Even After Loss, Top Model's Sara Smiles

Sara Albert, America's Next Top Model

Among the characters — and they are characters — that America's Next Top Model has introduced to us this season are all of our old, familiar favorites: the bumpkin (Kathy), the dimwit (Gina), the sexpot (Kari), the girl next door (Mollie Sue) and the psycho (no comment). But the one we'd most likely invite to our backyard barbecue would have to be last week's eliminee — call her "the sweetheart" — Sara Albert. After being asked read more

America's Next Top Model This...

L. Scott Caldwell and Sam Anderson, Lost

America's Next Top Model This show is not ever subtle with its editing, so you know that whoever gets the most airtime will at least end up in the bottom two. Exhibit A: Gina. But there's often someone else who gets the next-most time, and at the last second — wham! — that's who's really out. Happened last week with Wendy, and this week with Kari. I suppose Kari falls under the category of being too conventionally pretty (though sometimes she looks like a Barbie doll when you horizontally squish its face), just like Kyle did last season, and this season they're really shooting for what Nigel calls "so wrong it's right." Uh-huh. Then again, he had to mop up pools of drool after seeing Leslie's and Dan read more

America's Next Top Model OK, I'm...

America's Next Top ModelOK, I'm going to get all Tyra-psych and talk about what's underneath these model's mostly pretty skin, because tonight brings up a very good question: Just how self-aware are these girls? We have Furonda and her "tips for successful interaction," which seem to indicate that she's watched a whole lot of reality TV and is declaring herself the show's villain with the warning that she'll treat the others "identical to, or worse than" the way they treat her. Jade, on the other hand, thinks she's self-aware but is absolutely clueless. She thinks they cut and bleached her hair because she's too good and needs more of a challenge. She thinks she has serious problems because she didn't get hair extensions, and Wendy read more


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