Jorge Ramos

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Jorge Gilberto Ramos Ávalo
  • Birth Place: Mexico City, Mexico
  • Profession: Journalist, Author
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Colbert Report
Segway Joust: Elijah Wood vs. Stephen Colbert
02:02 — Stephen can't seem to remember Elijah Wood ever being on the show, leaving Wood with no choice but to defend his honor in a duel.
Tiger Woods Gives Presidential Golf Reviews
05:32 — Tiger Woods reminisces on his hero Arnold Palmer and his father's significance to the Tiger Woods Foundation. He also has some strong critiques for al (more…)
Jorge Ramos Wants You To Know What Makes Trump So Dangerous
06:04 — Journalist and author Jorge Ramos tells Stephen why Donald Trump had him removed from a press conference, and details his encounters with heightened r (more…)
Donald Trump Admits He'll Probably Whine More If He Loses
05:11 — Donald Trump has revealed that he'll graciously accept the results of the presidential election, as long as he wins. If he loses? Well, only one way t (more…)
Elijah Wood Connects The Universe And Also Has Cool Tattoos
07:24 — Your favorite actor Elijah Wood reveals some interesting tattoo ink, and inspires Stephen to share how Wood convinced him that everything in the unive (more…)
Woods Talks Wood, Wood Talks Woods
02:01 — Two legends, two vaguely similar names. In this web exclusive for The Late Show, Tiger Woods and Elijah Wood bond like never before.
Requiem For A Debate
1:43:18 — To help improve the viewing experience of the final 2016 Presidential debate, we added the only thing that could possibly even attempt to make it civi (more…)
Stephen Colbert Considers Fleeing America
05:58 — In the event that Donald Trump wins, Stephen has an airtight plan to escape to Canada. He just has to visit the Canadian embassy first.
Tiger Woods Is Elite At Both Golf And Video Games
06:15 — Legendary golfer and pop-culture icon Tiger Woods chats about returning to golf, playing Call of Duty, and maintaining a strong friendship with his ex (more…)
Trump Speaks Out About Showdown With Reporter
03:25 — The Morning Joe panel reacts to Donald Trump's response to Tuesday's press conference in which Univision's Jorge Ramos was ejected.
Donald Trump Press Event Turns to Spectacle
03:48 — Katy Tur, NBC News reporter, talks with Rachel Maddow about the confrontation between Univision's Jorge Ramos and Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, (more…)
Colors of the Ravenbow Orange Reveal
01:48 — Raven-Symone reveals her new orange hair color.
Donald Trump Won't Run Third Party
06:18 — Donald Trump doesn't stand down from his feud with Fox and relishes in his confrontation with Univision's Jorge Ramos. This as a new report says Trum (more…)
Univision Anchor Kicked Out of Trump Presser
10:20 — Jorge Ramos is thrown out of Donald Trump's press conference in Dubuque, Iowa for asking a question out of turn. Lawrence is joined by Kasie Hunt, Zek (more…)
Donald Trump: Univision’s Jorge Ramos Was ‘totally Out of Line’
06:17 — In an exclusive interview, Donald Trump tells TODAY’s Matt Lauer that Univision anchor Jorge Ramos was “ranting and raving” and “totally, absolutely o (more…)
Univision’s Jorge Ramos Is Booted from Trump Press Conference
03:32 — In his latest clash with the media, Donald Trump allowed the ejection of anchor Jorge Ramos from American Spanish-language network Univision from a pr (more…)
Jorge Ramos On 'The View': Discusses Trump, Hillary and Activism
05:02 — Jorge Ramos talks about being a journalist and activist.
Trump Says He’s Not a Bully After Fight With Univision Host
02:16 — Univision’s Jorge Ramos is the latest to draw anger from Donald Trump, after the tv anchor tried to force the presidential hopeful to engage him on im (more…)
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  • Birth Name: Jorge Gilberto Ramos Ávalo
  • Birth Place: Mexico City, Mexico
  • Profession: Journalist, Author