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The Hunter
Steve McQueen's last movie shows the dynamic talent of the late, great actor in one of his most memorable roles: the true story of Ralph "Papa" Thorso (more…)
Liquid Courage
When the Kappa Taus have trouble making the volcano for their legendary Mt. Vesuvius party work properly Rusty volunteers to make it happen. With the (more…)
The Sender
From the Hitchcock genre of psychological thrillers comes The Sender. A suicidal mental patient, The Sender (Zeljko Ivanek) turns his horrific nightma (more…)
Woman Seeks Diagnosis for Mysterious Freckle Pattern
03:46 — For years, doctors have been baffled as to why 30-year-old Samantha gets freckles on only one side of her body. Will plastic surgeon Andrew Ordon and (more…)
Drs. Exclusive: MMA Fighter on Losing His Son to a Drunk Driver
05:47 — Professional mixed martial artist Marcus Kowal joins The Doctors to share about the biggest fight of his life that he didn’t see coming.
Can Eating Carbs at Night Make You Gain Weight?
03:30 — ER physician Travis Stork offers the real deal behind the common misconception that eating carbs right before bed can cause you to gain weight.
Jim Carrey Wrongful Death Lawsuit!
04:46 — Jim Carrey was recently handed a wrongful death lawsuit, which accused him of providing the drugs that led to the death of his former girlfriend. Is h (more…)
Airplane Handicap Neglect on the Rise?
02:40 — The Doctors respond to the story of a disabled man who was forced to crawl off a United Airlines flight when crewmembers failed to provide a wheelchai (more…)
What Happened to Their Face?
04:42 — Some of your favorite stars have been looking a little different lately. The Doctors and psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser weigh in on what’s happening wit (more…)
Would You Throw a Placenta Party?
02:04 — The Doctors discuss a recent news story of a couple celebrating the arrival of their second child with placenta pizza and placenta daiquiris. Does eat (more…)
The Real Deal on the Anti-Inflammatory Diet
02:14 — Celebrity couple Tom Brady and Giselle Bündchen are reportedly touting the benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet, which prohibits sugar, gluten, GMOs, (more…)
Actor Opens up about His Addiction
03:14 — Actor Terry Crews recently revealed an addiction that sent him to rehab. The Doctors and psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser talks about his road to recovery (more…)
Company Upped Drug Price 7,250%!
03:20 — The Doctors discuss another pharmaceutical company that has recently hiked their prices for an important and lifesaving prescription drug. What can be (more…)
Pet Owner’s Worst Nightmare
02:55 — ER physician Travis Stork is joined by veterinarian Dr. Courtney Campbell and Criminal Minds star AJ Cook to discuss a story that recently made headli (more…)
New Way to Reverse Aging with Your Own Blood?
01:12 — Plastic surgeon Dr. Kian Karimi joins The Doctors with Adrienne who undergoes a new PRF procedure that uses Adrienne’s own blood as a natural filler!
Sex After 80 Most Fulfilling?
01:19 — The Doctors discuss a recent report that found the most satisfying sex you may ever have will be in your 80s! Something to look forward to?
The Alkaline Diet: Does It Work?
02:40 — The Alkaline Diet might be popular with some celebrities, but how effective is it? The Doctors examine if altering your body's pH can affect your heal (more…)
Chemical Burns from Deodorant?
01:26 — The Doctors discuss how some people have an adverse reaction to extra-strength deodorants. Find out what you can do to avoid burning your underarm are (more…)
How to Make Your Best Age… Now!
05:17 — Psychologist and author of “You Best Age Is Now” Dr. Robi Ludwig shares tips on to reinvent the way we feel about age and also embrace our inner teen.
Dating Site for Miserable People?
05:02 — Shaun Price, the founder of DateMiserablePeople.com, joins The Doctors to discuss why he created his unique dating website.
Conquer Allergies & Get a Good Night’s Rest
01:17 — The Doctors share tips on how to sleep well when your allergies are acting up.
Teen with Mysterious Severe Pain Returns
03:01 — Casey and his family return to The Doctors after working with Alan Gordon from the Pain Psychology Center.
Simple Salad Dressing Swap to Lose Weight
01:34 — Find out the simple salad swap that could cut out 20,000 calories from your diet a year!
Electroshock to Treat Bulimia?
04:23 — Psychiatrist Dr. Domenick Sportelli joins The Doctors to discuss how a type of electroshock therapy can possibly treat eating disorders.
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