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Birth Name: Juliet Anne Virginia Stevens

Birth Place: Kelvedon, Essex, England

Birthday: October 30, 1956, Scorpio

Profession: Actor

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Mon Feb 9 12:00pm
AtlantisThe Earth Bull(Season 1, Episode 1) BBC

A young man's search for his missing father leads him to the legendary city of Atlantis. In the opener, Jason hunts for his dad and washes up on the shores of a strange and mysterious land where he becomes involved in a deadly ritual.

Tue Feb 10 12:00pm
AtlantisA Girl by Any Other Name(Season 1, Episode 2) BBC

An old man asks Jason to find his missing daughter who was taken by the Maenads, fanatical worshipers of the god Dionysus.

Wed Feb 11 12:00pm
AtlantisA Boy of No Consequence(Season 1, Episode 3) BBC

Jason and his friends are at the mercy of King Minos who declares that Poseidon will decide their fate, which is to become bull leapers. To survive, they must jump the charging beast.

Thu Feb 12 12:00pm
AtlantisTwist of Fate(Season 1, Episode 4) BBC

The guys find an abandoned baby while hunting in the mountains. Jason refuses to leave the child to die, but the decision carries serious implications.

Fri Feb 13 12:00pm
AtlantisWhite Lies(Season 1, Episode 5) BBC

Ariadne must decide where her loyalties lie; Therus plans to share the truth about his ex with his sister and expose a plot that could overshadow Minos's power and bring the royals to their knees.

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