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Sneak Peek Winter Finale: Big Guns
01:59 — Director Mace, Coulson and May discuss their next move against Eli Morrow.
Episode 7: Metamorphosis
00:59 — Simmons is in awe of what her secret assignment reveals.
Joss Whedon Seeks to Save the Day... Election Day
07:36 — Joy Reid speaks to superhero movie director Joss Whedon ("The Avengers") on his star-studded ad campaign aimed at overcoming voter apathy and voter su (more…)
Chasing the Rider: Forging Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D., Ep. 2
02:22 — Go behind the scenes of this season's epic Ghost Rider stunts.
Creating the Ghost Rider: Forging Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D., Ep. 1
02:59 — Visual effects supervisor Mark Kolpack talks the making of Ghost Rider.
Ghost Rider Does the Impossible
01:57 — Robbie transforms into Ghost Rider and breaks out of the containment cell.
Part 1: How Robbie Reyes Became Ghost Rider
02:57 — Robbie begins to tell Gabe the truth about what happened that night.
Ghost Rider vs. Director Mace
01:20 — Gabe begs his brother to stop as it looks like he's about to kill Mace.
Part 2: How Robbie Reyes Became Ghost Rider
04:07 — Robbie tells Gabe a good samaritan didn't save them, it was the devil.
Eli's Truth Is Revealed
01:31 — Coulson, Fitz and Robbie disappear after Eli activates a major shockwave.
Ghost Rider Gets Vengeance On Lucy
02:04 — Lucy tells Robbie that it was his uncle who started all of this, not her.
Sneak Peek Episode 6: Race Flashback
01:26 — Gabe catches Robbie taking their uncle's car out to race and goes along.
Star Wars
02:22 — Coulson plays dumb when Director Mace comes looking for Daisy and Robbie.
Lie Detector
01:06 — Will Agent Simmons pass her lie detection test?
Robbie Teams up With S.H.I.E.L.D.
03:33 — Robbie turns into Ghost Rider to save Daisy and Simmons.
James Sets a Trap
02:47 — Daisy and Simmons are shocked when James opens the storage pod.
The Darkhold
01:33 — Coulson has a lead on the Book of Sins.
Coulson Makes a Deal With the Devil
02:09 — Coulson and Mack interrogate Robbie on the Zephyr.
Daisy Warns James About the Watchdogs
03:04 — Can she convince him to join her and fight back?
Can Simmons Keep Aida's Secret?
01:51 — S.H.I.E.L.D. meets Aida and Simmons knows what she is.
Car Chase
02:09 — Robbie takes Coulson and Mack on a wild ride.
01:52 — Simmons gets a big surprise while apartment hunting for her and Fitz.
The President Threatens to Take Out Inhumans
00:50 — The President calls Mace when the blackouts hit Washington D.C.
Simmons & Dr. Radcliffe Kill May
01:11 — "Hell no I'm not ready, we're about to kill May."
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