Justine Shapiro

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Globe Trekker: New Zealand Trailer
01:48 — Ian Wright discovers that New Zealand, far from merely being home to a larger population of sheep than of humans, is a land of wonderful landscapes, a (more…)
Globe Trekker: East Texas Trailer
02:13 — Presenter Zay Harding makes his way across the urban and rural landscapes of Eastern Texas and he encounters everything from rootin’ tootin’ cowboys, (more…)
Globe Trekker: World War II In Europe Trailer
02:01 — In this Globe Trekker special, traveller Megan McCormick is joined by Ian Wright, Adela Ucar Innerarity, Justine Shapiro and Estelle Bingham. Together (more…)
Globe Trekker: Central America: Costa Rica & Nicaragua Trailer
01:39 — Neil Gibson's journey begins in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, where he gets caught up in election fever and visits a volunteer group who are tr (more…)
Globe Trekker: North India: Varanasi To The Himalayas Trailer
01:24 — Traveller Andrew Daddo begins his intense journey through North India with a dawn boat trip on the holy River Ganges in Varanasi.
Globe Trekker: World History England Trailer
01:46 — Justine starts her historical journey dodging swords in a re-enactment of the Battle of Hastings, then travels up the coast to visit the Royal Pavilio (more…)
Globe Trekker: Ireland Trailer
01:42 — Traveler Ian Wright journeys through a land which, though ripped apart by political conflict, is renowned for its hospitality. The spirit of good time (more…)
Globe Trekker: Ethiopia Trailer
01:56 — Ian Wright begins his travels in Ethiopia in the northern highlands of Axum. He visits the oldest church in Ethiopia, which is supposedly the resting (more…)
Globe Trekker: Caribbean Islands St Lucia, Martinique, And Montserrat Trailer
02:01 — Welcome to The Caribbean Islands! Globe Trekker Zoe Palmer travels to the spectacularly beautiful islands of St Lucia, Martinique and Montserrat. Stee (more…)
Globe Trekker: Queensland And The Great Barrier Reef Trailer
01:43 — Megan McCormick travels to Queensland, Australia's second largest state whose 3000 mile coastline borders the Great Barrier Reef, the worlds largest l (more…)
Globe Trekker: Los Angeles Trailer
01:48 — Traveller Megan McCormick spends a week in Southern California, USA, exploring one of the world’s most exciting and glamorous cities: Los Angeles.
Globe Trekker: South Korea Trailer
02:00 — Globe Trekker Ian Wright starts his journey in the South Korean capital, Seoul. He takes in the delights of the Gyeong-dong market and tries his hand (more…)
Globe Trekker: Ultimate Australia Trailer
02:11 — Estelle Bingham finds herself on an adventure down under on the world's most diverse island, Australia. Through the eyes of three other presenters who (more…)
Globe Trekker: Finland & The Baltic States Trailer
01:43 — Neil Gibson journeys through the Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and then to Finland. He begins his journey in Vilnius, the capital of (more…)
Globe Trekker: Las Vegas Trailer
01:56 — Situated in the middle of the Mojave Desert, Las Vegas was founded just over 100 years ago in 1905. From its humble beginnings as a small desert outpo (more…)
Globe Trekker: West Africa: Benin, Burkina Faso & Mali Trailer
01:42 — West Africa is one of the poorest but most culturally diverse regions. For decades many parts of West Africa were under French rule and a strong conne (more…)
Globe Trekker: Cuba And Haiti Trailer
01:50 — Traveller Ian Wright skydives onto a Havana beach, where he begins his journey through Cuba & Haiti. He explores the bustling street markets in Havana (more…)
Globe Trekker: Trekking In Turks & Caicos And WALKING THE Milford Track Trailer
01:55 — Ian Wright island hops around the pristine coral atolls of the Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean.
Globe Trekker: Pakistan Trailer
01:34 — Pakistan was formed by the division of India half a century ago, and founded in the name of Islam. Few Western people venture here but as traveller Ne (more…)
Globe Trekker: Belgium & Luxembourg Trailer
01:50 — Our traveller Katy Haswell visits Belgium and Luxembourg, two countries that are somewhat overlooked despite being at the crossroads of Europe and fin (more…)
Globe Trekker: Cyprus & Crete Trailer
01:55 — K.T. Comer travels around the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Beginning her adventures in the southern resort of Ayia Napa, she checks out the beach p (more…)
Globe Trekker: Endangered Places Trailer
02:06 — Anyone who has experienced the Taj Mahal, taken in the natural beauty of the Victoria Falls, or braved the wilds of Antarctica cannot fail to be moved (more…)
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