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Keck's Exclusives: Larry David's Family Ties

Curb Your Enthusiasm

It's been a year and a half since HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm signed off with a Seinfeld reunion. Now, with Season 8 finally premiering July 10, star and creator Larry David is saluting another beloved series from NBC's classic Thursday-night lineup, landing guest appearances from two Family Ties faves... read more

Zach Galifianakis' Web Series Wins Streamy Awards

Zach Galifianakis

Zach Galifianakis' Funny or Die web series, Between Two Ferns, took home two Streamy Awards — for best comedic actor and best comedy series.

The second annual Streamy Awards ... read more

Jeers: Just Say No, Justine!

Justine Bateman in Desperate Housewives by Danny Feld/ABC

Jeers to Desperate Housewives for wasting Justine Bateman in a silly subplot. I was excited when I heard one of my teenage crushes would be visiting Wisteria Lane, but couldn't they have come up with a better-fitting role for the Family Ties alum than Ellie, a drug dealer who moves into Gaby and Carlos' house? I'm not sure which was more far-fetched: Gaby recruiting gay neighbor Lee to try and prove her boarder was a hooker or Ellie's untrue story that she's running a tattoo parlor in her room. Even Mallory Keaton wouldn't have bought that one.• For a review of Robin Williams on Law & Order: SVU, check out the latest Cheers & Jeers vodcast. • Share your own raves and rants about other shows on the Reader Cheers & Jeers discussion board.• We may feature your Cheer or Jeer on TVGuide.com or in TV Guide magazine! read more

Yo, Mallory! Housewives Ties Up Bateman

Justine Bateman by Alexandra Wyman/ WireImage.com

Family Ties alumna Justine Bateman, who last season enjoyed a short, pot-stirring run on Men in Trees, now is heading to a different ABC serial. As reported by ET, Jason's sis is joining Desperate Housewives for a multi-episode stint, playing "a hip artist living with Gabby and Carlos." What do you think, will Justine play spoiler to a Gablos reunion, as she did with Trees' Marin and Jack?DH returns with fresh episodes April 13. Bateman's first airdate has not been revealed.Use our Online Video Guide to revisit Housewives' pre-strike antics. read more

Men in Trees' Anne Heche and Pals Raise the Romantic Heat

Scott Elrod and Anne Heche, Men in Trees

It's the kind of blue-skied mountains-meet-the-ocean day that Vancouver was made for. And the cast of Men in Trees (premiering tonight at 10 pm/ET ABC) is spending the whole day in a bar. OK, so the Chieftain is not a real bar. It's a copy of a nearby bar, right down to the posters offering expert rifle cleaning and bear repellent, and it's where the fictional citizens of the fictional town of Elmo, Alaska, fictionally hang out. But according to star Anne Heche, the friendly you-scratch-my-back-I-loan-you-my-sled-dog atmosphere that makes the ABC drama such heartwarming fun is anything but fictional. "The cast and crew of this show really do comprise a real-life Elmo," says Heche, who plays Marin Frist, a New York City writer who finds solace, community and even love in Elmo. "We're all great friends with lots of humor and warmth betw read more

Justine Bateman Gives Men in Trees a Good Shake

Justine Bateman, Men in Trees

In a candid TV Guide interview, former '80s teen star Justine Bateman opens up about making mayhem on ABC's Men in Trees (Thursdays at 10 pm/ET), her kids, and... knitting sweaters for Courtney Love?! TV Guide: How did you land the role of Lynn on Men in Trees? Justine Bateman: This is going to sound so made up, but I was on an airplane and [series creator] Jenny Bicks was also on the plane. We didn't have a conversation. She saw me, called my agents and said, "Oh, can she play Lynn?" TV Guide: Lynn was a character on the show before we even met her. She was discussed for months, right? Bateman: Yeah. Sometimes in theater, they'll talk about your character a lot before read more

As Time Goes Dubai

I am currently blogging to you from a hotel room in the Middle East, listening to all the songs on my iPod that begin with "H," and enjoying a tarte tatin I just transported from Paris. This is the glamorous half of my winter vacation — the second half will be spent sleeping on an air mattress in an Ohio basement with my boyfriend and his two brothers. But for now I'm in a city called Dubai, which is located in the United Arab Emirates, next to Saudi Arabia and just across the Gulf from Iran. It is also the current residence of my grandmother, and my parents and I have traveled here for some much-needed grandma face time. As to why my grandmother is in the Middle East, I don't think I can really explain the whole story of my crazy family without going all the way back to the Russian Revolution, and part of that explanation could lead to the indictment of certain family members, so I'll leave that one for my memoir. Right now I'm sitting in a Marriott in the middle of the desert... read more

"New York Fiction, Part II"

Welcome to another Men in Trees blog by your friendly host, Bergl. I've just returned from a promotional shoot for the UK launch of Men in Trees, which is very exciting for me because I'm originally from England (my dad is British and my mom is Irish). Did you know that Jason O'Mara, who plays the charming publisher Stuart Maxson, is Irish? He has the most amazing American accent, which you will be hearing again in subsequent episodes. (Ladies, don't you love how they keep adding even more handsome men to the show? James Tupper can't be expected to shoulder all the burden on his fisherman sweater-clad shoulders, which, yes, do look as good in real life.)Jason O'Mara is from Sandycove, which is right around the corner from the town of Dalkey, where my mother grew up. Now our Irish relatives can watch us on Men in Trees. Up until now, my appearances on UK TV were mostly limited to The Rage: Carrie 2 and an episode of CSI: Miami, and in both of these I kill people — most notably... read more

Welcome to Thursday Nights, Everyone!

Greetings, virtual community, it's good to be back! I just got back from the movie theater with Justine Bateman, where we saw this slasher movie called Fur. OK, it's not really a slasher movie, it's a movie about photographer Diane Arbus, but the one thing that did get slashed was my part. Between that and the Bears losing, it could've been quite the downward spiral today, but I count it as a step on the way to becoming a real actor. In my book, you're not a real actor until your part hits the cutting-room floor, you get a bad review, and you've been fired. So I am two-thirds of the way there — I just hope the firing doesn't happen on Men in Trees, because I love seeing these people at work every day. And Justine Bateman may or may not be one of those people (whom, as I see at work, no one can resist loving). I can't reveal any more except that she may or may not have one of the greatest lead-ins and entrances on a television show I've ever seen. A literal and metaphorical stor... read more

Casting News: Family Ties Vet Climbs Trees

Eskim-yo, Mallory! Justine Bateman is joining ABC's Men in Trees in the recurring role of a down-to-earth wildlife photographer ex-girlfriend of Jack's (James Tupper) who returns to Elmo with "startling news," an ABC rep tells TVGuide.com.... Reuters reports that David Spade has joined the cast of CBS' mid-season laffer Rules of Engagement, playing the best bud of Oliver Hudson's prospective groom. read more

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