are Things "I Never Thought I Would Show on Camera"

Kathy and Paris Hilton

"There are things on the show that, in a million years, I never thought I would show on camera," Paris Hilton told reporters Friday at NBC's Summer Press Day. "I put my producer hat on and thought this is great TV."

But what does Hilton think viewers will be most surprised to see on her new series? "How down to earth and sweet I am," she said.

Check out Paris Hilton's celebrity watchlist

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Tommy Lee Meets Paris Hilton's Mom

Rocker Tommy Lee and socialite Kathy Hilton are NBC's newest reality stars. When they sit down for afternoon tea with TV Guide, worlds collide! In her new series, I Want to Be a Hilton, Kathy Hilton coaches aspiring social climbers in the art of civilized behavior. In Tommy Lee Goes to College (premiering August 16), Tommy Lee does just what the title suggests. We thought it only proper to ask Kathy, the mother of heirheads Paris and Nicky, to teach bad-boy Tommy a lesson in etiquette. Here's what happened.
The Scene: A private dining room in the posh Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif. A waiter carefully places fine bone china teacups, silver pots and a three-tiered stand laden with finger sandwiches and pastries on a table for two.

Tommy Lee enters, wearing a striped fuzzy sweater and carrying a hat in his tattooed hand. Across the room, he spies Kathy Hilton, looking elegant in a chic floral frock.

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Paris Hilton's Mommy Schools Us

Considering the trashy chaos frequently caused by her two hell-raising daughters, Paris and Nicky, it's strange to learn that Kathy Hilton is an etiquette stickler. Starting tonight at 9 pm/ET, she'll be seen tutoring contestants in the art of gracious living on NBC's I Want to Be a Hilton.

"People today do not have manners," Mother Hilton tells TVGuide.com. "I've been at very elegant dinner parties where you're in someone's beautiful home and they've got this gorgeous art on the wall, and some of them don't even know which fork to use. So money doesn't buy class."

Hilton's reality series attempts to gentrify 14 ragamuffins from all walks of life in what she calls "The Apprentice meets My Fair Lady." The winner gets a swanky New York City apartment and a $200,000 trust fund. But first, th read more

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