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The Heroes Meet Mr. Hyde
01:53 — He thinks the Dark One sent them.
Emma Loves Hook
01:06 — She tells him the three magic words.
Hyde Has a Plan
01:55 — He steals Belle from Gold.
Regina vs the Evil Queen
03:35 — Is the evil gone for good?
Hyde Takes Over Storybrooke
01:56 — He made a deal with Gold and has magic.
The Heroes Get Sucked in the Portal
01:54 — The heroes aren't in Storybrooke anymore.
The Evil Queen Is Back!
01:30 — She declares war - and it's just begun.
Operation Mix Tape
02:22 — Henry and Violet team up.
Will Gold Make a Deal With Hyde?
01:51 — Hyde might have a way to wake Belle.
Henry Destroys Magic
02:20 — What has he done?
Come Out to Play
01:35 — Regina is furious when Emma suggests they stop Gold without her.
The Heroes React to Hook's Return
00:51 — He returns from the Underworld.
Hook Moves On
01:09 — He steps into the light.
Zelena Makes a Choice
03:06 — She chooses between Hades and Regina.
Hades' Family Heirloom
01:28 — Hades reveals the powerful and destructive Olympian Crystal.
Sneak Peek: Is Zelena Blinded by Hades?
01:30 — She came to tell everyone Hades has changed.
The Heroes Escape the Underworld
01:14 — They make it out through the portal.
Hades Leaves the Underworld
00:50 — He and Zelena go through the portal.
Gold's Kiss Fails
01:32 — He kisses a sleeping Belle, but she doesn't wake.
Pan Meets His Fate
01:29 — Villains don't get happy endings, papa.
Emma & Hook Say Goodbye
02:48 — He never planned to go back with her.
Cruella's Plan
02:10 — The Underworld will need a new ruler.
Hades Makes a Shocking Choice
01:02 — He decides to follow his heart and rips up the contract.
Hades Needs Emma's Help
02:21 — He makes a deal with the savior.
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