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Grey's Anatomy Doc Expecting

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Grey's Anatomy doc Sydney Heron has a bun in the oven — in real life. Kali Rocha tells TV Guide that she's three months along. "I'm pregnant!" a glowing Rocha, patting her barely there baby bump, said at Tuesday's premiere of Over My Dead Body. Asked if she had an inkling on whether it's a boy or a girl, Rocha said, "I keep hearing this theory that if you look very rounded in the face and you [get sick] a lot, it's a girl. I have a round face all the time, but I didn't [get sick] once. The theory also says that if you are feeling good and have a square jaw, it's a boy. So I have no idea. Maybe I have a hermaphrodite." Look for Dr. Heron to return to Grey's sometime in the future. — Clare KleinedlerFor more from the premiere of Eva Longoria's Over My Dead Body, including news of American Pie star Jason Biggs' engagement, see the Party Central blog. read more

Just Like Old Times

Episode Recap Forever Young November 15 2007Tonight Bailey took charge and let the residents know there was a new boss in town but she soon lost her drive when an old crush Marcus DB Woodside appeared in the ER So while I was excited to see the old Bailey laying down the law early on I was equally disappointed to see her turn to mush for a guy who obviously used her all throughout high school And so we had our theme for the night---Seattle Grace is just like high schoolWhile George and Izzie did their best to avoid each other tonight rumors regarding their rocky relationship kept cropping up everywhere I have to admit watching Izzie confront George by saying I heard we broke-up certainly took me back to my school days Sure the hallway dramas back then were painful to watch and even more painful to be a part of but a part of me found myself longing for those days again Thanks for making me all sentimental ShondaOf course at every school theres u read more

April 26, 2007: Desire

This episode effectively set the tone for next week's two-hour spin-off that will establish Kate Walsh's potential new series wherein Addison skips town for L.A. after getting Sleepless in Seattle. Poor gal couldn't get a break. First, McSteamy tells her he broke their no-sex agreement because he figured out that he wasn't the one for her (it didn't help when he saw Addison and Alex come out of the closet in more ways than one). Then, just when she figured she had a new boy toy after their totally hot closet sex, Alex gave her the "You're not my girlfriend" speech. Cue Debbie Downer. I felt that final narration line from Meredith summed up the hour quite eloquently: "People who suffer the most are the ones who don't know what they want." Terrific script by Mark Wilding.I was glad they didn't drag out the Izzie-George-Callie awkwardness anymore and had Callie finally speak up. I liked how Callie couldn't really be specific with her request to Izzie, saying: "Do whatever you have to d... read more

Fall 2007: Buffy's Sis Takes Stab at D.C.

A few pilot developments, from Variety and the Hollywood Reporter:• Buffy alum Michelle Trachtenberg has staked her claim to the female lead in ABC's D.C.-based comedy about a senator's aide (Eric Christian Olsen, yes the) who falls for the daughter of his boss' political archnemesis.• Arrested Development's Jeffrey Tambor will costar as a retired television scribe in the CBS comedy The Captain.• Kal Penn (Harold & Kumar) and Kali Rocha (Grey's Anatomy) are a hypochondriac paramedic and his boss, respectively, in ABC's The Call, from the creators of 24.• Brit hunk Stephen Moyer (Quills) has the lead in NSA Innocent, Fox's drama (also from the folks at 24) about a defense-contractor spy. read more

February 22, 2007: Some Kind of Miracle

Where do I start? First, a little self-indulgence. This magnificent episode — part three of a three-parter – aired on my birthday. So, Shonda darlin', thanks for the beyond-awesome birthday present! OK, enough of that. How fabulous was tonight? We knew in our hearts that Meredith would live. I enjoyed reading the plethora of comments the last few weeks, some predicting that "if Meredith dies, maybe she'll continue as narrator à la Mary Alice on Desperate Housewives?” Nope. The title of the episode was "Some Kind of Miracle."Last week when Denny and Dylan showed up in Meredith's temporary afterlife, I thought maybe that would be it. I thought Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Kyle Chandler were just there for quick cameos with hardly any lines. I absolutely loved how much screen time they had tonight — especially Jeffrey. Give that man an Emmy nomination for tonight, please (to make up for him not getting one last season). My favorite Denny scene was him praising Derek... read more

February 15, 2007: Drowning on Dry Land

I don't know about you, but it seems like all I've thought about all week is Meredith floating in the water. Oh, sure, Anna Nicole entered my thoughts. Idol mania is starting up again. Oscar fever is abounding. But I just could not get that little girl's face — her blank stare — out of my mind. Are you with me here? Oh. My. God. I fricking love this show. Let’s first talk about that ending! After Michael Ausiello and others let the cat out of the bag that Denny (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) would soon be back in some way, shape or form, I was hoping it would be something logical — a dream sequence or a flashback. As long as it wasn't via a TV cliché like a long-lost twin arriving or that he wasn't actually dead. But Meredith temporarily dying and seeing him that way and also seeing the Kyle Chandler character Dylan Young from last season? Absolutely brilliant. Meredith: "Am I... dead?" Denny: "Damn right you are." Meredith: "Holy sh--." OK, we didn't hear her say th... read more

November 9, 2006: Where the Boys Are

Somehow I knew the guys' camping trip was going to be a disaster. But at least it was a learning experience for everyone. George figured out that Burke's got a shaky hand and Callie slept with Sloan (thanks to Alex's big mouth). Alex learned that George has quite a temper. Webber discovered that bartender Joe (Steven W. Bailey) is in a loving relationship with a man named Walter (Jack Yang), which made Webber miss his wife Adele. Walter learned to never again go on a camping trip with straight guys. Burke realized that Derek has no male friends and George is rather nosy. Derek compared Sloan to "cancer — he infects everything" and yearned to start from the very beginning with Meredith. After last week's promos, I was right there with most of you, thinking Meredith had better not sleep with Sloan. Then I thought: "Nah, she knows better," so I'm glad I was right. Meredith's best moment with Sloan was her three rules: "No flirting, no talking about Derek and no giving me the face... read more

Grey's Anatomy ABC was very smart...

Grey's AnatomyABC was very smart to give us a new episode tonight, since the SAGs ended at 10 pm. And what a great one it was. Hopefully people who never watched the show but were watching the awards and saw Sandra Oh win (yea, Sandra!) thought, "Hmm, this gal just won a Golden Globe and now a SAG award. Maybe I should check out her show tonight." Yes, Sandra was fabulous as she always is, but Katherine Heigl and Ellen Pompeo gave their best performances, by far. Maybe the creative staff wanted to spread the wealth and help the other actors join Sandra and Patrick Dempsey in the world of award nominations. So Izzie has an 11-year old daughter that she gave up. What a perfect way for us to find out, by having her give advice to that youn read more

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