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Season 4 Finale

The Office drunk is in NYC, and I'm only slightly hung over. I am here in the city that doesn't sleep with the cast that doesn't sleep. The cast of The Office is in town for the announcement of the new season. It's the same week that our Season 4 wraps up in a nice bow [Thursday at 9 pm/ET]. I am one lucky redhead. I am a former New Yorker and the only thing better than being back in NYC is being here with Dwight, Andy, Kevin, Phyllis, etc. I passed my old restaurant, the Red Eye Grill on 7th Ave. (across from Carnegie Hall). A lot has changed in nine years. NYC loves The Office. I took a picture on 6th Ave. with a family who had run into and taken a photo with Kelly (aka Mindy Kaling) one hour before! Now I am just representing Dunder Mifflin, the people's paper company (what was that jingle that Darryl wrote?). We are bringing a little Scranton to the Big Apple.The one-hour finale will be this Thursday, and get ready. We all signed confidentiality agreements so I can only say that... read more

The Office's Angela Kinsey Becomes a Mom

Angela Kinsey by Jesse Grant/WireImage.com

Office star Angela Kinsey on Saturday gave birth to a baby girl, a first for the actress and husband Warren Lieberstein. Isabel Ruby arrived in good health, weighing in at 6 lbs., 14 oz. (and inadvertently put an end to the rumored Office pool for bets on which gender Kinsey's baby would be).Kinsey's mom, Bertie, and Office cast mate Jenna Fischer were reportedly at the hospital with her Saturday. Fellow Office cast mate and TVGuide.com celebrity blogger Kate Flannery said in an April post that Kinsey "is so happy that this baby is coming, she beams!" Big congrats to the new parents. — Anna DimondUse our Online Video Guide to enjoy some time at The Office read more

Did I Stutter?

Hey, all you Office drunks! Did I stutter? I mean, hey all of you drunk on The Office. I am the only drunk in the office. It is like being drunk with laughter, the Office fans say. I have been getting the wildest fan mail lately. I have recently received an artist rendering of a Big Gulp in my honor. I have been sent airplane bottles of liquor. I have gotten flasks in the mail. I have gotten strange photos of me doing the limbo on the "Booze Cruise" episode. (How low can ya go?) This tops all! Some soon-to-be-married fans actually invited Meredith to their wedding in Ohio. I was incredibly flattered and surprised. (Who would risk that bar bill?) I politely declined on the RSVP card but I will be with them in spirits. Oops. I mean in spirit. (Last year, as I was walking thru the lobby of the Four Seasons in Philadelphia, I was pulled into some wedding photos of the bridal party. I know they didn't plan that.)The next episode is called "Did I Stutter?" Stanley (aka the very dry Leslie... read more

Back in the Saddle Again

Howdy, fans. The drunk from The Office is here, and I am celebrating. I and all of Dunder-Mifflin will be back on the air this Thursday, and all you fans can drink to that! I know that a lot of you are sick and tired of the dry reruns. This Thursday is not a mirage. Not an oasis. We are officially out of the desert. Let the "Dinner Party" begin. The Office is back.This week was a blast. This redheaded drunk has been doing her own stunts this week. We all got to go to the opening of John Krasinski's Leatherheads. John is great in this movie! I know it's a football film but I think he knocked it out of the park. He is a star! He was funny and adorable. I am not talking about George Clooney. John gave George a run for his money in the "hot guy" department. The movie is really fun. Go see it! I loved the 1925 clothes and the locations. The time period was like another character in the film. The party had a 1920s theme. Most of the cast of The Office were there to support John. The premi... read more

Nights and Daze at The Office

Hey, it's your favorite drunken redhead here, from the corner of the office. What an interesting time for our show. We have had another great week of pretending to work in a paper factory. And when I say "We" I mean ME! The scripts just get funnier and funnier. This past week we' worked with Jeff Blitz directing. Jeff directed the "Convict" episode from last season, remember? He is an Academy Award winner for a short film he did in 2007. We have the best directors. Our show's exec producer, Greg Daniels, said he should submit this new episode for an Academy Award. Now, we all know you can't submit a TV show for an Academy Award. (Creed just explained that to me at the water cooler.) Awards are weird. We have the fans to tell us how important we are. I have two SAG Awards on my mantle, for Best Ensemble. The show won an Emmy for Best Comedy last year. The producers are the only ones that get to keep the Emmy. Steve Carrell has won a Golden Globe for playing Michael Scott, but he has... read more

In a St. Patrick's Daze....

