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Getting Away to Huatulco
03:22 — Huatulco, Mexico, is the perfect getaway spot for Canadians Brent and Kari.
Should Be Thoroughly Ashamed
Season 1 Episode 5 Preview: The ladies are reeling from Kari and Mariah's party drama.
Kari Goes Camping
Season 1 Episode 13 Show Highlight: Kari prepares to go camping in the backyard.
Toya and Mariah Face Off at Kari's House
Season 1 Episode 4 Show Highlight: Catch the rest of the salacious throwdown between Mariah and Toya.
Ep 9: Finale
Although the Georgia wine tour ended on a sweet note, there are still some sour feelings among the ladies. While Jackie prepares for her spa grand ope (more…)
Ep 1: A Taste of Your Own Medicine
Meet the strong, fierce, and funny women that make up Atlanta's medical world. Dr. Jackie and Dr. Simone have to navigate through obstacles they face (more…)
Is Kari a Fraud?
Season 1 Episode 11 Show Highlight: Kari holds herself up to be a lady but the other ladies beg to differ.
After Show: Kandi's New Song
Season 9 Episode 55: Part II: Kandi Burruss dishes on her new song and Quad Webb-Lunceford sounds off on Kari Wells' slip of the tongue.
Kari's Husband Has a What for Mariah?
Season 1 Episode 12 Show Highlight: Kari and Mariah debate whether or not Kari's husband was hitting on Mariah.
Kari's Tea Party
Season 1 Exclusive: Join Kari Wells as she enjoys tea at a hundred year old tea house.
After Show: The Fight Revisited
Season 9 Episode 83: Part II: Toya Bush-Harris and Kari Wells further discuss the 'Married to Medicine' melee.
Episode 1: Jungle Red -- Minneapolis, MN
Suzanne Erickson owns Jungle Red salon, but she seems more interested in acting like a teenager than a boss, which is why her staff are out of control (more…)
Ep 11: Reunion Part 1
Hosted by Bravo's Andy Cohen, the reunion brings together Jacqueline Walters, Kari Wells, Mariah Huq, Quad Webb-Lunceford, Simone Whitmore and Toya Bu (more…)
Quad's Mugshot
Season 9 Episode 83 Show Highlight: Kari Wells explains why she told Toya Bush-Harris about Quad Webb Lunceford's criminal record.
Both Sides to the Mariah-Kari Relationship
Season 1 Episode 9 Show Highlight: Kari and Mariah just do not see eye-to-eye.
Toya vs. Mariah: Who's to Blame?
Season 9 Episode 83 Show Highlight: Toya Bush-Harris reveals if she blames herself for her throwdown with Mariah Huq at Kari Wells' party.
Story Behind Kari's Lips
Season 1 Episode 12 Preview: Mariah doesn't want Kari's lips anywhere near her and Andy asks Kari what's going on with her lips.
Ep 3: Queen Bee Sting
Tensions are high at a heated wine tasting when Mariah confronts Kari about Quad's disinvite to their joint party. Later when Kari and Quad agree to m (more…)
How Do You Move Forward?
Season 1 Episode 5 Preview: Kari thought Quad was the one to act up at the party but was blown away that Mariah and Toya were the ones to throw down.
Patti Sets Up a Playmate!
Season 8 Episode 5 Preview: Patti Stanger lays down the rules as she tries to help former Playboy Playmate Kari Whitman find love.
Proof of Mariah's Lies
Season 1 Episode 6 Show Highlight: Kari brings receipts that show Mariah did not pay for the party.
Wrong Results and Low Class
Season 1 Episode 3 Preview: Jacqueline breaks down while Mariah and Kari have it out.
Quad is Uninvited
Season 1 Episode 2 Show Highlight: Quad shares to Mariah that Kari uninvited her which upsets Mariah.
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