Mellie Breaks Down in Front of Cyrus
01:45 — "He doesn't want you anymore than he wants me. He hates us."
Cyrus Tells Abby to Be the Adult
01:58 — Cy gives Abby the secret to the Oval Office.
Mellie Is a Mom to Karen
02:22 — Like it or not, you are the famous child of the most famous man on Earth.
Jake Goes to See Papa Pope!
00:50 — What does the Louvre burning have to do with Rowan?
Fitz Takes Liv On a Date & Mellie Wants to Impeach
02:42 — 'Look away, because I am going to make out with my girlfriend now.'
Mellie & Cyrus Discuss Impeaching Fitz
02:23 — Why do the women of the senate want to impeach President Grant?
Huck Gives Quinn Her Own Family
00:45 — Huck surprises Quinn with a present: her own family to watch.
Olivia & Fitz: Together at Last
03:14 — The White House is hiding something...
Do You Want to Be a Gladiator in a Suit?
01:36 — It's deja vu! Quinn recruits Marcus for OPA.
Joshua Malina Talks "Scandal" On "The View"
04:55 — "Scandal" Actor Joshua Malina
Olivia and Jake Are Bed Buddies
03:04 — Jake gives his friend some much-needed comfort and advice.
Mellie Claims She Miscarried On the Campaign
02:48 — Mellie Grant will do anything to help her husband's campaign.
Marcus Shows Quinn and Huck How He Gladiates
02:44 — The Gladiators use dog-whistle politics to help Olivia Pope.
Fitz Accuses Mellie of Leaking the Photos
04:03 — President Grant has two magic words for his wife.
Jake & Olivia: You Have a Type
01:05 — Fitz isn't the only married man Olivia has loved.
Huck Consoles Quinn in the Bathroom
01:28 — Huck reminds Quinn why she's at OPA.
Susan Ross Confronts Fitz About His Affair
01:31 — The VP reminds the president he doesn't get to be like everyone else.
Mellie and Cyrus Become Drinking Buddies
01:18 — Nothing makes friends like brownies, pj's and wine.
Mellie Decides NOT to Do the Interview
02:33 — 'You almost had me.'
Abby Gives Olivia a Piece of Her Mind
01:06 — 'You left me to die up there!'
Meet Jake Ballard's Ex
02:18 — 'I really loved being married to you.'
Grant Family Time With Fitz, Mellie... and Teddy!
02:03 — 'If you don't hurt me... I won't hurt you.'
Cyrus & Fitz: The Epic Oval Office Scene
04:51 — Turns out Cyrus isn't the only observant one.
Olivia Doesn't Know How to Fix Huck
02:56 — What do you do when Olivia Pope can't fix you?
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