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Did Chris Hemsworth Help Tom Holland Become the New Spider-Man?
As the story goes, it was Avengers director Joss Whedon who recommended Marvel take a second look at Chris Hemsworth for the lead role in Thor, after (more…)
Sneak Peek: Daisy Will Never Forgive Ward
01:09 — Coulson grills Daisy for details on Grant Ward.
Sneak Peek: Daisy Will Never Forgive Ward
01:09 — Coulson grills Daisy for details on Grant Ward.
No Post-Credits Tag for 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'
Of all the MCU post-credit stingers, it's hard to top the non-epic epicness of the shawarma scene at the end of Marvel's 'The Avengers.' Which is part (more…)
The Avengers Premiere: Joss Whedon
The writer and director of the action flick plays coy when taking credit for the visionary film. Hear about his humble work on the movie.
Joss Whedon Tackles Shakespeare
Film-maker Joss Whedon talks about his new version of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing
Scarlett Johansson Would Do a 'Black Widow' Movie If Joss Whedon Directs It
Avengers: Age of Ultron is poised to become one of the biggest blockbusters of all time, and it's all-star cast have become pop culture icons. H (more…)
Has Twitter Activism Gone Too Far?
'Avengers' director Joss Whedon has quit Twitter after a hate campaign accusing him of sexism and racism. When do well-meaning liberal values erupt in (more…)
Toy Story 3 - Trailer No. 1
Toy Story 3 - Trailer No. 1
Alexis Denisof Reunites With Buffy Creator Joss Whedon and Talks Avengers 2!
We've all loved Alexis Denisof since his days on Joss Weadon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Well, Joss and Alexis have come together again for Much Ado A (more…)
Tom Hiddleston's Thank You Letter to Joss Whedon for Role in 'Avengers'
To say Tom Hiddleston was happy to play Loki in 'The Avengers' would be a huge understatement. Turns out the actor was absolutely thrilled to have a p (more…)
Joss Whedon Pressures Marvel for Daredevil Movie Reboot
€ Avengers: Age of Ultron € director Joss Whedon apparently put pressure on Marvel to make a new € Daredevil € movie instead of (more…)
The Avengers Breaks International Box Office Records
The Avengers has not even come out in the U.S., but its already breaking box office records internationally. The Joss Whedon adventure had the biggest (more…)
Joss Whedon Premieres New TV Show at 2013 Comic-Con
Joss Whedon's return to TV is almost here. 'The Avengers' director's new series, Marvel's 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' is set to premiere in September and (more…)
Speakeasy with Nathan Fillion
Paul F. Tompkins sits down with the always awesome Nathan Fillion to discuss 'Firefly,' soap operas, and delicious scotch. More info about this video: (more…)
Inside The DVD: Toy Story Special Edition
Check out scenes, including The Last Present and Intergalactic Emergency, from Disneys animated classic Toy Story.
Toy Story 3 - Trailer No. 2
Toy Story 3 - Trailer No. 2
'Avengers: Age Of Ultron' Set Photos
Joss Whedon's 'The Avengers: Age of Ultron' hit Aosta, Italy on Monday for a day of filming that included the franchise's two newest characters: Scarl (more…)
Zachary Levi Takes Us Inside Nerd HQ
Nerd HQ preps for visits from Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion, 'Orphan Black.'
Don't Stay To The End Of The New 'Avengers' Movie
'Avengers: Age of Ultron' director Joss Whedon has some advice for fans: don't stay until the end of the movie.
Joss Whedon Wants Star Wars Gig, but No Marvel Crossover
Director is excited that Star Wars is coming back and would direct an instalment, but is less keen on the universe crossing with the MCU.
Russo Brothers to Take Over 'Avengers' as Whedon Bows Out
After months of rumors, Joss Whedon will reportedly hand writing and directing duties for the next 'Avengers' films to Joe and Anthony Russo.
Cocktail Chatter with @Joshzepps May 6
Hedge fund managers earn $11.62 billion, McDonald's tries to rework their menu and Joss Whedon leaves Twitter after receiving hate tweets. Join Josh, (more…)
Joss Whedon Spills Avengers Dream
The sci-fi creator dishes on how he took on the task of turning the comic book heroes into real life characters! Listen in.
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  • Birthday: June 23, 1964, Cancer
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