Dunder-Mifflin fans, unite! The paper company is returning to regular work. It is I, Meredith, the drunken redhead in the corner. We have some catching up to do. Here's hoping you are not as drunk as I am. I am a pro. As Tom Cruise once said to Jack Nicholson, "You can't handle the booze!" St. Patrick's Day is fast approaching and I have a lot to drink to.St. Pat's day has always been a big holiday for me and my family because my family owns a bar. If you are in Philadelphia, our bar is T.A. Flannery's on 21st Street. Have a drink and don't worry! You can have a drink and catch up!The Office has a lot of catching up to do also. We are back at work after that nasty fake vacation that some people called a strike. Everyone is so grateful to be back. We were out late the other night shooting at "Michael's condo" for the "Dinner Party" episode. The episode is hilarious! NBC staff photographer Chris Haston (who just so happens to be my boyfriend) was working that night taking pictures, no... read more

Emerging from the Strike FOG....

Welcome back, everyone! I know, I know. Long time no see. I guess you are aware that there was a strike. A very strange and frantic strike. But now it’s over. It is behind us and it is now time for the drunken redhead to move forward and face the world again. To say that I have missed you all terribly is an understatement. The strike was an altered state. A constant off-balance feeling. A "FOG," which stands for “Freakin’ Opportunity for Growth”. I had my doubts and fears like anybody on TV who used to wait tables for 20 years. I have been busy performing, picketing, auditioning, working with a singing coach, getting political, doing some charity events, waving in a parade and just plain worrying.I’ve just returned from Minneapolis with the very funny and talented Mr. Brian Baumgartner. We were the judges for Last Comic Standing there. We had a ball. Angela [Kinsey] and Oscar [Nunez] did the same thing in L.A. It was interesting sitting through all that sta... read more


Hey-ho, Dunder-Mifflin fans. OK, I know — who am I calling a ho? Takes one to know one. It is me (or should I say I?), Meredith, the Office party gal here to let you know what to expect this week. This week the multi-talented Steve Carell decided to get off his butt and write another script. I am being facetious, of course... about getting off his butt, not writing another script. Steve is one of the hardest-working men in showbiz. I don't know when he finds time to sleep.Have you seen Dan in Real Life? If you haven't, you should. Our whole cast got to go to the opening two weeks ago at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, which I had never been to before. That was the most intense red carpet that I have ever been on outside of the Emmys. Those Hollywood Boulevard theaters really do it up. The photographers were screaming my name to the point where I couldn't see straight — and I wasn't even in the movie! It was a really fun night. Steve is great in this film. It is a very... read more

Office Convention!

Meredith here from The Office! The big-time show that takes place in small-town Scranton. How can I describe our cast trip to Scranton? Where do I start? I have returned from the first annual Office Convention, in Scranton, Pennsylvania, where we were treated like royalty. Were you there? Did I have a drink with you? Did I do anything stupid? Steve [Carell], Rainn [Wilson], John [Krasinski], Paul [Lieberstein] and Jenna [Fischer] were absent but all the rest of the cast were there. They missed out! Too bad. I have never met so many wonderful people in one weekend. Everyone wanted to sign my cast. The sweetest fans in the world. I have never been offered so much booze before. It was a major good-time party. The town of Scranton literally closed the schools and opened its heart to us. The families who volunteered were so terrific. Lots of big Irish-Catholic families that I can relate to. The insanity began with Al Roker, 3,000 screaming fans and the University of Scranton cheerleading... read more

Office Star: Convention Is a "Fan-omenal" Success!

Kate Flannery by Eric Charbonneau/WireImage.com

Just as fans of the original version of The Office learned about the existence of the industrial town of Slough, where the U.K. series was set, now everyone knows about Scranton, Pennsylvania, where employees of the U.S. version report to work. In fact, thousands of fans of NBC's hit half-hour comedy ventured to northern Pennsylvania this weekend for the first Office convention, which runs through Oct. 28.The event began Friday morning on the Today show, with Al Roker introducing the University of Scranton cheerleaders. Throughout the town, local businesses, including but not limited to those that have been featured or referenced on the series, made the most of the influx of visitors, setting up special booths, hawking souvenirs and inviting fans to revisit memorable scenes from the show.While cast members such as Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson and Jenna Fischer could not make it to the convention, Dunder-Mifflin is being well represented by Kate Flannery (aka Meredith), Creed Bratton (... read more

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