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Botz the Babysitter
01:17 — Ms. Botz, the babysitter, appears more foreboding than anticipated.
Al Kaholic
00:32 — Bart and Lisa make a prank call to Moe's.
Oliver Klozoff
00:17 — Bart and Lisa make a little pre-dinner entertainment by prank calling Moe's.
Homer Shaves
00:46 — Homer's beard reappears seconds after shaving.
The Smurfs: Season 5 Volume 2
Want more of The Smurfs? You've got it in Season Five! Before Jack Sparrow gave pirates a good name there were the Pepper Pirates and in "Marco Smurf (more…)
The Bodyguard
07:22 — Jerry uses a whistle given to him by a grateful bulldog to stop Tom from chasing him.
Mouse In Manhattan
08:11 — Jerry decides to move out of the country, and into New York City. He writes a note for Tom, telling him about his departure. He arrives in the city to (more…)
Baby Butch
07:07 — Butch dresses as a baby and leaves himself on the doorstep as a means of gaining entry to the refrigerator but Jerry teams up with Tom to foil his pla (more…)
Truce Hurts
07:54 — Tom, Jerry, and Spike sign a truce but things change quickly when a big steak is dropped by their house.
Pet Peeve
06:25 — Tom and Spike compete to catch Jerry so they can stay instead of getting kicked out by their owners.
Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Mouse
07:25 — Jerry drinks a potion that makes him grow to the size of a giant. He decides to go after Tom, because THIS time he's bigger. Once the potion wears off (more…)
The Duck Doctor
07:06 — Hunting in the woods, Tom wounds a duckling, little Quacker, who is doctored by Jerry.
Neapolitan Mouse
07:16 — Tom and Jerry are touring through Naples and they encounter an Italian mouse.
Smurf Me No Flowers
13:50 — A sleepless Lazy thinks he's dying and sets out to do all the dangerous things he was always too sleepy to do before.
Vanishing Duck
07:07 — George gives Joan a baby duck for her birthday. While they are out celebrating, Tom goes after the duck but his plans are thwarted when the duck (and, (more…)
The Dark-Ness Monster
11:16 — Brainy loses his glasses and becomes helpless without Clumsy's assistance, making him regret his previous treatment of the klutzy Smurf.
The Night Before Christmas
08:41 — It is Christmas Eve and Tom gets to know the spirit of giving after he tosses Jerry outside in the cold when he catches him trying to get to a present (more…)
Little School Mouse
07:10 — Jerry teaches Nibbles how to outwit a cat.
Touché, Pussycat
06:42 — Jerry must train a young mouse to earn the title of mouseketeer despite the efforts of Tom to stop it.
A Mouse In the House
07:55 — Tom and Spike the bulldog compete to catch Jerry because the one who does capture the mouse will stay in the house while the other gets kicked outside (more…)
Little School Mouse
07:10 — Jerry teaches Nibbles how to outwit a cat.
Tom and Cherie
06:40 — Jerry needs a young mousketeer to be an errand boy to get to his love but Tom stands in his way.
Bowling Alley Cat
07:58 — Tom and Jerry are at the bowling alley as mayhem ensues.
Professor Tom
07:35 — A younger cat looks to Tom to teach him how to properly catch mice.
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