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Facial Cupping for Youthful Skin?
03:24 — Skin care expert Nurse Jamie and dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra show us the ins and outs of one of the newest beauty trends, facial cupping. See what i (more…)
Giving Birth behind Bars
02:30 — Get an inside look at what it’s like to give birth while incarcerated from Maria, who was pregnant while in prison.
Hope for Toddler with Rare Birth Defects?
04:04 — The Doctors and Angelique meet orthopedic surgeon Dr. Dror Paley, founder and director of the Paley Institute, who shares some amazing new with Angeli (more…)
Young Woman’s Battle with Urinary Incontinence
02:59 — America suffers from urinary incontinence and plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Niccole offers up a new procedure that could solve her issue.
How Dr. Dow’s Brother David Overcame Multiple Strokes
05:42 — Dr. Mike Dow and his brother David Dow discuss aphasia recovery and the book they penned together, “Healing the Broken Brain.”
New Skincare Solutions!
05:08 — Dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban joins The Doctors to help Holly to improve her complexion and minimize wrinkles.
Narcolepsy Myths Debunked
03:51 — The Doctors are joined by pulmonary and sleep specialist Dr. Raj Dasgupta, who helps debunk myths surrounding narcolepsy – a disease that affects abou (more…)
Surprises for Man Who Survived Pancreatic Cancer
02:13 — Surgeon Dr. Mark Hill joins The Doctors and Jim to discuss how they successfully treated his cancer. Plus, The Doctors and Jim’s nieces – Nicole, Jacl (more…)
Not Guilty Because of Brain Tumors?
03:38 — When is a medical condition a criminal defense? Criminal defense attorney Sara Azari and The Doctors weigh in on the tragic case of a man who killed a (more…)
News in 2: How Vanessa Hudgens Stays Lean and Still Enjoys Pizza!
02:08 — Get the latest health news you can use with “The Doctors” News in 2:00!
Smallest Flotation Device in the World?
02:20 — The Doctors test out a new flotation device that could help you in an emergency while swimming in rough waters.
Is Jackfruit a Good Meat Substitute?
03:38 — The Doctors try multiple jackfruit dishes, which some use as a substitute for meat, and share whether they think it makes for a good food swap.
Are Eggs Healthy or Unhealthy?
04:56 — The Doctors are joined by cardiologists Dr. Andrew Freeman and Dr. Michael Miller who weigh in on whether eggs are healthy or unhealthy.
World’s Sexiest Nurse?
02:10 — Fran has been dubbed “World’s Sexiest Nurse” and The Doctors seem to agree that the Spanish heartthrob is worthy of the title!
Male Drs. Staffers Put Facial Mask to the Test: The Results!
02:34 — Find out what Drs. staffers Brian and Shane thought of their facial masks. And were they successful at removing the mask or did they also suffer a fac (more…)
Two Male Drs. Staffers Try Facial Masks for the First Time!
03:31 — Drs. staffers Brian and Shane put facial masks to the test. See them attempt to apply the popular skincare product.
Meet 'Muscle Barbie' – Is She too Muscly?
03:08 — Julia, the Russian Instagram star and bodybuilder can lift over 400 pounds and has been dubbed “Muscle Barbie.” The Doctors weigh in on her amazing ph (more…)
Love at First Fart?!
02:02 — Could taking the blame someone else’s passed gas lead to romance? For one couple, that’s exactly what happened and 25 years after the momentous toot t (more…)
Newborn Calms Anxious Dog?
01:56 — Weezy was an extremely anxious dog until he bonded with newborn Evan. Find out more about the amazingly adorable baby and dog duo!
Drs. Rx: Just 4 Minutes of THIS Activity Can Help Stop Aging
01:17 — Find out the type of high-intensity interval training exercise that could help improve your health!
Actress Krysta Rodriguez on Her Breast Cancer Struggle at Age 30
02:32 — The Broadway and television star recounts her battle with breast cancer at only 30 years old.
America’s Most Amazing Nurse Finalists
03:12 — The Doctors and Prevention magazine reveal the 5 finalists in America’s Most Amazing Nurse contest. Meet the truly remarkable nurses in the running an (more…)
Alzheimer’s Runs in My Family: Should I Be Worried?!
03:21 — With a family history of Alzheimer’s disease and recent memory issues, Glenn has come to The Doctors in hopes of finding out if he is suffering from t (more…)
A Spicy Food That Can Prolong Your Life?
01:22 — Find out the hot food that could reportedly help you live a longer life and spice up your meals!
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