Rock Star's Josh and Jill Sing Swan Song

Josh Logan and Jill Gioia, Rock Star: Supernova

Last week on CBS' Rock Star: Supernova (Tuesday at 9/Wednesday at 8 pm/ET), Tommy Lee sent the hatchet swinging not once but twice, eliminating both Jill Gioia and Josh Logan from the competition — not exactly a huge shock since both had been in the bottom three before. But while the two were sent home together, they've got little else in common as caught up with the excitable Jill and the mellow Josh to find out what they thought of their read more

Exclusive: Lost Star's First Post-jail Q&A

Michelle Rodriguez, Lost

Talk about a rough couple of weeks. On April 25 Michelle Rodriguez — who was slapped with a DUI in Hawaii in December — opted to go to jail rather than perform 240 hours of community service. (She was released after serving four days of her five-day sentence.) Then, on May 3, her Lost alter ego, ex-cop Ana Lucia, was gunned down by Michael in a where-did-that-come-from twist. Just days after getting sprung from jail, the free-spi read more

Is Lost's Jin Going to Be a Dad?

Daniel Dae Kim, Lost

Does Sun have a bun... in the oven? That is the question fans of ABC's Lost (Wednesdays at 9 pm/ET) have been left to ponder in the wake of the latest promo, which has Jin's honey raiding Sawyer's stash for a pregnancy test. Is our population of castaways going to increase by one? spoke to Daniel Dae Kim about the prospect of Jin celebrating Father's Day on the island, his 24 encore and more. In this week's episode, "The Whole Truth," what story is Lost telling?Daniel Dae Kim: You're going to see another chapter in Jin and Sun's story that complicates their history. You're also going to see on the island an event that changes their future. TVGui read more

Did Beauty Find Love with Her Geek?

Cher Tenbush and Josh Herman, Beauty and the Geek

Who would have thought that a show called Beauty and the Geek could be one of the nicest reality shows on television? This season began with seven guys and girls paired up with the goal of pushing everyone out of their comfort zones, all while shooting for a $250,000 payday. The winners of executive producer Ashton Kutcher's "social experiment" this time were Josh Herman, 27, and Cheryl Tenbush, 24 — a surprise in only that this nondating show resulted in a romance for Cher and fellow contestant Wes Wilson. Since Beauty and the Geek wrapped, Josh has sold a comedy screenplay to Fox and Cher has moved out to L.A. (But as our phone call will reveal, it seems she's not out there by her lonesome....) read more

Beauty and the Geek After two...

Beauty and the GeekAfter two months, eight couples, chest waxes, a round of strip poker, a lingerie fashion shoot and a final elimination round going into triple overtime, a new beauty and geek were at last crowned. I'm a bit disappointed that Cher and Josh ended up taking the prize over Joe and Brittany since Cher got on my nerves about 99 percent of the time. But I do have to hand it to Josh: He's definitely made the biggest improvement and could always be counted on as a source of entertainment. They even spent a good amount of time on how Josh was finally able to get into the hot tub, which he dubbed his "social baptism." It took a lot of guts to show off his 5-foot-4, 104-pound figure, since he admitted his body was "not a won read more

Cutting Edge 2 Tails Doug & Kate's Kid

Christy Carlson Romano, The Cutting Edge 2

In 1992's The Cutting Edge, Moira Kelly's ice-cold skating queen reluctantly partnered with D. B. Sweeney's fallen hockey star to pursue Olympic gold — but also find love — as a pairs team. Fourteen years later, ABC Family's The Cutting Edge 2: Going for the Gold (premiering Sunday at 7 pm/ET, following an airing of the original) finds Kate and Doug's way-older-than-14-(but-deal-with-it) daughter, Jackie, lamenting her own shattered ice dreams, only to eventually join with Alex, an in-line skater, to seek Winter Games glory. Playing young Ms. Dorsey in this follow-up is Christy Carlson Romano, with whom traded Qs and As. So you're w read more

This week, two of my favorite...

This week, two of my favorite reality shows signed off with satisfying (if, in one case, anticlimactic) season finales. On Bravo's thoroughly addictive Project Runway, Chloe Dao won on the strength of her glamorous, vivid collection, which to my eyes did outshine both Daniel Vosovic's and Santino Rice's. But in the bigger picture, I still feel Daniel won the season, so I was a bit deflated when it was all over. Daniel dominated many of the challenges, and even his relatively tame collection was lovely to behold. And unlike businesslike Chloe, Daniel's passion for his craft was evident throughout the season. (The less said the better about Santino, who did manage to create a couple of stunners in his collection. But he's had his time hogging the spotlight, and I'm more than happy to move on.) And then there's WB's adorable read more

Lost Claires Up a Big Mystery

Emilie de Ravin, Lost

Tonight on ABC's Lost (9 pm/ET), a crisis involving baby Aaron leads Claire to delve into the unsolved mystery of exactly what happened during her Season 1 kidnapping at the hands of ghoulish Ethan Rom (aka the Other man). spoke to Aussie beauty Emilie de Ravin about Claire's new adventure, her "hard-to-handle" Lost leading man and her frighteningly fun new role. I have to wonder, having often flitted between Australia and Los Angeles yourself, was it eerie to do a show about a doomed Oz-L.A. flight?Emilie de Ravin: Yeah, kinda! I never really thought about it too much, though. I think it was more odd that Claire was the only Australian survivor. [Laughs] read more

Beauty and the Geek In the past,...

Beauty and the Geek In the past, I guess I always fast-forwarded (thank you, DVR) through the opening credits, but I finally heard the lyrics of the show's theme song (the Pet Shop Boys' "Opportunity"): "I've got the brains; you've got the looks. Let's make lots of money." That Ashton Kutcher is just so creative. Anyway, the beauties finally learned the age-old lesson, "Don't judge a book by its cover." It all kicked off when the girls were extremely nervous about having to ask one of the guys in the house (other than her partner) out on a date. Brittany chose Ankur, although she said she wasn't sure what they would talk about because she "likes Diet Coke and he likes fruity stuff." But to everyone's surprise, including mine, it was smo read more

Beauty and the Geek Tonight we...

Beauty and the GeekTonight we saw a lot of the geeks — actually, a bit too much for my taste. What trip to Las Vegas would be complete without a game of strip poker? Sarah confessed she wasn't wearing a bra and was worried about having to play. Easy there, fellas, it actually wasn't the beauties who were forced to take it all off. All I have to say is, it was a good thing most of the guys went through that painful chest-waxing in last week's makeover challenge, so watching them get down to their bare essentials wasn't as brutal as it could have been. And, of course, this was Sin City, so everyone got freaky on the dance floor while tossing back a few cocktails. Let's not forget about Wes and Cher, who ended up spending the night together, read more


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