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GH Spoiler: What Is Sam Hiding from Jason?
00:53 — Jason confronts Sam about her medical lie.
Who Will Catch Olivia’s Bouquet?
00:37 — All the single ladies!
GH Spoiler: Will Jason Be Sonny's Successor?
01:45 — Sonny is planning for retirement.
GH Spoiler: Finn Has a Plan to Trap Obrecht
01:23 — Monica demands answers from Finn.
GH Spoiler: Is Nathan's Secret Out?
00:58 — The jig might be up for Nathan.
GH Spoiler: Josslyn Calls Out Carly for Kissing Sonny
01:47 — Josslyn gives her mom a reality check.
GH Spoiler: Ava Is Haunted by Morgan's Death
00:48 — Ava admits to being haunted by Morgan's death.
GH Spoiler: Will Ava Stay Silent?
01:26 — Can Sonny keep Ava from running to Carly?
Wait - WHO Is Edward's Daughter?
01:33 — The truth will be revealed - thanks to a clandestine DNA test.
GH Spoiler: Is Samira a Quartermaine?
01:33 — The results of the DNA test Tracy ordered are in.
GH Spoiler: Tracy Defends Her Life
00:15 — Tracy's on trial for all her dirty, rotten past deeds.
53 Shades of GH: The Alexis & Julian Version
01:56 — This Valentine's Day enjoy 53 Shades of GH: The Alexis & Julian Version!
GH Spoiler: Will Julian Turn Alexis Into the Police?
01:17 — Alexis wonders if Julian will turn her into the police.
Arrest Me or Get Lost
01:12 — Anna and Obrecht have another unpleasant run-in at GH. They argue about everything from Nina to stolen babies to Faison.
Line of the Week: You Would Like Vanilla
01:24 — Spencer never misses an opportunity to tease Cameron.
Michael's Request for Sonny
01:01 — Will Sonny turn over the recording to Michael?
Sneak Peek: Will Britt Turn in Faison?
01:05 — "Enjoy your last moments of happiness with the Prince!"
Larry's Great Escape
00:42 — Larry runs away and hops into a getaway car.
Will Patrick Get His Job Back at GH?
00:23 — Sam accompanies Patrick to the hospital to provide moral support while he learns the fate of his job.
Julian Admits Ric Is Innocent
00:57 — Julian admits to Alexis that Ric was framed.
Sneak Peek: Will Nina Surrender the Baby?
01:52 — Franco tries to convince Nina to turn the baby over to the authorities.
General Hospital Now: Coming in January!
00:37 — A new talk show with your favorite GH stars dishing about daytime drama!
GH Spoiler: Tracy and Laura's Heart-to-Heart About Edward
01:37 — Laura wants Tracy to know Edward loved her.
Line of the Week: Snakes in Your Hair
00:51 — Spencer gets lippy with his great-grandmother Helena. “Father said I’d know you by the snakes in your hair.”
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