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Zach Woos Drew, and Other Hollywood Hookups

Has Drew Barrymore landed herself a "doctor"? The actress "recently reconnected" with onetime Saturday Night Live after-party crush Zach Braff "and spent the weekend in East Village bliss," says the New York Post's Page Six.... Housewives hunk Josh Henderson and Hills hottie Lauren "L.C." Conrad were spotted leaving Fantastic Four star Chris Evans' Saturday birthday bash hand in hand, says the New York Daily News.... October Road's Laura Prepon and Christopher Masterson, who ended their longtime romance nary two months ago, appear to be back on, having been spied cozying up to one another at last week's Stayfree Girls in the Director's Chair event. read more

Housewives Star Maintains a Positive Outlook

Andrea Bowen, Girl, Positive

The bumpy road that disrupted Julie’s sexual awakening on Desperate Housewives is nothing compared to what Andrea Bowen is faced with in Lifetime’s Girl, Positive (premiering tonight at 9 pm/ET). As popular party gal Rachel, Bowen lives it up and loves up her high-school beau, until a most unexpected scare taunts her with the prospect of death. Helping her navigate the facts and fictions of HIV and AIDS are 90210 alumna Jennie Garth and Law & Order’s S. Epatha Merkerson. spoke with the young actress about the assorted hurdles she faced in telling t read more

March 4, 2007: My Husband, the Pig

What a refreshing change of pace: an entire episode told from the point of view of the husbands rather than the wives. And who better to narrate than one of the dead husbands? Rex Van De Kamp (Steven Culp), great to have you back, or at least your voice. Reminded me a bit of the one time George narrated instead of Meredith on Grey's Anatomy. Shifting the focus to the husbands was an effective way of keeping our minds occupied during the absence of Marcia Cross. You've heard of going braless; well, this episode was Bree-less. But hey, Momma was preparing to have twins. Good timing for Bree to be off "visiting her parents" while her slutty daughter Danielle discovered she was pregnant. And just when Julie was forgiving Austin for cheating on her with Danielle. I loved Danielle loudly puking after Julie was telling Austin she'd give him another chance. Did any of you think Andrew was about to proposition Austin into sleeping with him as blackmail so Andrew wouldn't tell Julie about Dan... read more

February 11, 2007: I Remember That

Three weeks ago (when the last new episode aired), I briefly whined: "When oh, when will we get to see Monique in flashbacks again?" So you know I was screaming with joy when I got my wish tonight! Not only did Monique (Kathleen York) reappear in a flashback, but we also got so many answers, as did Mike Delfino, all thanks to his hypnotherapist (Miriam Flynn). So Mike didn't kill Monique — Orson framed Mike by giving Mike his wrench back — the wrench that had Monique’s blood on it. Now we know why Mike's phone number was written on Monique's hand. We also know that Mike never dated Monique: "I'm flattered, but I'm seeing somebody." Monique: "Me, too, but he's married and I'm drunk." I do wonder what Orson told Bree when he "confessed" and told her "the truth." He said she was upset, but apparently not too upset, since she was still living with him before the ladder accident. As usual, we got some answers but were still left with further questions. Like, why would Glor... read more

Lost in ABC's Serial Bowl

So far, I’m on board with everything ABC is doing with and saying about Lost these days. As I’ve said before, I think the network is right to move the show to 10 pm/ET when it returns from hiatus on February 7—gets it out of the way of American Idol, provides a solid lead-in to the late local news, which the affiliates care about (although history tells us that many of the fans will ditch the TV to go straight to their message boards and fan sites), and keeps the network from worrying about what poor loser show will next have to follow Lost and fail to live up to expectations.But what really jazzes me was ABC entertainment chief Steve McPherson’s suggestion at ABC’s TCA day over the weekend that next season, Lost will air in 24 style. Start to finish without a break, so we won’t again be frustrated by something like this fall’s six-season episode pod that, especially where our captive characters were concerned, felt like it was treading water more ... read more

