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2017 Early Contenders: No. 19 St. Joseph's Prep
00:45 — Zack Poff takes a look at the St. Joseph's Prep Hawks, the No. 19 team in our Top 25 Early Contenders.
WATCH: Joseph Tharrington - GA 2017 UAA Finals
00:29 — Check out some highlights of Joseph Tharrington from the GA 2017 UAA Finals.
Joint Chiefs Chairman: Russia Is the Greatest Threat America Faces
01:07 — While North Korea may be more of an urgent threat and Iran and cyber terrorism are also great concerns, Joseph Dunford says Russia poses the greatest (more…)
Gen. Dunford On North Korea: We Can Protect the American People Today
01:14 — Joint Chiefs Chairman Joseph Dunford explains how North Korea is progressing toward a nuclear weapon but stresses the U.S. is more than capable of han (more…)
Mormon Church Addresses Joseph Smith’s 40 Wives
01:19 — The term “Joseph Smith” was trending Tuesday after an essay was released by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints acknowledging that the chu (more…)
Dying College Basketball Player Takes to the Court On Sunday
02:32 — Mount Saint Joseph University’s women’s basketball team opens their season on Sunday afternoon, everyone will be rooting for 19-year-old freshman Laur (more…)
Teen in Taser Incident: ‘I Was Scared for My Family’
02:20 — Joseph Ivy, 14, is speaking out about the disturbing incident he caught on video, of Indiana police smashing his family’s car window and using a Taser (more…)
College Player Lauren Hill Takes the Court While Battling Cancer
01:52 — The Mount St. Joseph University's women's basketball team was rooting for the 19-year-old freshman after doctors gave her weeks to live.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Wife Welcome Baby No. 2
00:42 — The "Snowden" star has his second child! Plus, does Joseph Gordon-Levitt wants his children in the spotlight?
Netflix crime series spurs calls for church to reveal priest's past
03:44 — A crime series has prompted new calls for the Baltimore archdiocese to release documents about a controversial priest. "The Keepers" is a Netflix docu (more…)
Stat Star - Joseph De La Cruz (12 rec. 270 yds. 1 TD)
01:00 — Farmersville's (CA) Joseph De La Cruz reeled in 12 of the teams 21 receptions for 270 yards and one touchdown in their 44-14 win against Orange Cove ( (more…)
Surveillance video of Secret Service crash may be gone
01:33 — Joseph Clancy, the director of the Secret Service, told Congress that the agency is working to restore key surveillance video of agents crashing into (more…)
Anti-U.S. rhetoric putting troops in danger
02:11 — Elizabeth Palmer talks with Commanding General Joseph Dunford about provocative comments from Afghanistan's president and the resulting increase in at (more…)
Jvvs westmont 2016
00:16 — Joseph hit
Joseph Lewis - Top 5 Plays
01:14 — The top 5 plays of Hawkins' (CA) 5-star wide receiver Joseph Lewis.
On the set with The Vampire Diaries: Joseph Morgan
02:30 — Vampire Diaries' Joseph Morgan: The vampire hunter is stealing my thunder!
My Chest Is Ruining My Life
04:48 — Michael’s life changed dramatically when he went through puberty and realized that he was growing breasts. Michael meets with endocrinologist Dr. Jose (more…)
Secret Service chief grilled over agents' White House barrier crash
00:45 — Secret Service director Joseph Clancy spoke to a House panel on Tuesday about how two agents crashed into a White House barrier earlier in March after (more…)
Globes Flashback '97: JGL Predicts His First
03:12 — Flashback: A young Joseph Gordon-Levitt predicts his first Golden Globe with "3rd Rock from the Sun"
What Causes Gynecomastia
05:14 — After Michael went through puberty, his growing chest caused his life to change drastically. Endocrinologist Dr. Joseph Pinzone diagnosed him with gyn (more…)
Rev. Joseph Lowery: "We ain't going back"
02:26 — Civil rights icon Rev. Joseph Lowery criticized recent moves to restrict voting rights at a rally commemorating the 50th anniversary of the March on W (more…)
Park vs St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute
04:45 — Scoring Highlights
The Economy Recovers from "Freefall"
05:22 — Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz spoke with Bill Plante about his updated "Freefall: America, Free Markets, and the Sinking of the World (more…)
WATCH: Joseph Scates junior highlights
04:32 — Check out some of Joseph Scates' junior highlights.
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