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NCIS: Los Angeles: Nate Is Back — And This Time It's Personal

Peter Cambor, David Bickford and Linda Hunt

Ever since Peter Cambor became a recurring cast member on NCIS: Los Angeles, the return visits of operational psychologist Nate Getz have been rather illuminating.

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While last season revealed Nate to have become exceedingly more skilled in hand-to-hand combat than we ever imagined, this time around, the case is personal, dealing with matters of the mind — and, more importantly, the heart. When the team's investigation of a Marine's death leads them to the morgue, the agents begin to question whether the coroner, Nate's former flirty friend Rose (Kathleen Rose Perkins), is hiding information.

"Nate kind of has a thing for Rose and Rose kind of has a thing for Nate," Cambor, who now stars on TBS' Wedding Band, tells TVGuide.com.... read more

The Exes Exclusive First Look: The Boys Head to Couples' Therapy

The Exes

The Exes is back!

The return of the TV Land comedy finds Holly (Kristen Johnston) sending the guys to couples' therapy after they're unable to resolve their differences. Thanks to their therapist (Episodes' Kathleen Rose Perkins), they'll come to discover their real problem is actually... read more

Thomas Haden Church Joins LeBlanc in Episodes

Thomas Haden Church

Thomas Haden Church has been cast alongside Matt LeBlanc in Showtime's new comedy Episodes, according to Variety.

Matt LeBlanc to star in Showtime and BBC's Episodes

Church will play ... read more

"Kyle Ainge"

After talkin smack about last weeks episode Im happy to say I enjoyed this one more I wouldnt place it in the fabulous file but it sure was better than a week ago I specifically liked the macabre feel especially in my favorite scene the way Colleen Sharon Gless killed CAA talent agent Bob Levitz Todd Cahoon Ill get to that later I want to start with how differently I felt about the Colleen character this week compared to last Now that we realize she really isnt the power agent she was claiming to be that shes an unknown low-life crazy stalker pretending to be a Hollywood power player suddenly I like her Last week it bothered me when she asked Sean to touch her boobs I felt no strong female agent would be caught dead doing that Color me na239ve I totally fell for her act I shouldve picked up the clue phone when Sean dropped Colleen off in front of her fancy house drove away and then Colleen turned around and kept walking Na239ve moi thought she read more

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