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Ugly Betty's Devilish Marc: A Nice Guy After All

Michael Urie, Ugly Betty

His Texas roots and career beginnings as a broke thespian in New York have molded Michael Urie, the deliciously devious assistant Marc St. James on Ugly Betty (Thursdays, 8 pm/ET on ABC), into a down-to-earth guy off stage. TV Guide caught up with the actor as he adjusts to fame and fortune — by modestly, and finally, upgrading his pullout couch.

TV Guide: What do you and your character, Marc St. James, have in common?
Michael Urie:
I love my job and he loves his job. But I'm not fashionable or mean. Marc and Amanda are pretty much Michael and Becki [Newton] — we're goofy like that.

TV Guide: In real life, you two are inseparable BFFs, right?
[Nods] We were meant to be friends, and we were k read more

Inside the Emmys: All the Gossip from the Creative Arts Bash!

Elizabeth Reaser, Kathy Griffin and Tim Daly

Kathy Griffin may have referred to them as the Schmemmys, but this year's Creative Arts Emmys proved that even Life on the D List is worth an A-list award. And so is, apparently, wrapping your "D--k in a Box." At the significantly more relaxed event than next week's extravaganza, the red carpet became a place for friends to catch up and proud fathers and mothers to snap photos of their children being interviewed. Ugly Betty's Judith Light and Grey's Anatomy's Kate Burton, both up for a guest-star Emmy, had a hard time turning their attention to the press a read more

Well, it's that time again — ...

Kyle Chandler, Friday Night Lights

Question: Well, it's that time again — time to rejoice and weep about the Emmy nominations. I was actually pleasantly surprised this year. After last year's debacle (it can't be called anything else), I wasn't expecting much. But this year, probably 75 to 80 percent of my wish list was granted, which, when it comes to Emmy nominations, is pretty good. Nothing's perfect, of course: In particular, I was disappointed that Lost wasn't nominated for best drama (but Boston Legal was? What?) and that Matthew Fox and Elizabeth Mitchell weren't recognized for their riveting performances. As a new convert to Friday Night Lights, I was also disappointed (but hardly surprised) to see that the show received no nominations at all. But there was good news to balance things out: I was particularly thrilled to see nominations for Ugly Betty, and for America Ferrera and Vanessa L. Williams. I also think they got it right in nominating Sally Field, Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn for their great weekly ... read more

Ugly Betty: Burning Questions Answered!

America Ferrera and Eric Mabius, Ugly Betty

Are Betty and Henry ever going to get together? Have faith! "It all comes to a head by the finale [May 17]," says Christopher Gorham, who plays Henry. "By the end, there will be some resolution between Henry and [girlfriend] Charlie and a new complication with the love triangle. Henry really steps up for Betty — and pays the price. The thing is," he adds, "Henry and Betty needed to break up. By taking herself out of the picture, Betty made him realize how great she is. They are going to move toward being together." Hope this isn't rude, but we really want to know: Is Betty still a virgin?"Uh… no," says the show's executive producer Silvio Horta. The only guy she's ever been with is Walter, a fact alluded to in the episode called "The Lyin', the Watch and the Wardrobe." Are we ever going to find read more

November 1, 2006: She Attacked My Sausage

It's November 1, and Twenty Good Years is still on the air! Frankly, every week now I'm wondering if this is the last time I'll see the show. I know one of these times, that will come true. But for now, the more viewers it loses, the funnier it gets. This was the most consistently funny episode of the series so far. It's funny how it worked for me; there wasn't much that was really memorable, but I was smiling throughout. It's nice to see Judith Light in something other than a Lifetime movie right now. She plays the stuck-up character quite well, in everything she does. The scene at the bed-and-breakfast where she comes to get Jeffrey was scary — Halloween-night scary! "John, you son of a bitch... I will wash this car with your blood," was a high point of the entire series so far. Good for Jeffrey, to actually grow some marbles. The lady almost took him to the dark side, but John taught us all a lesson: Patience sucks, and attack relentlessly until your subject obeys. A true vi... read more


Never underestimate the power of a televised mammogram, folks: In its second week on the air, The Tyra Banks Show was up 25 percent among women 18 to 49. In related news, Tony Danza will get screened for testicular cancer on his show today. Judith Light will do the honors. read more

Did Tony and Angela ever get ...

Man of the house: Who's the Boss?'s Danza

Question: Did Tony and Angela ever get married on Who's the Boss?

Answer: That's entirely up to you, Mar, since the show never really said either way. When last we saw ad exec Angela Bower (Phenom's Judith Light) and her former housekeeper, Tony Micelli (Taxi and Family Law's Tony Danza), they were giving their relationship another shot after an incredibly long flirtation and at least one failed attempt. (Angela had moved to Iowa with ex-St. Louis Cardinals second-baseman Tony when he got a job coaching baseball, but had then moved back after jonesing for her old career.) If you're an optimist and old-fashioned romantic, then sure — consider them married.

Of course Danza wasn't one to settle down easily in real life, either, especially during the time the hit ABC sitcom was on the air (1984 to 199 read more

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