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The H&M clothing chain — which has yet to solve the problem of long lines at the cash register, if I may get that off my chest — has tapped Italian model Mariacarla Boscono to replace scandal-plagued Kate Moss in TV commercials for its Stella McCartney line. Boscono prefers Pepsi, I take it? read more

Meeow! The claws came out tonight....

Meeow! The claws came out tonight. And fashion be darned, this is why ANTM keeps bringing most of us back season after season. I thought it was just going to be Lisa vs. Coryn, Round 2, but instead we got Lisa vs. everyone else, thanks to her drunk bubble-bathing and her obnoxious overconfidence. It was Coryn, though, who got in the last word, calling her an alcoholic bitch. As an interlude to the drama at home, we saw Iman giving a 15-second plug for her book — well disguised as a way to test the girls' skills at plugging things... and also an excuse to show all of them with egg on their face. To everyone's (Lisa's) surprise, Kyle totally nailed the talk-show test. She's quickly becoming one of my favorites. Back to Lisa, who stopped fighting and learned to love the bottle and a bush (a real bush) called Cousin It. Bre proved to be the better person (better than us at home, at least), and actually tried help the girl get herself read more


British newspapers are reporting this morning that 31-year-old Kate Moss, who lost several modeling contracts after she was photographed apparently snorting cocaine, has checked into a $4000-a-day Arizona rehab clinic for a month of medical treatment and therapy and, I would recommend, sandwich-eating. read more


With her career in the crapper, catwalking coke-fiend Kate Moss released a statement Thursday apologizing to friends, family and business associates for her behavior. However, her mea culpa didn't specifically reference those grainy tabloid pics that allegedly showed her doing blow. "I take full responsibility for my actions," she said. "I also accept that there are various personal issues that I need to address and have started taking the difficult, yet necessary, steps to resolve them." In the meantime, Guinness reports that Moss is just one pink slip away from setting a new world record for most firings in a single week. The current record holder is Shannen Doherty with 29. read more


Poor, poor Kate Moss. The wafer-thin supermodel copped to doing a little blow, and whoosh, her career is gone with the wind. First she was canned by H&M, and now Burberry has backed out of a deal with her and Chanel has declined to renew her contract. (Even her boyfriend, rocker Pete Doherty, is reportedly miffed at her.) Honestly, did any of these people really think she maintained her stick figure by doing Pilates and eating celery stalks? read more


Although H&M initially announced that it wouldn't be dumping self-professed cokehead Kate Moss as the twiggy model for its new line designed by Stella McCartney, the retailer has changed its mind and dumped her, the Associated Press reports. All together now: When someone asks you if you want a druggie mannequin representing your company, what do you do? Just say no. read more

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