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Mon Dec 12 11:00am
The O.C.The Goodbye Girl(Season 1, Episode 21) POP

As Ryan struggles with Theresa's decision to stay in town, Seth is blindsided by Anna's choice to move back to Pittsburgh. Meanwhile, Sandy bends the law to keep Caleb out of jail; and Jimmy calls Julie on Luke's hands-on behavior at a Newpsie soiree. Ther (more…)

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Mon Dec 12 12:00pm
The O.C.The L.A.(Season 1, Episode 22) POP

The star (Colin Hanks) of Summer's fave teen soap invites the gang to an L.A. bash, where Ryan keeps Marissa company---and out of the O.C. while Luke ends things with Julie. But back at home, a dinner party for Sandy and Jimmy's restaurant starts to get he (more…)

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Tue Dec 13 11:00am
The O.C.The Nana(Season 1, Episode 23) POP

Ryan's search for the missing Marissa leads them both to a very familiar spot; Seth fears that his visiting Nana (Linda Lavin) will hate Summer, who refuses to sit out of the Cohens' Passover dinner; news of Luke and Julie's affair begins to spread. Theres (more…)

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Tue Dec 13 12:00pm
The O.C.The Proposal(Season 1, Episode 24) POP

Luke makes a desperate choice thanks to Julie's new man and to the loss of his old friends; the launch of Jimmy and Sandy's eatery hits a glitch only Caleb can fix, but it all depends on Marissa's response to his proposal; Seth and Summer strap on their to (more…)

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Wed Dec 14 11:00am
The O.C.The Shower(Season 1, Episode 25) POP

Marissa cuts a deal with Caleb over a bridal shower for Julie, whose tacky sister arrives to make the bride-to-be really blush; a call from Theresa puts Sandy on the wrong side of Ryan; Seth's lunch with Summer and her dad (Michael Nouri) ends with one tee (more…)

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Wed Dec 14 12:00pm
The O.C.The Strip(Season 1, Episode 26) POP

Caleb's Vegas bachelor party wins Seth some much-needed attention from Summer and puts Ryan on the losing end of Theresa's latest bombshell. Back at home, the claws come out after Julie's bachelorette party gives Hailey a better idea of her dad's bride-to- (more…)

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Thu Dec 15 11:00am
The O.C.The Ties That Bind(Season 1, Episode 27) POP

“I think people will be upset, but they won't be disappointed,” producer Josh Schwartz said of this episode, as Julie and Caleb tie the knot and Ryan heads back to Chino and Seth sails off into the sunset. Also featured is a musical performance by Jem (more…)

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Thu Dec 15 12:00pm
The O.C.The Distance(Season 2, Episode 1) POP

Kirsten orders Sandy to hit the road to bring Seth home; Marissa hits the booze to deal with Julie; Ryan's hit by bad news that could change his life in Chino forever. Meanwhile, federal trouble looms for Caleb. Luke: Chris Carmack. Theresa: Navi Rawat. Ca (more…)

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Fri Dec 16 11:00am
The O.C.The Way We Were(Season 2, Episode 2) POP

Back home and back to school, Ryan's and Seth's hopes of reuniting with Coop and Summer are dashed by the discovery of the new men in their ladies' lives. Meanwhile, Sandy scrambles to delay Caleb's moment of reckoning with the DA's office; and Haley's gre (more…)

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Fri Dec 16 12:00pm
The O.C.The New Kids on the Block(Season 2, Episode 3) POP

Ryan's chemistry with a classmate (Shannon Lucio) opens Marissa's eyes, while Seth's experiment with being Summer's “friend” succeeds only in getting him a job. On the grown-up front, Caleb's arrest leads to a shakeup at the Newport Group that could le (more…)

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Mon Dec 19 11:00am
The O.C.The New Era(Season 2, Episode 4) POP

It's a romance roulette as Seth and Ryan hit a Killers show with Lindsay and Alex, who'd rather be with the other's escort, while Coop and Summer try to keep their new guys from dumping them for not being over their old ones. Back at home, Julie ropes Kirs (more…)

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Mon Dec 19 12:00pm
The O.C.The SnO.C.(Season 2, Episode 5) POP

As the kids gear up for the annual SnO.C. Winter Ball, the chill between co-chairs Julie and Jimmy begins to thaw. Meanwhile, Sandy gets closer to the secret that has Caleb acting like a warm-weather Grinch. Caleb: Alan Dale. Alex: Olivia Wilde. Lindsay: S (more…)

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Tue Dec 20 11:00am
The O.C.The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn't(Season 2, Episode 6) POP

Summer comes to the rescue after the guest list for Seth's Chrismukkah gathering triggers a chain of events at the Cohen compound that dashes everyone's spirits. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Julie struggle to keep their newfound, uh, respect, for each another unde (more…)

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Tue Dec 20 12:00pm
The O.C.The Family Ties(Season 2, Episode 7) POP

Marissa lets loose on her folks after learning of their affair---and how Jimmy plans to end it; Caleb wins back his freedom in court, but remains a loser in Kirsten's eyes; Ryan and Lindsey try to figure out if the Cohen family ties apply to them; and Seth (more…)

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Wed Dec 21 11:00am
The O.C.The Power of Love(Season 2, Episode 8) POP

The Cohens' 20th wedding anniversary turns into a date that will live in infamy after they catch Ryan and Lindsey in a compromising position and Seth sneaking out of the house to meet Alex. Twice. While grounded. But neither of these crimes compare to what (more…)

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Wed Dec 21 12:00pm
The O.C.The Ex-Factor(Season 2, Episode 9) POP

The return of Alex's ex gives Seth an insight into the sort of woman he's sort of dating, as Ryan gives Marissa hell for letting Lindsay booze her way through a girls night out. Meanwhile, Sandy's idea to salvage the Newport Group's image hits a dead end w (more…)

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Thu Dec 22 11:00am
The O.C.The Accomplice(Season 2, Episode 10) POP

Ryan's attempt to reunite Lindsay and Caleb backfires; Marissa finds a partner-in-crime in Alex (Olivia Wilde); Seth's comic doodlings open Summer's eyes to his not-so-funny feelings for her; and an old friend from Sandy's past resurfaces with a favor that (more…)

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Thu Dec 22 12:00pm
The O.C.The Second Chance(Season 2, Episode 11) POP

A peacekeeping dinner for the fractured Nichols family takes a tragic turn after Ryan and Caleb butt heads hard enough to send one of them to the ER; Sandy keeps Kirsten in the dark about Rebecca's return from the dead; Marissa toys with taking her friends (more…)

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Fri Dec 23 11:00am
The O.C.The Lonely Hearts Club(Season 2, Episode 12) POP

A kiss isn't just a kiss for two unlikely pairings as Valentine's Day finds Seth, Zach and Summer on the road for a fateful comic-book pitch, Ryan using street smarts to win over Caleb for Lindsay's sake and Kirsten celebrating her favorite holiday in the (more…)

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Fri Dec 23 12:00pm
The O.C.The Test(Season 2, Episode 13) POP

Caleb's plan to adopt Lindsay stirs up serious questions about her paternity; Kirsten makes a bold move after realizing that Rebecca's after more than just Sandy's legal help; Marissa gives Alex proof of her feelings; and Seth wallows in the fallout from S (more…)

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