Julie Newmar



Year Title Description
2013 Pioneers of Television: Superheroes
Season 3, Episode 3
Episode, Remarks by
2008 Bio Classics: Catwoman Episode, Subject (person only)
2007 Living Live: Episode Episode, Guest
2006 According to Jim: The Grumpy Guy
Season 5, Episode 18
Episode, Actor
2004 Biography: Catwoman Episode, Remarks by
2003 Biography: Batman Episode, Remarks by
2001 Great Entertainers: Julie Newmar: The Cat's Meow Episode, Subject (person only)
2000 Biography: Julie Newmar Episode, Subject (person only)
1995 Backlash Movie, Actor - Miss Kitty
1995 To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything! Julie Newmar Movie, Actor - Herself
1994 Oblivion Movie, Actor - Miss Kitty
1990 Ghosts Can't Do It Movie, Actor - Angel
1985 Streetwalkin' Movie, Actor - Queen Bee
1985 Evils Of The Night Movie, Actor - Dr. Zarma
1983 Hysterical Movie, Actor - Venetia
1979 The Love Boat: Crew Confessions; Haven't I Seen You?; Reunion
Season 3, Episode 7
Episode, Actor - Marla Samms
1976 The Bionic Woman: Black Magic
Season 2, Episode 7
Episode, Actor - Claudette
1975 McMillan and Wife: Aftershock
Season 5, Episode 3
Episode, Actor - Luciana
1973 Columbo: Double Shock
Season 3, Episode 8
Episode, Actor - Lisa
1972 Love, American Style: Love and the Bathtub; The Advice Column; The Fullback; The Guru; The Physical
Season 3, Episode 17
Episode, Actor
1971 Love, American Style: Love and the Serious Wedding; Murphy's Bed; The Cake; The Neighbor
Season 2, Episode 9
Episode, Actor
1971 Bewitched: The Eight Year Itch Witch
Season 8, Episode 12
Episode, Actor
1970 McCloud: Who Killed Miss U.S.A.?
Season 1, Episode 1
Episode, Actor - Adrienne
1970 Up Your Teddy Bear Movie, Actor - Toy Company Director
1969 Mackenna's Gold Movie, Actor - Heshke
1969 The Maltese Bippy Movie, Actor - Carlotta Ravenswood
1969 It Takes a Thief: The Funeral Is on Mundy
Season 2, Episode 20
Episode, Actor - Susannah
1968 Get Smart: The Lazer Blazer
Season 4, Episode 10
Episode, Actor - Ingrid
1967 Star Trek: Friday's Child
Season 2, Episode 11
Episode, Actor - Eleen
1967 The Monkees: Monkees Get Out More Dirt
Season 1, Episode 29
Episode, Actor
1966 Batman TV Show Series, Actor - Catwoman
1966 The Beverly Hillbillies: Beautiful Maid
Season 4, Episode 27
Episode, Actor
1964 My Living Doll TV Show Series, Actor - Rhoda Miller
1963 The Twilight Zone: Of Late I Think of Cliffordville
Season 4, Episode 14
Episode, Actor - Miss Devlin
1963 For Love Or Money Movie, Actor - Bonnie Brasher
1962 Route 66: How Much a Pound Is Albatross
Season 2, Episode 18
Episode, Actor - Vicki
1962 Route 66: Give the Old Cat a Tender Mouse
Season 3, Episode 14
Episode, Actor - Vicki
1960 The Marriage-Go-Round Movie, Actor - Katrin Sveg
1959 Li'L Abner Movie, Actor - Stupefyin' Jones
1959 The Rookie Movie, Actor - Lili Marlene
1954 Seven Brides For Seven Brothers Movie, Actor - Dorcas
1953 Serpent Of The Nile Movie, Actor - Golden Girl
1953 Slaves Of Babylon Movie, Actor - Specialty Dancer
Love, American Style: Love and the Comedy Team; Love and the Cake Episode, Actor
Love, American Style: Love and the Bathtub; Love and the Latin Lover Episode, Actor - Dolly
Maggie: If You Could See What I Hear Episode, Actor - Catwoman
Love, American Style: Love and the Big Night Episode, Actor - Holly


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