January 14, 2007: Not While I'm Around

First thing I need to say right off the bat is how funny I thought the show was tonight. Not that I don't always think it's humorous, but I found it even funnier than normal. So I must commend the writers — co-executive producer Kevin Murphy and producer Kevin Etten — for a hilarious script. There were so many great lines, but I think my favorite was Lynette to Tom after Tom told her he wasn't inviting her to the opening of his new restaurant due to her snarky attitude, which made Lynette say no to sex. Tom: "So we're not havin' sex?" Lynette: "Hey — you banned me from your opening." Shut up. To think that Lynette had to expose her breasts to that old man Harry (Richard Herd) just to get him to sign off on Tom's liquor license. What a wife won't do for her husband. Mrs. McCluskey was an excellent inspiration for Lynette, so Kathryn Joosten was able to deliver one of the episode's many other zingers (re: Tom): "It's bad enough you cut off his cojones. Now you want to j... read more

January 7, 2007: No Fits, No Fights, No Feuds

As Nicollette Sheridan said to the women on The View last week: "Finally! A new episode!" I would've preferred more Nicollette tonight, though, besides just the final scene. But what a final scene — Alma is moving to Wisteria Lane, thanks to the real-estate savvy of Edie. The best episodes of DH are the ones like tonight that introduce new mysteries while further answering old ones. What was Alma giving herself a shot of in her thigh? For a while there, I thought she was killing herself, but I was wrong. I liked the earlier flashback scene where we found out why Alma and Orson got married — she tricked him into getting her pregnant, and he was never in love with her. Loved when she showed up to Bree's door, and Bree fainted. Valerie Mahaffey is a stellar addition to an already solid cast, so I hope Alma lasts. Her best line was to Orson while sitting next to Bree on the couch: "What is it with you and redheads?" Since Alma and Bree are so similar, it was natural for them t... read more

November 12, 2006: Children and Art

Well, you knew that after last week's standout shoot-out episode, tonight was going to be somewhat of a letdown no matter what. How can you top last week? Since my expectations were already lowered, I was able to enjoy tonight for the most part — especially the Bree and Orson scenes. Continuing in the tradition of casting the very best actresses in the business to play the mothers of the characters, Dixie Carter acted up a storm as Gloria, Orson's mother of a mother. As soon as Bree started talking to Gloria as though she were senile, you knew there was going to be hell. I like that we still don't know exactly why Orson wants to keep his mother in the nursing home, yet Gloria has something over Orson — something that could get him in big trouble: "I gave you life. You know I won't hesitate to take it away." Maybe we'll find out next week.It was great to see how frustrated Orson was getting around Gloria, which just frightened Bree and humored Andrew: "So — can we call... read more

October 22, 2006: Nice She Ain't

As Brenda Strong’s narration mentioned, "Sabotage — everyone is capable of it, but some go about it more ruthlessly than others." Sabotage was definitely the theme tonight and the title of the episode was, appropriately, "Nice She Ain’t." This would apply to Gaby, Edie, Bree, Nora and eventually Danielle. The victims of the sabotage? Carlos, Susan, Danielle, Lynette and Mr. Falati (Danielle's teacher). Let's break it down.Gabrielle and Carlos are having their own War of the Roses. I didn't think I'd enjoy watching them fight back and forth like they did, but since their battles were done in humorous ways, it was worthwhile. Eva Longoria was the comedy MVP again with so many funny lines. I think my two favorites involved Gaby trying to make Carlos jealous by pretending to date his business associate Phil Lopez (Marco Sanchez). After leaving the hot tub with Phil, Gaby shouted to Carlos: "I’m making a snack for Phil. You want something to eat? Some sour grapes, per... read more

October 8, 2006: A Weekend in the Country

My favorite part about watching this show is the way they end it each week. Sometimes they wrap it up sweetly in a way that makes you smile. While other times, like last week and tonight, we get a shocker that leaves us hanging until the next episode. Sure, we knew Mike would come out of his coma eventually, but I didn't think it would be tonight. How wonderful that they didn't do it the clichéd soap opera way where his eyes suddenly opened up while the camera was on him. Instead, we got a great Edie reaction shot of shock, followed by scenes with other characters (interspersed with the usual Brenda Strong closing narration) and then back to Edie's face looking over at Mike with his eyes wide open. Loved that! It was already hilarious for Edie to stop by the hospital to retrieve her CD player, grab a chocolate and take a peek under Mike's blanket to see if he still measured up: "Damn! That's with the coma!" While we're on the subject of my goddess Nicollette Sheridan, she had s... read more

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