Karla Souza

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Karla Olivares Souza
  • Birth Place: Mexico City, Mexico
  • Profession: Actor

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How To Get Away With Murder: Nobody Else is Dying Trailer
01:47 — Annalise and her inner circle deal with the aftermath of a suspicious death that culminates with a shocking arrest. Meanwhile, a new development invol (more…)
Annalise Keating Hears the Supreme Court's Verdict
01:13 — Nate calls to tell her the news
Isaac Roa Says Goodbye to Annalise
02:14 — He says they can't see each other again.
Annalise Keating Speaks at the Supreme Court
02:41 — Making the case of a lifetime.
How to Get Away with Scandal
00:59 — Michaela knows who can save Annalise's case.
Annalise Confronts Isaac About Using Again
02:26 — Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) realizes that Isaac Roa (guest star Jimmy Smits) is high again and when she confronts him about it, he turns on her.
A Preview of the New Season of “How to Get Away with Murder”
00:30 — Get a glimpse of the new Thursday night lineup.
TGIT Promo
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Isaac is Implicated During Cross-Examination
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Meeting Laurel's Mother
00:59 — Taking bets on what Mrs. Castillo will be like.
Annalise Tries to Save Laurel's Baby
02:12 — Meanwhile, Simon is crashing in the O.R.
Karla Souza: I Cried When I Got ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ Role
04:03 — The star of hit Spanish-language films as well as a magazine cover girl, Karla Souza has landed her first major English-language role, playing a law s (more…)
"HTGAWM" Goes Back to School for Season 3
03:12 — "How to Get Away With Murder" costars Karla Souza and Alfred Enoch reveal what's to come in season 3. Plus, how would they describe the premiere in a (more…)
Sneak Peek: Who's Calling Laurel?
00:45 — Laurel gets an unexpected...and unwanted...phone call.
Flashback - Annalise First Lays Eyes on Bonnie
00:47 — A flashback reveals the long and complicated history of Annalise & Bonnie.
Will Bonnie Fire Laurel?
01:28 — Bonnie is told to fire Laurel. Can she actually go through with it?
Take No Prisoners
02:33 — It's a whole new cut-throat world at Michaela's new internship.
The Showdown
01:12 — Annalise and Bonnie have words, and more, until Nate steps in.
Sneak Peek: Annalise's New Client
01:01 — Annalise visits an old friend in prison and makes a surprising statement.
Talk or Get Out
01:06 — Annalise has met her match with her new therapist.
You Can't Escape Annalise's Shadow
02:31 — The former Keating 4 cannot escape the shadow Annalise has cast over them.
I Hate Myself
02:45 — Connor admits that he hates himself more than Laurel can ever hate him.
Still Looking Out for Annalise
01:07 — Annalise may have fired her, but it appears Bonnie still has her back.
Family Matters
00:56 — Annalise and her father have a war of words over the care of her mother.
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  • Birth Name: Karla Olivares Souza
  • Birth Place: Mexico City, Mexico
  • Profession: Actor

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