Julie Plec



  • Grey's Anatomy "I've watched it from the beginning. I love that every week it makes me laugh and it makes me cry. I love the ensemble, and I think it's perfectly cast."
  • Game of Thrones "I loved the first season. I have not watched Season 2 yet; I'm waiting to do it all at once. But talk about epic storytelling. It's so emotional, such amazing characters. "
  • Homeland "I loved Claire Danes since My So-Called Life. Homeland is so exciting, so vivid, so smart. The performances are like theatre; it's like watching a master class in theatre. "
  • Scandal "This is my new favorite and I'm obsessed. I'm always a Shonda [Rhimes] fan. I love her voice, her rhythm, her patterns, but this show has such a terrific execution across the board from the cinematography to editing to music. It's like West Wing with awesome PR spin doctor stuff. It's smart, emotional and romantic."
  • Friday Night Lights "This is my favorite show to the end of day. It will never get any better than that. That show will live on within my heart forever. "

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