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No Idea from "Candy, Quahog Marshmallow"
01:01 — The guys watch Quagmire's Korean soap opera.
The Deets from "Run, Chris, Run"
00:57 — Brian and Stewie attempt to get information on who is planning on pranking Chris.
The Elephant In The Room from "Run, Chris, Run"
00:40 — Peter and the guys try and get Cleveland to hang out with them again.
Ants At A Picnic from "Scammed Yankees"
00:55 — Brian becomes annoyed by Meg's friends.
Sneak Peek: "Peternormal Activity"
00:35 — Enjoy a preview of this week’s all-new FAMILY GUY, “Peternormal Activity.”
Cartoon Sheriff from "A Lot Going on Upstairs"
00:48 — Peter is displaced from this bed by Stewie.
Different Worlds from "Road to India"
00:50 — Brian falls in love with a woman from India.
Tranquil from "Road to India"
00:35 — Stewie and Brian arrive in India.
In A Bind from "An App a Day"
00:47 — Stewie asks Brian for a ride to the gym.
A Special Treat from "Run, Chris, Run"
01:14 — The principal delivers the school's announcements in the style of rap.
Guest Starring Rob Huebel
00:40 — Is there anything Peter’s better at than timing his farts to thunderstorms? Watch Rob Huebel explain as he guest stars on an all-new FAMILY GUY.
Troubling from "Take a Letter"
00:57 — Lois gets worried when she finds a letter Peter was going to send to his ex the day before their wedding.
Putting Stuff Online from "The Heartbreak Dog"
00:38 — Joe gets revenge on Brian.
BINGO! from "Road to India"
00:34 — Peter wins at Bingo.
Shazam from "An App a Day"
01:40 — Cleveland introduces the guys to his song finding app.
Bad News from "An App a Day"
01:11 — Chris gets in trouble for sending inappropriate pictures to a girl.
Nightmare from "A Lot Going on Upstairs"
00:52 — Brian decides to help Stewie get rid of his nightmares.
American Johnny from "Candy, Quahog Marshmallow"
00:53 — Peter and the guys arrive in Seoul.
The Memories from "The Heartbreak Dog"
00:54 — Joe shows everyone at the party his honeymoon video.
What Could Go Wrong? from "An App a Day"
00:48 — Chris learns how high school kids communicate with each other.
Swindled from "Scammed Yankees"
01:00 — Carter is told he has been scammed.
A Perfect Fit from "The Peanut Butter Kid"
01:20 — Stewie is picked to be the next peanut butter kid.
Grinder from "An App a Day"
00:30 — Peter joins a group for men who like sandwiches.
Bad Decision from "The Heartbreak Dog"
00:56 — Brian kisses Joe's Wife.
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