Wes vs. Annalise
02:16 — "I swear to God I'll tell the police everything."
What Do Annalise & Connor Have in Common?
02:13 — Say everything you want to say to me right to my face.
Annalise Refuses to Help Nate's Wife
02:03 — Annalise tells Nate's wife that she will not help her commit suicide.
Frank Sets Wes up for Failure
01:51 — Wes follows Frank's clues that leads him to a dead end.
Annalise's Update About Asher
01:08 — Annalise comes clean and tells everyone about the situation with Asher.
Flash Forward: Asher Realizes His Trophy Is Gone
01:47 — Asher beelines it to Annalise's house the night of the murder.
Annalise Knows Sam Is Dead!
02:18 — Watch the final scene from the winter finale.
Connor & Oliver: What the Hell Happened?
01:08 — Connor turns to his ex after the murder.
Nate Is Arrested for Sam's Murder
02:20 — How did she do this?
Annalise Believes She Ruined Everyone
02:32 — Bonnie explains...
Who Killed Rebecca Sutter
03:57 — Annalise finds out who killed Rebecca Sutter
Flash Forward: the Getaway
00:44 — Find out how they got away from the mansion.
Flash Forward: Focus On the Plan
01:55 — Find out who Michaela meets after fleeing the crime scene.
Nate Wants Rebecca's Help
00:34 — "I know you didn't kill Lila Stangard."
Wes Breaks Rules to See Rebecca
01:36 — "I found the phone. Lila's phone."
Frank Has a Girlfriend!
00:39 — "You must be the student of the month."
Bonnie Wants Asher
01:28 — "I'm a grown ass woman."
Hannah Keating vs. Bonnie Winterbottom
02:05 — And the winner is... Hannah.
An Incriminating Ring Is Found
01:36 — The police find a ring in the woods and bring Annalise in for questioning.
Asher Breaks the Case Open...
01:35 — After almost breaking his neck during an unsuccessful physical assault on Connor, Asher finds key information to help clear David Allen's name. "That' (more…)
Rebecca Returns Home
03:32 — Annalise admits that she needs Sam. She loves him. Sam loves her, too. Meanwhile, Rebecca returns home with Wes. And Nate finds new evidence. Watch th (more…)
Annalise Needs Sam
01:33 — "I need you... and I love you."
Wes & Rebecca: Pillow Talk
01:26 — After Wes and Rebecca have sex, he opens up to her about his past. Watch as secrets are revealed in this scene from How to Get Away with Murder Season (more…)
Lila Flashback: the Infamous Text
01:13 — Lila reveals she lost her virginity to Mr. Darcy.
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  • Birth Place: Mexico City, Mexico
  • Birthday: December 11, 1985, Sagittarius
  • Profession: Actor

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