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Episode 6: "Diwali"

Happy belated Halloween. I understand that instead of Halloween office parties, this year there were Office Halloween parties. Get the difference? The word got out that this year there were a lot of Office-inspired Halloween costumes. It's true. Office-inspired Halloween costumes! We have officially arrived. How bizarre. How cool, but how bizarre. Let's hope those women, and in some cases men, who dressed like Meredith look good in a one-size-fits-all denim skirt. There are some fun Office Halloween-party photos up on OfficeTally.com, and I got sent a few photos on MySpace.com/kateflan. Imitation is the highest form of Flannery.... I mean flattery. Thank you. Thanks to all for playing my Office Trivial trivia last week. That was fun. Some of you readers actually admitted that you were stumped! Pretty cool. I generally think of the Office fans as remembering more than I do. (And I'm in the episode!) No, I am not sucking up to the Office fans. I actually find them a little intimidati... read more

The Office Trivial Trivia Quiz!

Hi, everyone. It's my favorite time of year, folks. It's not just that I need to carry a sweater (can you feel the slight change in the air? Can't you sense it?) but it's also time for the very first rerun of the new season. I love The Office reruns. I get to see what I laughed over. Just because I play Meredith the drunken redhead doesn't mean I don't enjoy watching the reruns! This week is the "Gay Witch Hunt" episode again. Rerunning this episode will make you feel even more up-to-date than you did six weeks ago.Did you know that right now we are shooting two episodes at the same time? That's right. Steve [Carell]'s grueling movie schedule has us doing things a little differently. Usually we shoot one episode in a five-day week, but we had to shoot all of Steve's scenes for two episodes in one week. I'll bet you won't be able to tell which episodes they are.So it's a great time for you, and I get to get a little intimate. Or not. Anyway, it's time for The Office Trivial Trivia.He... read more

Episode 5: The Initiation

Meredith, from NBC's The Office, here. OK. Last week's "GriefCounseling" [episode] was one of the best! Nobody breaks down andcries like Steve. Am I right? My favorite moment was when he grabbed Phyllis' hand and my hand and started to sway during the bird funeral.I like to ask a lot of questions in my blog to make sure you're paying attention. I want to give you something to comment on. Your comments are very important. All kinds of folks have left me a comment. Drag queens, mothers, cops, social workers, market researchers... even the president of wine company have commented on my blog, so please don't feel intimidated. I accept all of your compliments, I mean comments. (You've been very supportive of lil' old drunken, redheaded Meredith from The Office. Keep up the good work!)This week's new episode is "The Initiation," written by B.J. Novak. Salesman Dwight Schrute teaches Ryan-the-former Temp how to be a salesman for Dunder Mifflin. Aside from the beet farm, I can't give away a... read more

Episode 4: Grief Counseling

I am Meredith from NBC. One of the Merediths from NBC. No. Not The Today Show's Meredith Vieira. I am party-gal Meredith Palmer from The Office [Thursdays at 8:30 pm/ET]. Actually, I'm the actress who plays Meredith. The Meredith, the one who wears the cardigan sweaters and the one-size-fits-all, ill-fitting denim skirts. The other Meredith may get more press than me. But does the other Meredith give you behind-the-scenes dirt on her show, like me? Heck, no. She is still learning everyone's names. I am the nighttime Meredith, the sometimes-topless Meredith. I'm the Meredith who prefers to sleep in. The Meredith who prefers her mornings to be quiet and people not to talk so loud and the lights not to be so bright. There is plenty of room for both of us, I guess. Just two Merediths that pass in the night. This past season of The Office, the employees of Dunder Mifflin have been holding their breath, waiting for a wedding. Talking about a wedding. Not talking about a wedding. The weddi... read more

Episode 3: The Coup

When John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer were recently asked by TVGuide.com what to expect from the newest Office blog, written by me, the redhead who plays Meredith the drunk, I was surprised. John said to expect "slurred words," and Jenna said to expect drunken "ramblings."How dare they imply that I would be so unproffesssssionalllll!!!!!It's my blog and I'll slurrr if I want to.I am not into rambling. But it is impossible not to ramble in a blog. Wikipedia defines the term "celebrity blog" as a self-indulgent, self-important, whiny, tedious, self-promoting, rambling waste of time. Wait, where was I?Oh, yeah. The third episode of Season 3 is "The Coup," written by Paul Lieberstein and directed by Greg Daniels (our executive producer, whom you heard making the acceptance speech when The Office won the Emmy). Office fans, look out — behind every great man is a pushy woman. Or in this case, a pushy, short, judgmental blonde named Angela. It's the ultimate Adam-and-Eve saga. Angela ... read more

Episode 2: The Convention

Hello again. Kate Flannery aka Meredith, the drunken redhead from The Office here. In case you've been living under a rock, Season 3 has begun! The season premiere, "Gay Witch Hunt," aired last Thursday, thank god, and answered some serious questions from last season's cliff-hanger. The cat is out of the bag. The big news is that Pam called off her wedding to Roy (thereby getting stuck with chicken or fish for lunch for the next five weeks), and Roy got a DUI. (His hilariously sad, fat-faced, beat-up mug shot is now all over the Internet. Yes, it was all done in Photoshop!) Jim was transferred to Dunder-Mifflin's Stamford branch, so there is a whole new office to deal with (a strange parallel universe with some great new cast members such as Rashida Jones as Karen and Ed Helms as Andy). Has Jim completely moved on from Pam? Ryan is no longer a temp, and has taken Jim's job and desk (which just so happens to be in Pam's eye line); Phyllis is going to marry Bob Vance of Vance Refriger... read more

The Season 3 Premiere

What an exciting time for a little show we like to call The Office on NBC. I have so much I?d like to tell you about the new season -- I?d like to, but I am not allowed to. The cast and crew are now contractually obligated to zip our lips. Let?s face it: Our little show isn?t so little anymore. The Office has officially grown up.This summer our show won an Emmy for best comedy! And two Television Critics Awards (best comedy and best actor went to Steve)! Ten webisodes aired on NBC.com, and as of last week, The Office Season 2 DVDs are now flying off the shelves. Did you notice that our TV boss, Steve Carell, had another hit movie with Little Miss Sunshine? He?s a television star and a major motion picture star. It couldn?t happen to a nicer guy. I forgot to mention me. I play Meredith on The Office (not on Grey?s Anatomy) and may I say: never underestimate the redheaded drunk in the back of the room. I get a lot of dirt. I will try to stay sober long enough to give you the full stor... read more

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