Tue Sep 8 9:00am
Three's CompanyBob and Carol and Larry and Terri(Season 7, Episode 13) TVLAND

The trio's happily married friends (Constance Mellors, Don Sparks) are splitting up over a story that got distorted in the retelling. John Ritter, Joyce DeWitt, Don Knotts.

Tue Sep 8 9:36am
Three's CompanyGoing to Pot(Season 7, Episode 14) TVLAND

Jack gathers evidence to bust a building inspector who threatens to close the bistro unless he receives a bribe; but the police are more interested in the "pot" Furley delivers to the restaurant. John Ritter. Inspector: Bill Cort. Furley: Don Knotts.

Wed Sep 9 9:00am
Three's CompanyStarstruck(Season 7, Episode 15) TVLAND

A soap-opera star proposes to Terri on their first date. Priscilla Barnes, John Ritter, Joyce DeWitt. Shirley: Joy Garrett. Bernie: Thomas Ryan. Furley: Don Knotts.

Wed Sep 9 9:36am
Three's CompanyJack Goes the Distance(Season 7, Episode 16) TVLAND

Jack is challenged to a bout by a boxing powerhouse (Paul Sylvan) when he defends Furley in an argument. John Ritter, Don Knotts, Richard Kline, Joyce DeWitt.

Thu Sep 10 9:00am
Three's CompanyJack's Double Date(Season 7, Episode 17) TVLAND

Jack bets he can give up women for a week, but singles night at the Regal Beagle provides an overwhelming temptation. Ellen: Taaffe O'Connell. Martha: Barbara Stuart. Jack: John Ritter.

Thu Sep 10 9:36am
Three's CompanyJanet's Little Helper(Season 7, Episode 18) TVLAND

Jack thinks Janet is robbing the cradle when he sees her dining with a teenager, Furley's shy nephew who's trying to gain confidence with women. John Ritter, Joyce DeWitt. Marc: Brian Robbins. Julie: Julie Piekarski.

Fri Sep 11 9:00am
Three's CompanyThe Apartment(Season 7, Episode 19) TVLAND

Jack tells his roommates he'll be working late, but they find him entertaining a woman in the apartment above the bistro. John Ritter. Daphne: Ilene Graff. Angelino: Jordan Charney. Mrs. Angelino: Kay Freeman.

Fri Sep 11 9:36am
Three's CompanyHair Today, Gone Tomorrow(Season 7, Episode 20) TVLAND

It seems it only takes a fake mustache to make Jack irresistible to Terri (Priscilla Barnes). John Ritter. Ginger: Jenny Sherman. Mrs. Alden: Mina Kolb. Janet: Joyce DeWitt.

Mon Sep 14 9:00am
Three's CompanyNavy Blues(Season 7, Episode 21) TVLAND

Jack's conniving buddy could become his partner at the bistro if Mr. Angelino gets his way. Bill: Rod McCary. Jack: John Ritter. Angelino: Jordan Charney.

Mon Sep 14 9:36am
Three's CompanyBorrowing Trouble(Season 7, Episode 22) TVLAND

Janet and Terri think Jack is too proud to borrow money for the bistro's rent, so they set up a phony radio contest Jack's sure to win. John Ritter, Don Knotts. Angelino: Jordan Charney. Larry: Richard Kline.

Mon Sep 14 10:12am
Three's CompanyJack Be Quick(Season 8, Episode 1) TVLAND

Jack fears that his new flame is thinking marriage, but he isn't relieved to find that she only wants to have his baby. John Ritter, Richard Kline, Don Knotts.

Tue Sep 15 9:00am
Three's CompanyShe Loves Me, She Loves Me Not(Season 8, Episode 2) TVLAND

Jack finds a "Rate Your Roommate" quiz and concludes that one of his roommates wants to have an affair with him. John Ritter, Joyce DeWitt, Priscilla Barnes.

Tue Sep 15 9:36am
Three's CompanyThe Money Machine(Season 8, Episode 3) TVLAND

Furley finally replaces a couch where Jack stashed $1000 accidentally disbursed by a bank machine. Don Knotts, John Ritter, Richard Kline. Bank Officer: Floyd Levine. Bank Guard: Chuck Lindsly.

Tue Sep 15 10:12am
Three's CompanyOut on a Limb(Season 8, Episode 4) TVLAND

Jack tries to retrieve a scathing letter he wrote to a restaurant critic before reading the critic's surprisingly favorable review of the Bistro. Townsend: Ken Olfson. Jack: John Ritter. Mrs. Fitsimmons: Natalie Core.

Wed Sep 16 9:00am
Three's CompanyHearing Is Believing(Season 8, Episode 6) TVLAND

Jack's new girlfriend won't discuss her line of work---but not for the reason Janet thinks. John Ritter, Joyce DeWitt, Priscilla Barnes. Sam: Ben Slack.

Wed Sep 16 9:36am
Three's CompanyAlias Jack Tripper(Season 8, Episode 5) TVLAND

After making two dates for the same time, Jack has to come up with an alter ego---so he drafts Larry for the role. Richard Kline, John Ritter. Agnes: Rita Wilson. Sharon: Lana Clarkson. Janet: Joyce DeWitt.

Wed Sep 16 10:12am
Three's CompanyGrandma Jack(Season 8, Episode 7) TVLAND

Jack's cookie recipe wins in a contest---but the judges are expecting to award the $10,000 to "Grandma Tripper." Richard Kline, John Ritter, Priscilla Barnes. Landers: Parley Baer.

Thu Sep 17 9:00am
Three's CompanyLike Father, like Son(Season 8, Episode 8) TVLAND

Jack is less than thrilled by a visit from his father (Dick Shawn) until he learns of his recent misfortune. Joyce DeWitt, Priscilla Barnes. Jennifer: Marsha Haynes. Jack: John Ritter.

Thu Sep 17 9:36am
Three's CompanyThe Odd Couples(Season 8, Episode 9) TVLAND

Jack and Terri and Janet and Larry pose as married couples to deflect the advances of Terri's boss (John Reilly). Gail: Judith-Marie Bergan. Sue Anne: Amy Stuckey.

Thu Sep 17 10:12am
Three's CompanyNow You See It, Now You Don't(Season 8, Episode 10) TVLAND

To impress a wealthy date, Jack gambles heavily at a charity casino party. John Ritter, Richard Kline, Joyce DeWitt, Priscilla Barnes. Bradley: John David Carson.

Fri Sep 18 9:00am
Three's CompanyThe Charming Stranger(Season 8, Episode 11) TVLAND

The charming British gent next door may have stolen more than Janet and Terri's hearts. Joyce DeWitt, Priscilla Barnes, John Ritter, Don Knotts.

Fri Sep 18 9:36am
Three's CompanyJanet Shapes Up(Season 8, Episode 12) TVLAND

Janet is working as an aerobics instructor, but Jack thinks her job is secure only if he accommodates her boss (Victoria Carroll). Joyce DeWitt, John Ritter.

Fri Sep 18 10:12am
Three's CompanyItching for Trouble(Season 8, Episode 13) TVLAND

Jack's efforts to help patch up a friend's shaky marriage only increase her husband's jealousy. Robyn: Greta Blackburn. Jack: John Ritter. Francis: Don Sparks.

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