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Into The Night - Trailer
01:31 — Ed Okin (Jeff Goldblum) leads a joyless existence. He hates his job as an aerospace engineer. To make matters worse, his wife is cheating on him. Well (more…)
Into The Night - Official Trailer
01:23 — Ed Okin (Jeff Goldblum) leads a joyless existence. He hates his job as an aerospace engineer. To make matters worse, his wife is cheating on him. Well (more…)
Modern Romance - Official Trailer
00:30 — Albert Brooks directs and stars this film that seems like its about love, but it's really not: he plays a successful but neurotic film editor who cann (more…)
Raw Deal - Official Trailer
01:30 — A disgraced ex-FBI agent is brought back to infiltrate and destroy a Chicago crime family. Brainless, but plenty of action!
The Larry Sanders Show
Larry's sagging ratings prompt the network to announce his replacement, leaving his staff to salvage their own careers as his show careens toward a st (more…)
The Larry Sanders Show
In the wake of Larry's questionable romances and Hank's struggle with hiring a gay assistant, a guest host's attempt at a coup threatens the late nigh (more…)
The Larry Sanders Show
While Larry deals with romantic advances from David Duchovny and a new girlfriend who is using him to further her acting career, being a Good Samarita (more…)
The Larry Sanders Show
Larry returns following his brief retirement in Montana to fight threats of a paternity suit and deal with a series of possible staff defections, whil (more…)
Not Just The Best of The Larry Sanders Show
Hey now! No flipping: The award-winning, breakthrough comedy The Larry Sanders Show is back! The series broke television comedy ground with its nov (more…)
The Larry Sanders Show Season 1
The Larry Sanders Show takes you backstage at a fictional late night talk show with real-life guests from movies, music, and television.
The Larry Sanders Show
As Larry deals with the fallout from his impending divorce and the sale of the network, Hank struggles with his own romantic foibles as he tries to la (more…)
Modern Romance - (Original Trailer)
Albert Brooks directed, co-wrote and starred in this comic story of a film editor whose neuroses complicate his love life, Modern Romance (1981).
(Movie Clip) You Want Happiness?
The morning after breaking up with his girlfriend, Bob (writer and director Albert Brooks) plans his new life, seeking vitamins, then sporting goods, (more…)
(Movie Clip) I Don't Feel Real Good
Writer, director and star Albert Brooks, as film editor Bob Cole, with Kathryn Harrold as girlfriend Mary, in the unadorned and tone-setting opening o (more…)
(Movie Clip) Opening, Pavarotti
This performance by Luciano Pavarotti (as Giorgio) of Schubert's Ave Maria at a wedding in Italy serves as prologue to director Franklin J. Schaffner' (more…)
(Movie Clip) I Can't Sleep
Back in his apartment on the night he's broken up with his girlfriend, movie editor Bob (writer and director Albert Brooks) calls back friend and assi (more…)
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