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Knock Your Socks Off
It's an episode of scientific genius with punching, pummelling, and explosive action! Adam and Jamie test the classic physics textbook theory Bullet D (more…)
Banana Slip, Double Dip
In this episode of Mythbusters, it's double the trouble as Adam and Jamie take on not one but two classic comedy myths. Meanwhile Kari, Grant, and To (more…)
Crash and Burn
Adam and Jamie test a classic myth that's been around in tinsel-town since the motorcar was invented - does an out of control car really crash and bur (more…)
Hurricane Windows
On this cold and blustery episode, Adam and Jamie bet the house on a highly contentious hurricane survival tale in "Hurricane Windows" - open or close (more…)
Dirty vs. Clean Car
Adam and Jamie get down and dirty with the myth that a muddy motorcar gets better gas mileage than it's clean cousin. Meanwhile Kari, Grant and Tory a (more…)
Jack-Jack Attack
04:45 — Kari the babysitter thinks she's in for a night of routine babysitting. She’s prepared to provide neurological stimulation with some soothing musical (more…)
The Stone Angel Trailer
01:26 — Check out the exclusive trailer for Ellen Page's new movie The Stone Angel starring Ellen Burstyn, Kevin Zeggers and newcomer Christine Horne.|Ellen B (more…)
How This Mom Lost 78 Pounds in 1 Year
00:51 — Kari Hammond had always been overweight, but when her daughter told her she was worried about her mother’s health — she knew it was time to make a cha (more…)
Former ‘MythBusters’ Reveal New Netflix Show, ‘White Rabbit Project’
04:22 — Best known for their Discovery Channel show “MythBusters,” Tory Belleci and Kari Byron are back with a new Netflix series about science, “White Rabbit (more…)
02:44 — In this web-only clip, Grant, Kari, Adam, Tory and Jamie discuss some not-so-family-friendly subjects, including a MythBusters-inspired porn movie.
MythBusters Reunion Trailer
01:09 — That’s right, please welcome back Kari Byron, Grant Imahara and Tory Belleci to M5 for a heartwarming hour of reminiscing and revisiting!!!!
How MythBusters Saved a Woman's Life
02:15 — See how Kari, Grant, Tory, Jamie and Adam respond to hearing how one of their episodes saved the life of a woman and her child who's car was sinking i (more…)
Hello Censors
01:05 — Were the MythBusters ever censored in any way? Well, yes. Kari, Grant, Tory and Adam discuss.
MythBusters' Worst Day Ever
01:34 — Kari, Grant, Tory, Adam and Jamie talk frankly about the most terrifying and terrible day on the show ever: the cannonball incident.
Be Proactive
01:02 — Officer Mark Revette and Detective Richard Sypek give advice on being proactive and using your instincts when faced in a dangerous situation; Lori De (more…)
Hellraiser: Deader - Official Trailer
01:22 — A reporter (Kari Wuhrer) investigates an underground group that can resurrect the dead, much to Pinhead's (Doug Bradley) dismay.
The Punk Syndrome - Official Trailer
01:33 — The Punk Syndrome is a film about Finland's most kick-ass punk rock band, Pertti Kurikan Nimipaivat. The band's mentally handicapped members, Pertti, (more…)
Covert Affairs: Pilot Trailer
01:31 — SERIES PREMIERE on USA Network! New jobs are tough -- especially when your new employer is the CIA. Annie Walker (Piper Perabo) is fluent in six lang (more…)
Getting Away to Huatulco
03:22 — Huatulco, Mexico, is the perfect getaway spot for Canadians Brent and Kari.
A Dream Living Room for Kari
03:54 — Sabrina creates Kari's dream living room with an inexpensive price tag.
(Movie Clip) It's Early Monday Morning
Still not a word of dialogue spoken, we infer that Agnes (Harriet Andersson) is convalescing and her attendants are her sisters (Liv Ullman as red-hai (more…)
Kari and Boris
43:01 — Expectant parents seek a home with space for toy collection.
Rise of the Machines
Kari Byron guest stars in a robot battle show in which a contestant quickly loses control of her killer robot.
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