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Thu Sep 29 4:00pm
That '70s ShowGood Company(Season 8, Episode 8) POP

Fez has a fling with an older woman who's one of Kitty's friends. Marsha: Suzanne Ford.

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Thu Sep 29 4:30pm
That '70s ShowWho Needs You(Season 8, Episode 9) POP

Hyde and Sam's constant fighting gets to Red and Kitty; Donna hosts a radio fund-raiser; and Fez and Jackie have landlord problems. Fenton: Jim Rash. Santa Claus: Robert Kokol.

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Thu Sep 29 5:00pm
That '70s ShowSweet Lady(Season 8, Episode 10) POP

Mary Tyler Moore guest stars as a local talk-show host, while Dick Van Patten and Gavin MacLeod play members of Red's men's club.

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Thu Sep 29 5:30pm
That '70s ShowGood Old Fashioned Lover Boy(Season 8, Episode 11) POP

Kitty helps Jackie impress her boss (Mary Tyler Moore); the guys are shocked when Leo reveals the object of his affection. Leo: Tommy Chong. Randy: Josh Meyers.

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Sat Oct 1 11:00am
That '70s ShowThat '70s PilotNew(Season 1, Episode 1) VH1

Eric gets the family's old station wagon in time to drive the gang to a concert in Milwaukee, a forbidden journey. Eric: Topher Grace. Red: Kurtwood Smith. Donna: Laura Prepon. Jackie: Mila Kunis. Kitty: Debra Jo Rupp.

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Sat Oct 1 11:30am
That '70s ShowEric's BirthdayNew(Season 1, Episode 2) VH1

Eric's mother plans a surprise party for his birthday; Donna wonders if Eric is her best friend---or boyfriend? Laurie: Lisa Robin Kelly. Donna: Laura Prepon. Kitty: Debra Jo Rupp. Kelso: Ashton Kutcher. Eric: Topher Grace.

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Sat Oct 1 12:00pm
That '70s ShowStreakingNew(Season 1, Episode 3) VH1

The guys decide to streak at a rally for President Ford. Jackie's Dad: Paul Kreppel. Red: Kurtwood Smith. Eric: Topher Grace. Bob: Don Stark. Donna: Laura Prepon. Kitty: Debra Jo Rupp. Kelso: Ashton Kutcher.

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Sat Oct 1 12:30pm
That '70s ShowBattle of the SexistsNew(Season 1, Episode 4) VH1

After Donna beats Eric at basketball, she's criticized for bruising his ego, while Eric is chastized for losing to a girl. Donna: Laura Prepon. Eric: Topher Grace. Kelso: Ashton Kutcher. Jackie: Mila Kunis.

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Sat Oct 1 1:00pm
That '70s ShowEric's Burger JobNew(Season 1, Episode 5) VH1

Eric's job at a burger place keeps him from a party thrown by Donna, who wants to be alone with him while her parents are away. Ricky: Danny Bonaduce. Burkhart: Paul Kreppel. Red: Kurtwood Smith. Eric: Topher Grace.

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Sat Oct 1 1:30pm
That '70s ShowThe KegNew(Season 1, Episode 6) VH1

The gang's finding of a keg of beer demands a party, and a location is found. But tapping the keg proves problematic, and there are parents in pursuit. Red: Kurtwood Smith. Eric: Topher Grace. Donna: Laura Prepon.

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Mon Oct 3 4:00pm
That '70s ShowKiller Queen(Season 8, Episode 12) POP

Red lets Hyde in on a Valentine's Day secret; Christine (Mary Tyler Moore) opens up to Jackie about her love life; and Randy has big plans for a date.

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Mon Oct 3 4:30pm
That '70s ShowSpread Your Wings(Season 8, Episode 13) POP

With memories of Eric still fresh, Donna worries how the gang will react now that she's dating Randy. Meanwhile, Fez tries to impress a coworker (Lara Everly) at the salon. Isaac Hayes appears as himself.

