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Olivia Newton-John’s Health Secrets!
05:13 — Actress Olivia Newton-John joins The Doctors to discuss how to live a healthy life, battling cancer, and her opinions on plastic surgery.
Burn Survivor’s Pregnancy Defies Medical Odds!
04:22 — Andrea survived a truly horrific event and was told she would never be able to carry a child. But Andrea is 39 weeks pregnant and happy to report that (more…)
Do You Know What’s in Your Water?
03:43 — The Doctors, joined by environmental activist Erin Brockovich, discuss how to find out what’s in your drinking water!
The Dangers of Superbugs
05:08 — ER physician Dr. Travis Stork is joined by Pfizer’s CMO Dr. Freda Lewis Hall to discuss the dos and don’ts for taking antibiotics and what you need to (more…)
Olivia Wilde: Pregnancy Shamed?
02:42 — Olivia Wilde caused quite a stir on twitter after she complained about not getting offered a seat on the subway as a very pregnant woman.
Surprising Danger to Your Baby!
02:30 — The Doctors discuss a recent story of one mom’s struggle to get a stray hair untangled from her baby’s toe, which was to the point where it turned pur (more…)
Omelet on a Stick?
02:23 — Eggs are full of protein, rich in vitamins and can even boost weight loss. The Doctors test an automatic egg cooker, which creates an omelet on a stic (more…)
Dr. Travis Saved My Life!
04:54 — Kelly’s life has been positively affected by The Doctors and Dr. Travis’s book! Check out just how much weight she’s lost.
“Sperminator” Update!
04:40 — Earlier in the season we met Ari who earned the nickname the "Sperminator” from his hobby of donating free sperm to women looking to get pregnant. Ari (more…)
Could Binge-Watching TV Be Good for Your Relationship?
01:03 — The Doctors discuss a recent study that looks at the positive and negative effects of couples binge-watching shows together.
Cosmetic Procedures at Urgent Care?!
00:46 — An advertisement at an urgent care in Hollywood shows deals for cosmetic fat-loss procedures. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon weighs in on this trend (more…)
One Woman’s Faulty Defibrillator Scare
04:41 — Heather joins The Doctors to talk about her traumatic experience surviving a faulty defibrillator.
Drs. Rx: Using This Can Help Alleviate Foot Pain and Cramps
01:45 — The Doctors reveal a simple tool to help you alleviate foot pain from wearing heels.
Teen Contortionist’s Mind-Bending Talent!
03:13 — 'America's Got Talent' contortionist Sofie Dossi joins The Doctors to show off her incredible skills.
Drs. Exclusive: MMA Fighter on Losing His Son to a Drunk Driver
05:47 — Professional mixed martial artist Marcus Kowal joins The Doctors to share about the biggest fight of his life that he didn’t see coming.
Summer Body Year Round? Join the Club
04:38 — Summer Body Club co-creator Cynthia Pasquella joins The Doctors to discuss this new program developed with our executive producer, Jay McGraw, and how (more…)
Drs. Rx: Here’s a Natural Way to Chase a Hangover Away
01:11 — The Doctors reveal a natural way to deal with that insufferable hangover.
Do Car Windows Protect You From UV Rays?
05:08 — Americans on average spend more than 100 minutes in their cars each day. There are standards in place for UV protection on windshields, but it may not (more…)
Protect Yourself from Med Spa Scams!
02:41 — How can you protect yourself from having expired or off-brand products injected into your face? Here’s what you need to know before heading into the m (more…)
Linda Thompson’s Tell-All Memoir
05:03 — From an epic romance with Elvis to a marriage with Bruce Jenner, award-winning songwriter Linda Thompson is now telling all in her memoir, “A Little T (more…)
Drs. Investigate: Dirty Med Spas
05:03 — “Nurse X” joins The Doctors to talk about her experience working in a shady med spa. From expired products to mislabeling, her eye-opening stories wil (more…)
Did Justin Bieber Insure His Man Parts?
03:58 — After nude photos of Justin Bieber made the rounds tabloids reported that Bieber was insuring his penis for $5 million dollars.
Hurricane Matthew’s Path of Destruction
03:29 — The Doctors discuss hurricane Matthew and the importance of being safe, having a family plan in place, and making sure you have access to fresh water.
Mushroom Body Suit to Replace Coffins?
02:09 — The Doctors discuss the “Infinity Burial Suit,” a suit meant to be worn after death to eliminate the use of coffins and cremation that’s sewn with mus (more…)
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