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Five Ways MTV Could Relive Its Youth at Age 30


On Aug. 1, 1981, with the help of the Buggles and their song "Video Killed the Radio Star," MTV launched into orbit. That means that MTV is turning 30. That's nearly a generation older than those in its 12-to-18 target demographic. Break out the dentures and Depends!

Seriously though, MTV is far different now. Really, with the boost of Jersey Shore and the 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom  shows, it's a different animal from when the channel was 27. When people talk about its changing face, the "Play videos again!" critique is never far from the discourse; yet, it's hard to see how straightforward music-video programming would fit in to a YouTubed world. Plus, MTV already has a bunch of offshoot stations like MTV Jams to do just that.

That said, it would be nice for MTV to relive what it once did well as a general pop-culture authority.

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VIDEO: Chuck's Yvonne Strahovski Skewers Pop Starlets

Yvonne Strahovski

It turns out that Chuck's Yvonne Strahovski can hang with the best of 'em... or at least mock them mercilessly. In the CollegeHumor original video "Three Pop Stars, One Song," the Aussie hottie shows her funny side as she skewers the "manufactured images" of Katy Perry, Ke$ha and Lady Gaga by singing in a naggingly off-key manner reminiscent of vintage Julie Brown. Where Perry and Ke$ha are concerned, read more

Julie Brown Finds New "Vague Celebrities" to Poke Fun At

Julie Brown

More than 25 years after she rose to fame with her parody song "Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun," '80s pop icon and comedian Julie Brown is still acting, writing and finding new celebs to make fun of. Brown spoke to TVGuide.com about her latest role on the ABC sitcom The Middle (Wed, 8/7c), and why after all these years she's still asked to perform her hit song.

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Cheers: Julie Brown Rocks on!

Julie Brown by John Medland/Disney Channel

Cheers to Julie Brown for making a comeback with Camp Rock. The tongue-in-cheek '80s pop star ("Cause I'm a Blond," "I Like 'Em Big and Stupid")-turned-comic actress (Earth Girls Are Easy, Clueless) cowrote the Disney Channel's latest tuneful smash and appears as the camp's super-perky director. Brown's anti-blond bias still comes through via fair-haired villainess Tess Tyler (Meaghan Jette Martin). Seeing the talented Brown — not to be confused with ex-MTV VJ "Downtown" Julie Brown — was a treat for parents forced to sit through Camp with their tweens. Clearly, she learned how to reinvent herself from Madonna, whom she devastatingly parodied in 1992's Medusa: Dare to be Truthful. Hope she taught the Jonas Brothers about career longevity.• Share your own raves and rants about other shows on the Reader Cheers & Jeers discussion board.• We may feature your Cheer or Jeer on TVGuide.com or in TV Guide magazine! read more

Recap: Camp Rock

Camp Rock by John Medland/Disney Channel

OMG! Tonight was the premiere of Camp Rock, and I'm not sure where to begin. There's been a lot of hype surrounding the TV-movie and whether it will be as good, or even better than High School Musical. I personally thought it was pretty rockin'. I'd recap every detail, but we'd be here all night. So here's my abbreviated version — now let's get to it!The movie began with Mitchie (brilliantly played by breakout star Demi Lovato) on her last day of school. She's as chipper as can be as she dreams of being able to attend Camp Rock. She's immediately brought back to reality as her mom tells her one last time that there's no way they can afford to send her there. While Mitchie is off at school, sad that her musical fantasy may never come to fruition, her mom gets an offer to be the camp cook since her catering gigs tend to slow down during the summer months. Mitchie can come along, with the stipulation that she helps in the kitchen. The first person Mitchie meets is Caitlyn, the mu... read more

Cheers: A Wild, Wild CSI

William Petersen and Nicole Sullivan by Michael Yarish/CBS

Cheers to CSI for taking a ride on the wild side. CBS' drama took a detour off the Sin City strip to probe a string of murders related to the Las Vegas rodeo. The episode rounded up a posse of rootin'-tootin' guests, including Jewel (singing the National Anthem), real-life cowboy-toy Ty Murray, outlaw offspring Shooter Jennings and sitcom vets Nicole Sullivan and Julie Brown. Not to mention a barroom full of catfighting cowgirls. Plus, the script was educational: Who knew there was such a thing as "semen rustling"? Yee-haw!• Read and react to Bruce's opinions on Project Runway, Jon Stewart and more!• Share your own raves and rants about other shows on the Reader Cheers & Jeers discussion board.• We may feature your Cheer or Jeer on TVGuide.com or in TV Guide magazine! read more

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