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Mon Oct 3 5:00pm
That '70s ShowSon and Daughter(Season 8, Episode 14) POP

Hyde house-sits for his father (Tim Reid) while he attends an Eric Clapton concert; Kitty is beside herself now that Donna's dating Randy (Josh Meyers).

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Mon Oct 3 5:30pm
That '70s ShowKeep Yourself Alive(Season 8, Episode 15) POP

Fez loses Kitty's engagement ring on the ride home from the county fair, so the gang goes over the river and through the woods to look for it while Red searches for the right time to tell his wife the truth about her jewelry.

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Mon Oct 3 6:00pm
That '70s ShowWho Are You(Season 6, Episode 15) IFC

Brooke Shields plays Jackie's mom, who's looking to smooth things over after her fling in Mexico; Kelso is hesitant about continuing police training. Jackie: Mila Kunis. Bob: Don Stark. Donna: Laura Prepon.

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Mon Oct 3 6:30pm
That '70s ShowA Man With Money(Season 6, Episode 16) IFC

Jackie and Donna try to prove their gold-digging suspicions about Pamela, who prompts pulsing in Red's heart monitor. Pamela: Brooke Shields. Bob: Don Stark. Red: Kurtwood Smith. Jackie: Mila Kunis.

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Mon Oct 3 7:00pm
That '70s ShowHappy Jack(Season 6, Episode 17) IFC

Eric's response to celibacy is caught by Donna, and learned by all; Hyde and Fez visit “Mike” Kelso at the police academy. Officer Kennedy: James Avery. Eric: Topher Grace. Donna: Laura Prepon. Red: Kurtwood Smith.

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Mon Oct 3 7:30pm
That '70s ShowDo You Think It's Alright?(Season 6, Episode 18) IFC

Eric's pain at wedding-gift registration is eased by Red, who gets hooked on Kitty's romance novel. Fenton: Jim Rash. Red: Kurtwood Smith. Kitty: Debra Jo Rupp. Jackie: Mila Kunis.

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Mon Oct 3 8:00pm
That '70s ShowSubstitute(Season 6, Episode 19) IFC

Eric quickly regrets befriending an ingratiating nemesis (Seth Green); Bob asks Pam (Brooke Shields) to move in with him. Bob: Don Stark. Eric: Topher Grace. Donna: Laura Prepon.

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Mon Oct 3 8:30pm
That '70s ShowSqueeze Box(Season 6, Episode 20) IFC

Red and Hyde accidentally see Pamela topless; Donna learns Eric dated while they were broken up. Pamela: Brooke Shields. Mitch: Seth Green. Red: Kurtwood Smith. Hyde: Danny Masterson.

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Mon Oct 3 9:00pm
That '70s Show5: 15(Season 6, Episode 21) IFC

Rachel Bilson plays Fez's desire at a wedding where Donna escorts Mitch (Seth Green); Kitty teaches baby care to Brooke and Kelso. Eric: Topher Grace. Donna: Laura Prepon. Fez: Wilmer Valderrama.

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Mon Oct 3 9:30pm
That '70s ShowSparks IFC

Eric's glimpse of Donna's wedding dress starts increasingly progressive damage to the frock. Ten minutes of outtakes follow. Eric: Topher Grace. Kitty: Debra Jo Rupp. Donna: Laura Prepon.

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Mon Oct 3 10:00pm
That '70s ShowMy Wife(Season 6, Episode 23) IFC

The bachelor and bachelorette parties occur, but not before Donna surprises Eric with a future plan that he fears she doesn't really want. Casey: Luke Wilson. Kitty: Debra Jo Rupp. Donna: Laura Prepon. Jackie: Mila Kunis.

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Mon Oct 3 10:30pm
That '70s ShowGoing Mobile(Season 6, Episode 24) IFC

Brooke's mother (Morgan Fairchild) clashes with Kelso; doubts plague the happy couple as the wedding day looms. Pamela: Brooke Shields. Brooke: Shannon Elizabeth. Officer Kennedy: James Avery. Laurie: Christina Moore. Bob: Don Stark. Donna: Laura Prepon. F (more…)

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