Jorge Ramos

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Jorge Gilberto Ramos Ávalo
  • Birth Place: Mexico City, Mexico
  • Profession: Journalist, Author
Trump has heated exchange with Univision anchor
03:58 — Donald Trump is back on the defensive after a heated exchange with Univision anchor Jorge Ramos. Washington Examiner reporter Sarah Westwood has more (more…)
Jorge Ramos Wants You To Know What Makes Trump So Dangerous
06:04 — Journalist and author Jorge Ramos tells Stephen why Donald Trump had him removed from a press conference, and details his encounters with heightened r (more…)
Jorge Ramos Fights Back after Donald Trump Kicks Him Out of Press Event
03:01 — Donald Trump squared off with famed Univision anchorman Jorge Ramos during a news conference in Iowa on Tuesday night.
Nate Silver Explains Just How Bad Donald Trump's Night Actually Was
04:38 — Supreme number-cruncher Nate Silver dishes on how Donald Trump's final debate will affect his already declining performance in the polls.
Stephen Reacts LIVE To The Third Presidential Debate
11:29 — In the third presidential debate, Donald Trump refused to say if he'd accept the results of the election. Will we still have a country on November 9th (more…)
Impact of Trump's battle with Jorge Ramos, Fox News
03:15 — Bloomberg Politics managing editor John Heilemann is interviewing Donald Trump Wednesday on his TV program, “With All Due Respect.â€? Heilemann join (more…)
Univision's Jorge Ramos on confrontation with Trump
02:57 — Univision's Jorge Ramos, Spanish media's most well-known journalist, was booted from Republican frontrunner Donald Trump's press conference Tuesday af (more…)
Dead Voters Have Chosen Their Candidate
04:19 — Dead voter Horace McNulty somehow joins Stephen from heaven to share who he's supporting on November 8th. Then he goes back to golf with Julius Caesar (more…)
Ramos: We have to take a stand
03:06 — After a fiery confrontation with GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, Univision's Jorge Ramos spoke with Fox News host Megyn Kelly, herself a Trum (more…)
The Election Has Made Paul Reiser Too Tired To Be Tired
07:23 — Actor and comedian Paul Reiser is counting down the seconds until the 2016 election is over, so that he can finally get some rest.
Requiem For A Debate
1:43:18 — To help improve the viewing experience of the final 2016 Presidential debate, we added the only thing that could possibly even attempt to make it civi (more…)
Woods Talks Wood, Wood Talks Woods
02:01 — Two legends, two vaguely similar names. In this web exclusive for The Late Show, Tiger Woods and Elijah Wood bond like never before.
Ex-Mexican president: "Not going to pay for that f***ing wall"
03:32 — Former Mexican president Vicente Fox made it very clear in an interview with Jorge Ramos how he feels about Donald Trump's proposal to build a wall on (more…)
Trump tosses Univision anchor from news conference
01:19 — Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump kicked Univsion anchor Jorge Ramos out of a news conference Tuesday night, telling him, "Go back to (more…)
Trump boots Univision anchor from presser, defends Kelly criticism
00:59 — Donald Trump is now fighting a TV news war on two fronts. Fox News is demanding an apology for his slaps at host Megyn Kelly, and on Tuesday night, th (more…)
Donald Trump feuds with Univision's Jorge Ramos
02:30 — Univision anchor Jorge Ramos was temporarily thrown out of a Donald Trump press conference Tuesday night, before sparring with Trump over immigration. (more…)
Hugh Laurie Tells Americans What They Should Really Be Worried About
08:18 — The legendary comedian and superstar immigrant shares his thoughts on the final presidential debate, who the real terrorists are, and an interesting c (more…)
Julian Assange Can't Leak Any More Emails
01:36 — After the nation of Ecuador cuts off his Internet access, Julian Assange must resort to desperate measures to continue his flood of Wikileaks.
Trump Says He’s Not a Bully After Fight With Univision Host
02:16 — Univision’s Jorge Ramos is the latest to draw anger from Donald Trump, after the tv anchor tried to force the presidential hopeful to engage him on im (more…)
Trump Speaks Out About Showdown With Reporter
03:25 — The Morning Joe panel reacts to Donald Trump's response to Tuesday's press conference in which Univision's Jorge Ramos was ejected.
Donald Trump Press Event Turns to Spectacle
03:48 — Katy Tur, NBC News reporter, talks with Rachel Maddow about the confrontation between Univision's Jorge Ramos and Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, (more…)
Donald Trump Won't Run Third Party
06:18 — Donald Trump doesn't stand down from his feud with Fox and relishes in his confrontation with Univision's Jorge Ramos. This as a new report says Trum (more…)
Univision Anchor Kicked Out of Trump Presser
10:20 — Jorge Ramos is thrown out of Donald Trump's press conference in Dubuque, Iowa for asking a question out of turn. Lawrence is joined by Kasie Hunt, Zek (more…)
Donald Trump: Univision’s Jorge Ramos Was ‘totally Out of Line’
06:17 — In an exclusive interview, Donald Trump tells TODAY’s Matt Lauer that Univision anchor Jorge Ramos was “ranting and raving” and “totally, absolutely o (more…)
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  • Birth Name: Jorge Gilberto Ramos Ávalo
  • Birth Place: Mexico City, Mexico
  • Profession: Journalist, Author

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