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How the RNC Is Reaching Out to Black Voters
08:22 — RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer discusses changes the Donald Trump campaign is making, as well as recent criticisms levied against The Clinton (more…)
Red Cross: Search and Rescue Is Priority
02:26 — Director of the Red Cross International Disaster Team, Tracy Reines, discusses the steps the organization is taking to help victims of the earthquake (more…)
GOPer: Move Resources Away from Trump
03:11 — Andrew Weinstein, Former Spokesman for Newt Gingrich, discusses why the GOP should shift its resources away from Donald Trump to supporting Republican (more…)
Ex-NBC Employee: I Brought Women to Bill Cosby
02:52 — Frank Scotti, a former NBC Entertainment employee, has come forward to say he routinely brought young women to the comedian’s dressing room, and that (more…)
‘Kids in Need’ Has Record Year Helping Students
02:18 — Many kids who go to school without so much as a pencil benefit from an organization called “Kids in Need.” The group will celebrate its 20th anniversa (more…)
US Helped Cuban Spy’s Wife Get Pregnant
03:41 — Sen. Patrick Leahy arranged the delivery of convicted Cuban spy Gerardo Hernandez’s sperm from California to Cuba, where the Castro regime funded arti (more…)
Who Is Chattanooga Shooter Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez?
02:50 — The 24-year-old accused of deadly shootings in Tennessee was well-educated, with a background in martial arts. A naturalized citizen originally from K (more…)
Lamar Odom Continues to Fight for His Life
05:24 — E!'s Ken Baker updates us on Lamar Odom's latest condition, and discusses the outpouring of support from his friends and former teammates.
Scandal Rocks Fantasy Sports Websites
02:52 — Mondogoal founder Daniel Feldman discusses a controversy in the world of fantasy sports where an employee of one website won $350,000 betting on a riv (more…)
Clinton: I Am Not in Favor of TPP
03:17 — Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton tells PBS she does not support the Trans-Pacific Partnership that President Obama is trying to pass through congr (more…)
NYPD Will Begin Documenting Use of Force
04:40 — New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton comments on new NYPD policies which require officers to detail any time force is used and undergo “de-e (more…)
Amy Schumer and SNL Take On Gun Control
01:59 — NBC’s Natalie Morales reports on actress Amy Shumer’s commitment to addressing gun control in her comedy.
E! Report: Lamar Odom Awake and Talking
03:21 — According to reports from E! News, NBA player Lamar Odom is awake and talking, only days after being found unconscious at a Nevada brothel.
Sen. Graham On Clinton's Benghazi Testimony
05:56 — Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham and GOP Presidential hopeful, gives his remarks on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's t (more…)
New Mammogram Guidelines Draw Criticism
03:41 — Mount Sinai Hospital's Dr. Elisa Port discusses the drawbacks associated with the American Cancer Society's new guidelines for mammograms.
The Future Is Here for 'Back to the Future'
07:01 — Back to the Future” actress Lea Thompson discusses October 21st, 2015, which marks the day Marty and Doc went to the future in the hit movie “Back to (more…)
Louisiana in Need of Flood Aid
04:24 — James Waskom, Director of the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness of Louisiana, discusses the resources needed in Baton (more…)
Bill Cosby’s Legacy Now in Doubt
02:39 — As a cloud of allegations continues to close in around the popular comedian and social critic, colleges that once showered Cosby with accolades are ba (more…)
Indictment Looms for Son of Late Hedge Fund Founder
02:34 — Thomas Gilbert Jr. is expected to be indicted for the murder of his father, hedge fund founder Thomas Gilbert Sr. NBC national correspondent Kate Snow (more…)
Harper Lee Sequel Discovered Decades Later
02:46 — The famed author’s publisher says the manuscript was written before “To Kill a Mockingbird” was published, but Lee thought the one copy was gone. It w (more…)
Bruce Jenner to Speak Out On Gender Transition
03:42 — Rumors have been swirling for months about Bruce Jenner and whether he’s taking steps to transition to living as a woman. In an interview to air Frida (more…)
Walter Scott's Brother On Cop Indictment: ‘It’s a Good Victory’
02:43 — Anthony Scott, the brother of Walter Scott, the South Carolina man gunned down by a cop following a traffic stop, opens up to NBC national corresponde (more…)
Gwyneth Paltrow On Capitol Hill to Talk About Food Labeling
02:39 — Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her mother, actress Blythe Danner, are scheduled to speak before Congress about whether food labels should i (more…)
Is Sun Exposure Really That Bad for You?
04:11 — One doctor is taking a controversial stand in an op-ed article, suggesting that the dangers of sun exposure have been somewhat exaggerated, reports NB (more…)
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