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Tara's John Corbett Braces for "Sweet" Finale and a Rematch with Buck

John Corbett

Call it sex and the suburbs.

Three weeks ago on United States of Tara, Max (John Corbett), the inordinately patient husband of Tara (Toni Collette), had a one-night stand with a waitress, Pammy (Joey Lauren Adams), putting a chink in his good-guy armor.

"I first read it at a table read and remember screaming out loud, 'You've got to be f---ing kidding me!'" Corbett tells TVGuide.com, adding that writers told him they wanted to shake up Max this season. "That was a big step to let Max to do that. ... A lot of fans [come up to me] and said ...
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Supernatural So, I'm technically...

SupernaturalSo, I'm technically what doctors call a scaredy cat, but this week's killer truck? Not that scary. Sam and Dean took on a souped-up murdering machine that was responsible for killing Dean's African-American ex-girlfriend's father. Well, not just the truck, but also the spirit of its racist owner, forcing the boys to dig deep into the town's troubled history. We're used to all the inexplicable stuff that goes down on this show, right? In fact, that's what Supernatural's all about. But the most unrealistic thing happened: We were supposed to buy that a girl actually willingly broke up with Dean. Come on! In what universe? But Cassie got smart real fast, 'cause she got him into bed but quick. read more

Speaking of Knots Landing alums,...

Speaking of Knots Landing alums, Kathleen Noone is a busy lady. When she's not playing sassy senior Edna Wallace on Passions, she's recurring on According to Jim as Courtney Thorne-Smith's mother. Noone next appears in Jim's Christmas episode Dec. 13.

And here's some scoop you'll hear only from TVGuide.com's resident soap whisperer: Noone will be in the Jan. 24 episode of WB's Supernatural. "Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles (ex-Eric, Days of our Lives) are delightful, sweet and really cute!" she enthuses. "In the episode, my character's husband is killed by a [ghost] truck that keeps running people off of the road." (Check out this week's AA for more info on Supernatural's January guest stars.) read more

Knots Landing Reunion: Together...

Knots Landing Reunion: Together AgainI'll say it right away: Knots Landing is my all-time favorite show. So you know I was totally looking forward to this two-hour reunion of the cast of the third-longest-running hourlong drama, which ran from '79 to '93. For the most part, I was not disappointed. What I loved: - The quick recap of all 14 seasons using several of the actors narrating was hilarious and well written. - Speaking of hilarious — shut up that Joan Van Ark and Ted Shackelford did a Wonder Woman episode right before Knots began. Joan calling Ted's costume a big "silver co read more

Passions viewers may do a double...

Kathleen Noone and Justin Andersch, Passions

Passions viewers may do a double take when they spot a certain tattooed, baldheaded jailbird in the Dec. 8 episode. No, that's not Prison Break star Wentworth Miller. That ab-licious look-alike is actually Justin Andersch, best known as one of the aspiring actors from E!'s reality show Fight for Fame.

"Edna (Kathleen Noone) and Norma (Marianne Muellerleile) plan their escape from the Falconbridge Mental Hospital using a map that they've painted onto the torso of another patient [played by Andersch]," says the NBC sudser's rep. "Their plan is to distract the guards during the annual holiday talent show, in which Norma will again perform 'I've Written a Letter to Daddy' in her best Baby Jane drag. When that doesn't quite work, Edna does a strip tease that is definitely twisted. But it works! And they're s read more

On Saturday, Oct. 1, I had the...

Meeting Mac, my fave soap goddess

On Saturday, Oct. 1, I had the honor of serving as moderator of the cast Q&A session at Passions' sixth annual fan-club event . What better place to score prime soap scoop for TVGuide.com? For those of you who couldn't make it, here's a few choice highlights from the campiest morning of my life... 8:45 am/PT Universal Studios Hollywood is a maze. Where in Hades is the Frankenstein parking lot?8:50 After valeting my car, I'm relieved to find myself in good company. James Hyde (Sam) and Liza Huber (Gwen) got lost, too.8:52 Oh, muh gawww... I'm sharing an elevator with Susan Lucci's daughter! Remain calm. Maintain inner poise.9:01 After the cast takes the stage, this TVGuide.com reporter is introduced to 200 crazed soap fans, most of whom appear to be wondering who the heck I am. Guess they don't use the Internet much?9:02 As an icebreaker, I stroll over to Eric Martsolf read more

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