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Cold Case's Kathryn Morris Expecting Twins

Kathryn Morris

Former Cold Case star Kathryn Morris and her boyfriend Johnny Messner are expecting twin boys, People reports.

The craziest celebrity baby names

Morris, 44, is due in... read more

The Weekend Playlist: Ripper Street, Fringe Finale, SNL's Silver Lining

Ripper Street

Evil casts a long shadow over BBC America's promising new thriller Ripper Street (Saturday, 9/8c). Set amid the grimy slums of London's Whitechapel district in the immediate wake of Jack the Ripper's reign of slaughter, this absorbing 19th-century procedural depicts police work complicated by widespread public panic that each new murder might herald the return of the phantom fiend. read more

Kathryn Morris Previews a Red-Hot Cold Case Finale: "Lilly Is Fighting for Her Life"

Kathryn Morris, Cold Case

This Sunday at 9 pm/ET, CBS' Cold Case wraps up its two-part Season 6 finale, in which the investigation of the 2005 murder of a female military-school cadet has dug up haunting memories for Detective Lilly Rush. On top of that, Part 1 ended with Lilly's car being forced off a bridge! Series star Kathryn Morris gave us a preview of Lilly's life-and-death crisis, and what other surprises are ahead as the season winds down. Also: Are Cold Case's chances for renewal heating up?See everything Morris had to share, after the jump. read more

Exclusive: Cold Makes a Case for Cannavale

Bobby Cannavale by Maury Phillips/WireImage.com

Here's one fewer Cold Case for Lilly Rush to solve: I have confirmed the identity of her next sexual conquest, and it's Emmy winner Bobby Cannavale.Sources tell me exclusively that the graduate of Third Watch and Will & Grace has been cast as a recurring love interest for Kathryn Morris' single homicide detective. His character answers to the name of Eddie Saccardo and first appears in this season's final batch of episodes. read more

Live Emmy Blog

9:50: Sally Field looks freakin' terrific. And she and winner Helen Mirren are wearing two of the nicer, more creative colors of the night. Unfortunately, Helen's dress looks a little like a safety harness. But at least a pretty-colored one!9:51: Helen is asking the conductor to Muzak her off. "I'm going on and on," she notes. But she's British, so it's charming.9:52: Lewis Black is sorta yelling at us now. He's like Gilbert Gottfried, only less greasy. But he's spot-on with his gripe: Enough with the teasers during a show for a show that will come on later! No wonder he's yelling. That stuff ticks me off, too.9:53: Oh dear. Lisa Edelstein can't quite fill in her frontless dress. I'm 200 percent against boob jobs, and Edelstein's a knockout, but as Britney recently taught us, packaging is everything.9:55: They run one of those annoying ads under Black as he is plugging Fox's fall schedule. They lost me there. The ad wasn't nearly as garish as the ones they normally run, and it only ... read more

Kathryn Morris Reaps More Cold Hard Cash

Kathryn Morris by Eric Liebowitz/CBS

As CBS' Cold Case heads into its fifth season, series star Kathryn Morris has been blessed with a salary bump — reportedly to $180,000-$190,000 an episode, says Reuters. Morris is also launching her own production shingle, which will have a first-look deal with Cold Case producer Warner Bros. Television. Additionally, Morris has scored a feature-film gig in the dark comedy The Sophomore, playing a stoner school nurse. Bruce Willis stars. read more

Cold Case Preview: A Hostage Crisis Closes the Season!

Cold Case

For a cop show, CBS' Cold Case isn't big on shoot-'em-ups. Maybe it's because the drama's Philadelphia detectives usually sift through evidence from long ago. The team recently closed the books on the murder of a 1919 suffragette. Let's just say they didn't have to call in a SWAT team to solve that one. But Lilly Rush and Co. will end their fourth season (this Sunday at 9 pm/ET) with a bang. Two bangs, actually. "Our detectives are getting shot," reveals executive producer Veena Sud. "I can't say who. They're all in jeopardy. It's very big." Almost unprecedented. Beyond the show's trademark flashbacks, George — the serial-killer tormentor of Rush (Kathryn Morris) — is the only character to have taken a bullet in nearly 100 episodes. Det. Kat Miller ( read more

How about a Kathryn Morris ...

Question: How about a Kathryn Morris interview featuring some Cold Case scoop?

Answer: Done and done. At CBS' press-tour party, Ms. Morris confided that the old flame of Lilly's who was hinted at in the Jan. 8 episode will soon show up in the flesh and look a lot like Strong Medicine's Brennan Elliot. "You're going to see a different side to Lilly that you didn't expect," she said. Also, in Episode 16, Lilly will face off against a serial killer who "knows a lot about the George thing." I'm gonna take a leap of faith here and assume you Cold Casers know who this George fella is. If so, please share with the rest of us.

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"It's ladies' night/And the feeling's...

"It's ladies' night/And the feeling's right/Oh, yes, it's ladies' night/Oh, what a night...." With this song stuck in my head, play gets under way with an all-female cast of quasi-celebs who are ready for some cable-approved humor and good, old-fashioned gamblin'. And Dave Foley's goofy humor really seems to go over well with the gals, even when he references his own menstrual cycle. Tonight it was Ricki Lake, Sharon Lawrence, Kathryn Morris, Kathy Najimi and Caroline Rhea in a battle to see who could play her cards right. Now usually there are some overshares in the personal-information arena on this show, mostly in attempts at humor or to distract opponents. But tonight's odd comment comes from poker-pro Phil Gordon, who admitted — jokingly, I think — that he once dressed in drag to compete in a ladies-only tourney. I hope he was kidding, because he would make kind of a terrifying woman with his nearly 7-foot-tall s read more

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