Josh Flagg Celebrity Watchlist

‘Million Dollar Listing’ Josh Flagg: How Much Is the White House Worth?
01:04 — Josh Flagg knows his real estate so we ask him how much he thinks the White House is worth? Josh says billions but the White House is actually listed (more…)
Why This Poorly-Designed House is Driving Everyone Crazy
01:13 — A North Carolina home may be the most poorly designed house in America. The driveway leads right up to the window. The garage is on the other side of (more…)
Josh Loses a $400,000 Commission
Season 8 Episode 11 Show Highlight: When a buyer backs out, Josh Flagg loses out on a double commission.
Don't Want Josh to Die
Season 5 Episode 2 Exclusive: Josh Flagg's boyfriend Colton invites nutritionist Carrie Adase to help Josh with his awful eating habits.
The Brits Have a Puzzle of a Deal
Season 8 Episode 3 Preview: James Harris and David Parnes have to work fast to make this complicated deal happen.
Altman Disses David Parnes
Season 7 Episode 6 Show Highlight: And James Harris doesn't want to hear it.
Ep 5: That's Neff'ed Up
Josh Flagg gets creative in marketing an exceptional $20 million dollar listing in Trousdale Estates in Beverly Hills. James and David finally gain ac (more…)
Got the Place and Got the Girl
Season 5 Episode 3 Preview: Josh Altman can't help but keep making sure Madison Hildebrand knows who the better agent is.
Josh Becomes a Man
Season 7 Episode 29 Show Highlight: Josh Flagg relives his Bar Mitzvah in a special home video.
Ep 3: Real Estate on Wheels
After taking a hard fall, Josh Flagg tries to find his good friend an investment property all while in agonizing pain. Josh Altman loses a coveted lis (more…)
Do We Have a Deal?
Season 8 Episode 11 Preview: James Harris attempts to negotiate a deal with the infamous Larry Flynt.
Ep 7: Karma's a Bitch
Josh Altman s prank on Josh Flagg during his open house with the Brits causes a confrontation that turns personal. James pulls off a sentimental surpr (more…)
Big Changes Are Coming
Season 6 Episode 8 Preview: Josh Flagg, Josh Altman, and Madison Hildebrand all have changes coming into their lives.
The Museum of the Holocaust Celebrates Josh Flagg
Season 6 Exclusive: Melissa Rivers presents Josh with the Next Generation Award.
The Heather Channel, pt.5
Season 5: Heather Bilyeu is at risk of losing the seller's confidence as well as confidence in herself if she can't get this deal done.
The Boys are Back!
Season 6 Episode 1 Preview: Madison Hildebrand, Josh Flagg, and Josh Altman are back and business has never been better.
Josh Flagg Goes to Visit Edith's Home
Season 8 Episode 9 Preview: Josh has an emotional moment as he sits with Edith's things.
Getting Offensive and Getting Pressured
Season 6 Episode 3 Preview: Professional and personal relationships are tested as Madison, Josh F., and Josh A. must deal with prickly clients and blu (more…)
Ep 11: This Means War!
Josh Flagg accuses Josh Altman of client poaching when he learns that Altman is working with his former drama camp counselor. Wanting to have the last (more…)
House Tours: In the Melrose District
Season 5 Episode 4: Josh Altman gives you a tour of a great starter home in the cool and trendy Melrose district.
Madison Wants Kids
Season 6 Episode 6 Show Highlight: Madison makes it clear that he wants kids.
James and David: Friends or Husbands?
Season 7 Episode 2 Exclusive: Josh Flagg's gaydar was a bit off about James Harris and David Parnes...
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